What was “Toronto”?

This concerns the so-called “Laughing Revival” which began in Toronto, Canada, and spread throughout the nations. In all the meetings I attended, I had the sensation of embarrassment, then shame, finally leaving each meeting grieved in my inner man. I never made a final judgment, because I had to seek the Lord in prayer concerning all the negative sensing going on within me.

The founding minister of a local church where I attended some of these meetings told me I needed to go to Toronto. I prayed that if the Lord wanted me to go to Toronto, He would have to make a way without any solicitation on my part. Surprisingly, within a week I received a letter of invitation to come to London, Ontario, Canada, for a week long meeting. I agreed to go with one stipulation: they would have to take me to the Airport Vineyard Church in Toronto where the “Laughing Revival” started. They agreed.

The hosting church took me to the Airport Vineyard on a Saturday night, which was about an hour's drive from London. In the meeting I perceived visibly a great deal of “flesh” manifesting. The testimonies sounded scripturally satisfactory, but still there was a question in my heart. When it came time for ministry I expected to hear a Word, but instead the minister called all those between 8-20 years of age to come up to the front and receive a blessing. Only Church leaders who had badges were permitted to make prayers for anyone (which was a safe rule).

The sanctuary could hold, I estimated, about 5000 people. There was about 2800 in attendance from 52 different nations. In the call, the young people went up front to the podium area. About 450 in all responded, coming forward for prayer. As prayer was made for them, all began to be “slain” in the spirit. Some very quietly went to the floor, some went laughing, and so on. My attention was drawn to a young lady who was doing something I could not make out clearly. I got up and carefully made my way through the crowd on the floor. When I arrived close to this young lady, I distinctly heard a sound coming out of her that astoundingly sounded exactly like a clucking chicken!

I looked to my left and observed an adult woman standing over two children who I assumed were hers. One was a girl about ten years old and the other a boy of about eight. The boy had his eyes wide open in fixed gaze, not even blinking his eyes. His muscles would constrict so severely his body would fly up 18-24 inches off the floor, completely flipping around, then fall flat on top of someone else lying near him. His mother (I presumed) would pull him off to a vacant space on the floor where he would repeat the whole scenario again. This happened over and over again, at least twenty times or more.

Those praying never once discerned this boy was being controlled by demon powers! The same was also true of the young lady clucking like a chicken. Apparently, no one was using their ability to distinguish the evil spirits.

In spite of all I saw, I still did not make any final decisions about the so-called revival. On television, I watched as Pat Robertson and Paul Crouch interviewed ministries with doctorate degrees, each answering the questions put to them on this phenomenon going on in the churches. Without exception they were in agreement the revival was authentic, that most everything going on was of God. But I, like Paul in Acts 16:16-18, after many days had not come to a final decision within my heart whether all these things were of God or not.

I wanted to know what spirit was originating many of the unseemly noises and acts I observed. There was enough going on which was scripturally sound, yet I still could not get rid of the negative, foreboding gnawing on the inside. People's testimonies of getting “the blessing” were good, but I can not honestly say there appeared to be a permanently changed life in fruit, power or authority of Christ in any of them. Later, Jesus appeared to me in my room and what He said overwhelmed, shocked and surprised me:

“The manifestations presently going on the laughing revival have happened to varying degrees with every outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  But in this one, we gave great liberty to Satan, commissioning him to initiate and do as he willed… 

“We wanted to put Our people, especially Church leaders, to the test to see if they would “try the spirits” to see whether they were of God or not (1 JN 4:1); to examine everything and hold fast to that which was good, and ensure that everything glorified the Godhead in attitude, motive, word or deed (1 TH 5:21); to see if the leaders would hold or keep the meetings in decency and order (l CO 14:40). Even many of the blessings and apparent miracles came from the source of Satan with Our consent.”

“Church leaders miserably failed the test. Why? Because they have failed to seek the counsel of the Most High (JE 23:16-22). Therefore, in the Day of the Lord, because they have refused to grow up into Me in all aspects, I will give them over to their own lusts. I will give them a spirit of delusion whereby they will believe lies (2 TH 2:10b-11; RE 13:14a), because they have not feared the Lord nor stood in My counsel to know My ways and perform My works” (PS 103:7; JN 5:19-20, 30 amp; 17:18; 20:21; 14:12).


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