World Cup Finals – 2002

Those of you who saw the world cup finals yesterday would agree that it was a well deserved victory for Brazil. The most thrilling moments for Brazil was when their captain lifted the glittering world cup in front of over 1.5 billion watching from around the world.

But did you notice that in their most thrilling moments, many of the Brazilian team members were on their knees thanking God for the victory He gave them. As the whole world was watching three of their players took these moments to don distinct white T shirts – T shirts that proclaimed to the world that ” I belong to Jesus” & ” Jesus loves you “.Their goal keeper Marcos spend at least five minutes thanking God in his goal post while some of the others were caught up in the celebration.

They chose to wear their medals backwards in order that the T-shirts will be more visible. In a moment like that anyone can be caught up in the euphoria and excitement of the moment but many of the believing Christians in the team were prepared as to project Jesus Christ in the event of a victory. One team member even went to their captain with a sketch pen & wrote in bold on the captain’s team jersey “100% for Jesus”. 

What a commitment these people had! Not only to their team & country on the soccer pitch, but also to the great God whom they love. What a testimony! In the brightest moments of their career, they chose to demonstrate their real love, faith and hope is through Jesus Christ and was willing to praise and and thank him openly at such a great forum for what Jesus meant to them and what he was doing in their lives so “that the world may know” (john 17:23).

I have watched all the finals for the last 26 years and I have not seen such a public proclamation of their faith by any team. What a great encouragement and hope.  May his name be glorified.

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