Volker Bauerle’s Testimony

Testimony of Volker Bauerle

By Volker Bauerle

"Something To Think About…"

When I grew up in Germany, I had to go to church every Sunday until I was 14 years old, when all the Lutheran boys and girls were confirmed.

Confirmation was a big deal in those days because you got presents from all the people who knew you. So, for the presents sake, I endured the boring services, although I couldn’t wait for it to end, so I could play soccer with my friends.

I think my father was an atheist, which was fine with me. This meant that I wouldn’t have to go to church anymore, after I was
confirmed. What a relief! I didn’t like the pastor’s messages, especially when he told the whole congregation that they needed to repent. Of course, the pastor didn’t include himself, he must have been above all this. At least that’s what I thought at that time.

When I moved to Canada in 1960, I went to church on Christmas Eve that year, because the people I lived with asked me to join them. I didn’t really want to go, but they were a nice couple, who treated me as part of their family. To be honest with you, I don’t remember much about the service, I guess I wasn’t tuned into Christianity.

In 1961 I moved to California, where I met the love of my life, Gina. She was raised Catholic, but that was not an issue because she was not an active church member. We wouldn’t have had the time to go to church anyway, because I played semi-pro soccer almost every Sunday.

Life was pretty good. I started a business in Orange County. A few years later we bought a bigger home in La Habra Heights. All 3 kids played soccer, so Gina was busy driving them to practice and to games on Saturday.

Fastforward a few years.

At the age of 18, Ron, the oldest boy, decided to move out of our home because he didn’t like our "outdated" houserules:

1. Ron had to be home at a certain time in the evening, regardless of the fact that all his friends could stay out as long as they wanted to. How inhumane and inconsiderate of us.

2. Ron also had to keep his room clean, mow the lawn and take out the garbage. That’s slave labor, how degrading!

3. And, to make things worse, Ron couldn’t even have his girl- friend stay in his room during the day, unless the door was open. After all, what would they be doing there they couldn’t do somewhere else?

Well, to be honest with you, I didn’t like our houserules when I grew up in Germany either, and if I could have moved out at the age of 18, I would have done so. There were only two major problems that prohibited me from moving out: a) apartments for rent were scarce and b) I didn’t make enough money at my job to support myself.

That’s why I had to wait, until I was 20 years old, to move out. Actually, I didn’t just move into my own apartment in Germany, I emigrated to Niagara Falls/Canada, as mentioned above. But that was a long time ago, and it has little to do with my "story"… which continues below.

In the beginning, it was hard for Gina, when Ron visited his girlfriend Darla next door and didn’t bother to come and see his mother. But life goes on… and every once-in-a-while Ron came by our house.

Anyway, one day Ron came to the house visiting, carrying a heavy book. When I asked him what he was reading, he replied: "It’s the Bible." My first thought was: "He must have flipped his lid." And once he started talking, I knew he wasn’t the same kid I remembered who liked rock concerts, and parties and girls, and staying out late…

Ron confronted me, spouting Bible verses and told me in so many words that I would surely go to hell… because I didn’t care about anybody or anything… except myself and money! Can you believe it, he was telling me that if I wouldn’t change and be "born again" (I hated this phrase with a passion), I would go to hell for sure! And — wouldn’t you know — Ron would be the only one from this family who would be saved.

To make things even worse, Ron quoted the Bible again to prove his point about being "born again"… and I did not have an answer, which made me even more furious! Finally, I exclaimed: "I don’t need this crutch. I am at least as good a person as these ‘Christians’ — probably better. They run to church on Sunday, just to be seen. And then, during the week they steal from their bosses or cheat their customers. "You need to change, not I! You’re lazy! You’re always living off somebody instead of supporting yourself. How dare you telling me I need to change? Didn’t I work my rear off, so you could live in a nice neighborhood, stuff your face, and have nothing to worry about?"

Boy, did I tell Ron off! But what really blew my top was the fact that Ron would preach to me, telling me how selfish I was, and that I needed to change. You see, after Ron moved out of our house, he first lived with a couple of friends. Some time later he moved in with his grandmother without paying a dime for room & board. How could he have paid anyway, he wasn’t working. "Why should I work," Ron said, "I read in the Bible that God will take care of me."

"What do you mean God is taking care of you?" I hollered. "Right now your grandmother is taking care of you. Aren’t you ashamed to live off an old lady?" How could any able bodied person refuse to work? It was totally against my way of thinking. I hated deadbeats and nonproducers, the abused welfare system and other handouts with a passion!

Although I figured that Ron must have used the excerpts from the Bible out of context to have an excuse not to work, I just couldn’t think of any Bible stories I learned as a kid to refute Ron’s statements.

Now — you might find this hard to believe — after the altercation with Ron, I bought myself a Bible. However, I did not buy this Bible to learn from it and become a "Christian." Get real! I just wanted to gain some knowledge, so I could argue with
Ron and prove to him that the stories in the Bible were written to keep the population in fear, and under control. I was going to prove to Ron, that the Bible was a bunch of bull. It was just stories for weak people who couldn’t cope with life and needed this crutch. What a copout!

I muttered to myself… "I don’t need or want anybody to tell me how to live my life. Maybe wimps, who can’t handle their problems have the need to believe in these fairy-tales about God… and Mary… and Jesus… and angels… and the devil… and life after death… and all these other myths. After all, when you’re dead, you’re dead! You only go around once! And to top it off, only a moron would believe that Mary was a virgin. What a bunch of baloney!

This story continues…

I started reading the Bible. My goal was trying to find any contradictions and faults, which I thought would be "a piece of cake." I figured, all I have to do is find one thing that is not true, and then I’ll confront Ron and prove to him that this "Christianity" nonsense is nothing but fairytales. And then he’s gonna come to his senses and get a job to support himself, like a normal person.

But things turned out differently than I had planned. For the life of me and to my utter surprise, I could find neither contradictions nor faults in the Bible, and it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.

Starting with the first book in the Bible, Genesis, THE AUTHOR CLAIMS THAT IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE EARTH.

"That’s not what I learned in school," I remembered. "I was taught that the universe started with a big bang billions of years ago!" So — who was right… the evolutionists or the creationists?

This really caught my interest and I was determined to find proof that Darwin was right to set the record straight with Ron. But the more I studied the Bible, the more frustrated I got because I just could not find what I was looking for.

In the meantime, many questions came to mind and I really wanted some concrete answers. "Where did I come from? Am I here by chance, as evolutionists claim, or was there a Creator behind this wondrous world of species… and atoms, molecules, electrons, planets, stars…?

"Could the universe, as we know it, have started with a big bang? Or was there really a Creator who designed it all, put planets in the proper orbit, so they wouldn’t bump into each other, place the sun at a certain distance from the earth (about 93 million miles). If it would be closer we’d fry, if it would be further away, we’d freeze to death.

"And what about the ozone layer, which is supposed to be so important for our planet. Someone must have placed it at the right spot to protect us from the sun’s radiation. Who put it there… and how could it be there by random chance?"

Then I read an article from the April 1977 issue of the Reader’s Digest:

Six Million Dollar Original

“Tired of hearing that the human body is worth only about three dollars? And of the humbling and humiliating realization that a chicken or a salmon sells for more than you are worth? There’s news to heal our bruised egos.

"Yale University biophysicist Harold J. Morowitz says that the human body is actually worth $6 million. And that price covers only the raw materials — hormones, proteins, enzymes, etc. The intricate work of fashioning the material into human cells might cost six-thousand trillion dollars. And assembling these cells into a functional human being would drain all the world’s treasures. ‘Each human is priceless’ is the professor’s understatement.” (page 144).

"Isn’t this interesting? I didn’t know that," I thought. So — now that my curiosity got the best of me — I kept on reading the
Bible from beginning to end, and I also used a concordance Willmington’s Guide To The Bible. It explained many things I couldn’t understand previously. I also bought tapes to learn more… and below is a small part of some of the things I’ve learned:

How did life get started?

The real question today is not the survival of the species, but rather the arrival of it. Three theories have been advocated to explain the problem of origin.

A) Atheistic Materialism

This interesting theory boldly assures us that everything once came from nothing. In other words, if one gives enough mud enough time, it will — all by itself — produce the music of Beethoven, the paintings of a Raphael, the writings of a Shakespeare, and the teachings of Christ.

Question: How long would it take one million monkeys typing away day and night on one million typewriters, for just one monkey to accidently type the first ten words of the Bible? ("In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.")

Answer: Consider a rock which reached from the earth to the nearest star (some twenty-six trillion miles away). Once every million years a tiny bird flies to this massive rock and removes the smallest grain of sand from it. When four rocks this size have been completely carried away, then one of those monkeys will have accidently typed Genesis 1:1 from the Bible.

But this accomplishment would be absolutely nothing as compared to the probabilities that a living cell would be formed by
random processes. Consider the following:

Dr. Harold Morowitz of Yale University estimated the theoretical limits for the smallest free-living thing which could duplicate itself. It would require 239 individual protein molecules. What are the chances that the first protein molecule would form all their amino acids into left-handed chains? (For some unknown reason all life consists only of these left-handed protein molecule chains).

The minimal number of amino acids in a protein is 410. This would be like flipping a coin 410 times and coming up with "heads" every time! The answer is one chance in 10123 (the figure 1 followed by 123 zeros).

But then, even if this occurred in one protein, it would have to be repeated in at least 238 other proteins also. The chances are now 1029345 (1 followed by 29,345 zeros).

How big is this number? Consider the following: There are 1018 seconds in 15 billion years. The known universe weighs 7 x 1041 pounds. The universe contains 5 x 1078 atoms. The universe contains 10130 electrons.

Conclusions: Suppose each atom could expand until it was the size of the present universe. There would then be 3 x 10157
atoms in the universe. By comparison, the odds against a single protein forming by chance in earth’s entire history is 4,000 times larger than the number of atoms in this super universe!

Did you know that a fully grown man consists of approximately 75 – 100,000,000,000,000 (75 – 100 billion) cells? And each individual cell has a special function, i.e. liver cells, kidney cells, heart cells, eye cells, etc. Each individual cell is incredibly complex. Scientists have demonstrated that the simplest, living cell is much more complicated than the biggest and fastest Super Computer in the world.

Consider the following: In 1985 John Stevens wrote an article in BYTE MAGAZINE, speaking about our visual system and its ability to calculate information:

“Today’s digital hardware is impressive, however, the human retina’s real time performance goes unchallenged. Actually, to simulate 10 milliseconds of complete processing of a single nerve cell from the retina would require the solution of about 500 simultaneous non-linear differential equations one hundred times!

"At least several minutes of processing time would be required on a Cray Super Computer to handle this task, keeping in mind there are ten million or more of such cells in each eye, interacting with each other in complex ways.

"It would take a minimum of one hundred (100) years of Cray Super Computer time to simulate what takes place in your eye every second! Of course, computers are much faster today. So — instead of 100 years — it would probably only take fifty (50) years… or 20 years… or whatever!"

“Our visual system is a stereoscopic system which brings information (photons) to the eye. This system consists of several sub-systems (lens, cornea, optic nerve, and brain), which have to work together in order to function properly!

“The evolution theory claims that all things have evolved through mutations over billions of years. However, as you’ve learned, nothing works properly, unless all sub-systems work together, as the following simplified example about the wonder of our sight illustrates:

1. The lens accepts light in the back of the eye.

2. The light is transferred to the retina, which…

3. Converts photons into electrons.

4. The electrons are sent to the optic nerve, which sends signals from the eye to sections in the brain where the information is converted into pictures. And — for instance — these pictures can protect us from harm. (Someone throws an object at your head. You duck… and the object misses you).”

How Complex Is Our Universe?

Here we refer to life itself. The wonders of the atom and the glory of the galaxies are but drab tinker toys when compared to the miracle of living organisms.

a) The smallest insect on earth is made up of millions of living cells. There are some 75 – 100 trillion such cells in the body of a grown man. But each individual cell is unbelievably complex. It is worth repeating, that the simplest living cell is vastly more complicated than the most sophisticated Super Computer on earth.

b) Each cell is a world brimming with as many as 200 trillion tiny groups of atoms called protein molecules. It is a micro- universe in itself.

c) The largest molecule is called the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The DNA strand carries the hereditary information from the parent to the offspring in all living things. It contains the genetic code and determines whether you will turn out to be a man, mushroom, dandelion, dinosaur, or carpet sculptor.

d) The total length of the DNA strand in one cell is six feet. If all the DNA strands in the body were bunched up, they could fit into a box the size of an ice cube. But if unwound and joined together, the string could stretch from the earth to the sun and back more than 400 times. The distance from our earth to the sun is 93,000,000 miles, or 186,000,000 miles roundtrip.) In other words, the DNA strands in a man’s body, if tied together, would be about seventy-four billion four hundred million (74,400,000,000) miles long!

e) Each of the 75 – 100 trillion cells in a living person’s body contains the information found in all other cells. Thus a cell in a man’s little toe has all the data in its DNA for making another man physically identical to himself.

f) If the coded DNA instructions of a single human cell were put into English, they would fill a 1,000 volume Encyclopedia.

g) During cell division, two strands of DNA (called the double helix), which have been interwoven around each other in ladder-like fashion, separate to form a new cell. After the double helix is separated, it then duplicates itself into a new cell. The DESIGNER of this intricate duplication system incorporated a built-in error correction method, which is so accurate that it corresponds to a rate of error of less than one letter in an entire set of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

h) A human cell in a laboratory, free from any bodily influence, may divide some fifty times before dying. If all of our cells divided that often, we would eventually reach a weight of more than eighty trillion tons. (Where would you go to buy clothes for a body like this?)

How Did Life Come Into Being?

From time to time sensational claims are made concerning attempts to create life in a laboratory. But has this actually been done?

Stanley Miller (University of California) showed that certain amino acids (which are basic components of proteins) could be generated by discharging electricity through a mixture of methane, water vapor, and ammonia.

Sidney Fox (Florida State University) heated a dry mixture of amino acids at 175 degrees for six hours and showed that under certain artificial conditions a number of amino acids could be randomly linked together. He called them "Coacervates" and thought them to be similar to protein molecules.

Arthur Kornberg (Stanford University) was able to make DNA replicate itself after extracting it from a living cell and placing it in a bath of the four nucleotides which constitute DNA, provided the proper enzymes and other constituents were also present. He also showed that virus DNA could be made to reproduce outside a host cell, contrary to usual virus behavior, provided the proper enzymes were present. A virus, however, is not a living cell.

In 1979 J.P. Danielli (Buffalo University) claimed to have accomplished the first artificial synthesis of a living and reproducing cell. However, he had started with living amoebas in the first place, then partially dismantling and finally reassembling them, using components from different amoebas.

If life is to be defined as a self-contained, self-sufficient, and self-reproducing unit, such as in a cell, then we see the experiments
above have yet to take the first tiny step in the journey of a billion light years in the creation of life. Thus, the theory of atheistic
materialism is impossible.

B) Theistic Evolution

This theory may be thought of as the Mosaic-Darwinian theory, for it attempts to unify two seemingly irreconcilable philosophies. It is known as the "molecule-to-man" theory.

Theistic evolution says we must look to Darwin for the when and how of creation, and then learn from Moses concerning the
who and why of all things. There are, however, two serious flaws in this theory. One is a scientific problem: Evolution runs contrary to the Second Law of Thermodynamics which describes the universe as a wound-up clock which is slowly running down. Instead, evolution has all life being built up from the simple to the complex.

The second problem confronting evolution is a scriptural one. For example, Moses informs us that life began on dry land during the third day of creation (Genesis 1:9-13), while evolution says it originated in some slimy sea. Furthermore, evolution is in direct contradiction to the creation of Eve. Finally, evolution would reduce Adam to a spiritually transformed ape, but the Scripture says he was originally and suddenly made in the very image of God.

In an attempt to get around this, it is claimed by some that our world is not governed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, for it receives the necessary energy from the sun to account for evolution. But the complexity of life calls for more than a source of energy. It also demands a purposeful direction of that energy.

As an example, a builder might expose bricks, sand, nails, paint, wires, wood, and other materials to the heat and energy of the sun, and to other elements like the rains and winds, but these objects would never by themselves unite and form a house!

In the light of all this, many have concluded that evolution is clearly, strongly, and completely refuted by the Bible.

C. Special Creation

This simply affirms that God said just what he meant, and meant just what he said in the first two chapters of the Bible, as he did in the remaining 1187 chapters.

How many false philosophies does the first verse in the Bible refute?

a) It refutes atheism, for creation is the work of God’s hand.

b) It refutes evolution, for the universe was created and did not evolve. The Bible stresses ten times that the entities created were to reproduce "after their kinds" — while evolution postulates the slow ascent of all organisms from a common ancestor.

c) It refutes materialism, for the universe did not always exist, as we’ve found out from recent scientific discoveries. Space, time and matter were made by a creator who must exist outside of space, time and matter. Therefore, Christian scientists don’t have a problem with the first verse in the Bible: "In the beginning God created the heaven’s and the earth."

Today, atheistic scientists have no choice but admit that someone had to start the universe at a certain time. Of course, it wasn’t the God of the Bible, perhaps it was "Nature." The question is… who is "Nature?"

d) It refutes polytheism, for there is only one God.

e) It refutes pantheism, for God is apart from and independent of his creation.

To sum it up:

In the first verse of the Bible God tells us what HE did. In the remaining verses HE tells us how HE did it.

Who Is The Right God?

As you know, we have many religions on our small planet earth… and each person is convinced that his religion is the right and only one!

Muslims are convinced that Allah is God, and his prophet is Mohammed.

Christians believe in the trinity… God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Then there are the Buddhists, the Hindus, etc… and of course, the cults, like the Jehova’s witnesses and the Mormons. Jehova’s witnesses only believe in God, the father, and they claim, Jesus was the brother of Lucifer, created by God, and the Holy Spirit has no place in their religion.

The Mormons preach that you can become a god by doing good works (riding a bike and knocking on doors).

Is There Any Proof That The Total Content Of The Bible Is Correct… And Inspired By God?

Chuck Missler, a well known bible teacher from Idaho, states:

"The 66 books of the Bible are an integrated message system, outside of our time domain, written by 40 authors empowered by the Holy Spirit* over a period of thousands of years."

*No human being can prophesy situations that were fulfilled hundreds of years later. He needs help from a higher power who can see into the future…

One of the many items that separates the Bible from the Koran of the Muslims and all other religious books… is the written prophesies of future events that were fulfilled 100%!

You and I only see what happened in the past, and what is happening now. We cannot see the future. The God of the Bible knows everything from the beginning to the end.

The God Of The Bible Must Therefore Be Independent From Our Time Domain In Order To Know What The Future Will Bring.

Consider the example below:

All 330 Bible Prophesies about the coming "Messiah" — written by Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah and other prophets — hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, were fulfilled one hundred (100%) percent!

In the Old Testament you can read…

When and where Jesus was born (Bethlehem)

That HE was born by a Virgin ("Behold the virgin (Mary) shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel"* Isaiah 7:14) [*God with us].

Where his family fled (Egypt) because King Herod wanted to kill the "Messiah" of the Jews

When and How HE arrived in Jerusalem (32 AD on a donkey)

Who would betray him (Judas)

How much money Judas would receive for his betrayal (30 pieces of silver)

Why Jesus died (he died for your and my sins, so we’ll be acceptable to a righteous God)

How HE died (HE was crucified, although, at the time when this was prophesied, no person was killed in this manner. This type of punishment was "invented" by the Romans hundreds of years later! Interesting, isn’t it?)

Daniel prophesied (Daniel, chapter 9) 477 years to the day before it happened, when Jesus would arrive in Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. 173,880 days after the proclamation of Artaxerxes (445 BC)to rebuild Jerusalem, Jesus of Nazareth rode on a donkey into Jerusalem (32 AD) — at the prophesied time. The crowd was ecstatic and wanted to proclaim him King of the Jews. A short time afterwards they demanded his crucifixion!

In the Bible you can also read in detail about the future events of every major city within a 1,000 mile radius of Jerusalem before it happened! A sceptic would say: "I believe the Bible was written after all these events already took place." (I was one of the people who said that.)

However, the facts are…

In 285 BC the Hebrew manuscripts were translated into Greek, which means that the Old Testament was already in existence before Jesus was born.

What Are The Odds That All 330 Prophesies About The Coming "Messiah" Would Be Fulfilled… 100%?

The following excerpts are from the book "The Search For Messiah", co-authored by Mark Eastman, MD and Chuck Smith.

"In his book "Science Speaks" — Peter Stoner estimates the odds of one person fulfilling just eight of these Messianic prophesies as being one in ten to the seventeenth power (1 in 1017). How overwhelming is this probability?

"Stoner illustrates this by supposing that we take ten to the seventeenth power silver dollars and lay them on the face of Texas. They will cover all of the state two feet deep.

"Now mark one of these silver dollars and stir the whole mass thoroughly, all over the state. Blindfold a man and tell him that he can travel as far as he wishes throughout the state of Texas, but he can pick up only one silver dollar and say this is the one that’s been marked.

"What chance would he have of getting the right one? Just the same chance that the prophets would have had of writing these eight prophesies and having them come true in any one man, from their day to the present time.

"It is clear that chance had nothing to do with the fulfillment of these 330 Messianic predictions. It had to be by God’s design.

"When predictions are made of the future, there is a governing principle known as the Law of Compound Probabilities. This principle states that the more conditions placed on a prediction, the greater the chance that it will not come to pass.

"Let us say that Newport Beach in California is shaken by an earthquake on an average of once every two years. If I should predict that there will be an earthquake in Newport Beach this year, my chances are 1 in 2 of being right.

"If I said it would happen on June thirteenth, then there being 365 days in a year, the chances of it happening the thirteenth of June would be 1 in 365.

"If I said it would happen this year on June 13th, the chances would be 2 x 365, or 1 in 730.

"If I then declared it would happen this year, on June 13, at 2:05 in the afternoon, there being 1,440 minutes in a day, the likelihood of accuracy would then be 2 x 365 x 1,440, or 1 in 1,051,200.

"Now if I wanted to be very daring and say that the quake would strike at 2:05 and 15 seconds, I would increase the chances tremendously, for there are 86,400 seconds in a day times 1,051,200, and thus the chances of it happening as predicted are 1 in 90,823,680,000.

"This is just considering four factors. If I added more factors to the prediction, such as magnitude, epicenter, and the money needed to repair the damage, until I had 330 conditions, can you imagine what the odds against such a prediction being fulfilled would be?

"If they all came to pass you would have to conclude that I was either a true prophet, or else had inside information. This is exactly the situation we face with the prophesies concerning Jesus. He fulfilled over 300 conditions prophesied of him. No wonder Peter called it the more sure word of prophesy!"

If Jesus Would Have Arrived In Jerusalem, Riding On A Donkey… 173,881 Days Instead of 173,880 after the proclamation of Artaxerxes to have Jerusalem rebuilt…

The Bible would be just another religious book, written by human authors, not empowered by the Holy Spirit… The Christian faith would be just another religion… and Daniel Would Be A False Prophet… and most of all The Triune God Of The Bible (Father, Son, And Holy Spirit)…Could Not Be The Creator Of The Universe because one of the prophesies in the Bible did not come true at the exact time it was predicted! The Creator of the Universe will and can not make any mistake, no matter how insignificant!

The following examples show the minimum attributes the Creator of the Universe must have:

1. HE must have existed before He created the heavens and the earth. (That’s obvious, isn’t it?) Jeremiah wrote in chapter 32, verse 17, "HE made heaven and earth by his great power. Nothing is too hard for him." Moses wrote in Genesis, chapter 1, verse 1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

2. HE must have omnipotence (being all powerful. HE fills heaven and earth).

3. HE must be independent of space, time and matter. God must be someone acting inside and outside of time & space.

4. HE must be omniscient (knowing everything… past, present and future).

5. HE must have omnipresence (being everywhere at the same time).

6. HE must have the ability to make contact with us.

How Vast Is Our Universe?

(The following excerpts are from the ‘Willmington’s Guide To The Bible.’ I think you’ll find them interesting. It also shows why the creator of heaven & earth cannot make any mistakes. He must be without fault, or our universe couldn’t exist as it is).

It is so vast that it takes a beam of light (which travels some 700 million miles per hour) over 100,000 years just to cover the distance length of our galaxy called the ‘Milky Way.’

Our galaxy is only one among approximately 125 billion galaxies in the known universe. This staggering number has been raised just recently from less than 100. (I read a report on 2/8/99, that the Hubble telescope has helped scientists discover many more galaxies than originally known).

To illustrate the size of our universe, consider the following examples:

a) Paper Stack Model

1. Let’s assume the thickness of a sheet of paper represents the
distance from the earth to the sun (93,000,000 miles).

2. To represent the distance to the nearest star (Alpha Centauri)
we would need a seventy-one foot high stack of paper.

3. To cover the diameter of our Milky Way Galaxy would require a pile
of paper sheets thirty-one million miles high!

b) Orange And Grain Of Sand Model

1. Here an orange would represent the sun.

2. A grain of sand is the earth, circling the orange at a distance
of thirty feet.

3. Pluto (most remote planet in our solar system) is another grain
of sand, circling the orange at ten city blocks away.

4. Alpha Centauri (the nearest star) is 1,300 miles away from the

c) Hollow Sun Illustration

1. If the sun were hollow, 1,300,000 earths could fit inside.

2. A star named Antares (if hollow) could hold 64,000,000 of our

3. In the constellation of Hercules there is a star which could
contain 100,000,000 of Antares.

4. The largest known star, Epsilon, could easily swallow up several
million stars the size of the one in the constellation of Hercules.

d) Relative Speed Illustration

1. Our earth is traveling around its own axis at 1,000 miles per

2. The earth moves around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour.

3. The earth is carried by the sun across our galaxy at a speed of
64,000 miles per hour.

4. The earth moves in orbit around our galaxy at 481,000 miles per

5. The earth travels through space at 1,350,000 miles per hour.

6. Every twenty-four hours we cover 20,936,400 miles across empty

All of the above is, of course, but a feeble attempt to illustrate the magnitude of space and of a universe which contains as many stars as there are grains of sand on all seashores of the world. And according to the Bible, God has both named and numbered each star.

How Minute Is Our Universe?

Simply stated, it is as unbelievably small as it is big. Consider the following:

a) All material in the universe consists of atoms. Atoms in turn are made of three "building blocks," which are protons and neutrons (which two go to make up the center of an atom called the nucleus), and electrons (which circle the nucleus as our earth does the sun).

b) On the tip of a ballpoint pen are so many atoms that if they were carried by an army, marching four abreast, an atom to a man, it would take over 20,000 years for the army to pass.

c) It would take 25 trillion protons laid side-by-side to span a linear inch.

d) There are as many protons in a cubic inch of copper as there are drops of water in the oceans of the world, or grains of sand on the seashores of our earth.

e) The size of an electron is to a dust speck as the dust speck is to the entire earth.

f) The space between an electron and the nucleus is 10,000 times as great as the size of that nucleus. For example, if the outer shell of electrons in an atom were the size of the Houston Astrodome, the nucleus would be the size of a ping-pong ball in the center of that stadium.

Question: If most of the atom is empty space, why does a table top offer so much resistance when you push at it with your finger?

Answer: The surface of the table (like the tip of one’s finger) consists of a wall of electrons, belonging to the outermost layer of
atoms in both objects. Both the speed and force attraction of these electrons thus prohibit your finger from going through the table… as a fast moving bicycle wheel would prevent you from placing your finger through the spokes.

When Was The Universe Created?

Some scientists would confidently tell us its origin occurred via a big bang from five (5) to fifty (50) billion years ago. How do they arrive at these dates?

One time calendar is called radiometric dating — the dating of rocks. In certain rocks the element uranium 238 decays into lead 206 with a half-life of 4.5 billion years (that is, the decay involves 50% of the original uranium each 4.5 billion years.) It is claimed, therefore, that the age of a rock may be determined through this method.

However, at times there are serious problems with radiometric dating. For example, radiometric dating has shown certain rocks from volcanoes in Russia to be 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) years old, whereas it is known they were formed within the last 200 years.

In opposition to the above radical ancient dates, a number of creation scientists now feel there is mounting evidence that our earth may be much younger than supposed, perhaps less than 12,000 years old. These indications are as follows:

a) Population statistics. If man appeared over one million years ago, the present world population would be thousands of times greater than it actually is. In fact our entire galaxy could not provide the needed space for so many.

The present world population is around 5 billion. Assuming the average lifespan to be 70 years and the average generation length to be 35 years, then starting with one family, the present world population would result in about thirty doublings. These doublings would carry us back in history from today to around 3,500 B.C. This date is suggested by several creationist scientists to mark the time of the Flood.

Thus the creation model dovetails beautifully with known world population statistics. But what about the evolutionary model? Morris writes:

"Now, if the first man appeared 1,000,000 (one million) years ago, and these very conservative growth rates applied during that period, the world population would be at present 102700 (10 with 2,700 zeros following) people. However, no more than 10100 (10 with 100 zeros) people could be crammed into the known universe!" (Science and Creation, page 154)

b) The amount of helium-4 in the atmosphere. This suggests that our atmosphere is less than 15,000 years old.

c) The absence of meteorite dust. Some 15,000,000 (15 million) tons of nickel meteorite dust settle to earth each year. If the earth has indeed existed for five billion years, then there should now be a layer of this dust, at least 200 feet thick, all over the planet. Of course, no such layer has been found.

Some of you may remember the first landing on the moon in the late 60’s. The vehicle built to drive on the moon had extendable "legs" because the "evolutionist scientists" believed there would be huge amounts of meteorite dust on the lunar surface.

Wernher von Braun, the German rocket scientist who was brought over to the US after World War II to start our space exploration missions, correctly believed there would be a negligible amount of meteorite dust. Since he was a "creation scientist" (I didn’t know Adolf allowed any of his servants to believe in creation, or God) he suggested to eliminate the expense of building the extendable "legs" on the lunar vehicle.

However, as you know, the "evolutionist scientists" won. The vehicle was built with extendable "legs" and therefore the US space industry wasted a lot of taxpayer’s money on an expensive gadget that was never needed…

d) The decay of earth’s magnetic field. This field, it has been shown, has a half-life of 1,400 years, which means it is weakened by 50% each fourteen centuries. It also means the magnetic field was twice as strong 1,400 years ago as it is now, four times as strong 2,800 years ago, and so on. Only 7,000 years ago it must have been thirty-two times as strong. It is very doubtful that it could have been much stronger than this.

e) The imbalance of carbon-14 and carbon-12. It can be shown that it would take a period of 30,000 years to attain an equilibrium between these two. However, at present, C-14 still exceeds C-12 by some 50%… which is why many "creation scientists" believe that the earth is perhaps less than 12,000 years old.

f) Another time calender is known as the radiocarbon method. This method, unlike the first three, is used only in determining the age of organic fossils. Radioactive carbon is formed in the earth’s upper atmosphere resulting from the incoming cosmic radiation and atmospheric nitrogen-14. It then unites with oxygen to form carbon-dioxide and is absorbed by all plants and animals. At the moment of death, plants and animals cease to absorb C-14. It then begins to decay back into nitrogen-14. This has a half-life of 5,730 years.

Five "half-lives" of C-14 would equal 29,000 years and would leave only 1/32 of the original C-14 content. Therefore, the C-14 method becomes increasingly weak past a few thousand years.

As with other dating methods, C-14 has its problems. Many living systems are not in equilibrium for the C-14 exchange. It has been found that the shells of living mollusks may show radiocarbon ages up to 2,300 years.

The amount of natural carbon may have varied in the past. It is known that the earth had far more vegetation than today. This is indicated by the vast amount of coal deposits now known all over the world. Consequently, organisms living at that time would be subjected to only a very small C-14/C-12 ratio, and their remains now would contain no radio carbon at all, even if they had lived 6,000 years ago.

On the other hand, during the ice age there would have been much less C-12 than during the vegetation age.

That’s my report. It is only a small part of my studies and notes, but I hope there was enough content to make you think.

By handing over this report to you I’ve done my part, as commanded to me in the Bible. What you do with this report is your business…because I can’t convert anyone. I just hope and pray that it will help open your eyes and ears and give you an incentive to check out my findings to see if they are true.

My studies were conducted over many years. After absorbing all these facts it was like scales came off my eyes. I felt like a blind man who could finally see, and today I am absolutely convinced that I am no accident of "nature."

There is so much proof that the universe was created by the God of the Bible, the greatest DESIGNER in the world… and that you and I are his creations.

As soon as you’ve digested the details in this report and hopefully checked out the data for accuracy, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion as I have, that EVOLUTION is… for all practical purposes… impossible!

When I finally accepted the fact that the stuff I was taught in school how the universe started, etc. was wrong, I knew that my life needed changes, which meant I could no longer be the "Captain of my Ship."

In the beginning I was afraid that — in order to become a Christian meant — I had to give up all the fun things we’ve done in the past. But God doesn’t want that from us. We still eat what we like and we’re allowed to drink, as long as we don’t overdo it, and can handle it, and don’t stumble anybody else… otherwise we have to stop drinking!

What I gave up was:

a) Cigarettes; I really did’nt want to poison my body any longer.

b) Cusswords; all of a sudden I was aware that certain words I used in my daily language, needed to disappear, including using the Lord’s name in vain.

c) My sins; I learned that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind, mine included, so we’d be acceptable to God. I know, I will never be totally without sin, while I am in this earthly body, because no human being will ever be without sin. But, the difference between BC (before I met Christ) and now is… I don’t practice sin anymore, as I did previously. And, when I do fall, the Holy Spirit makes me aware of what I’ve done wrong, almost immediately, and helps me get right with God by asking for his forgiveness.

d) The fear of death. When I was 12 years old, my 17 year old cousin Roland was electrocuted at a jobsite. I had talked with Roland the night before, and we had planned to go to soccer practice together the very next day. When I saw my favorite cousin laying in the coffin, his face deathly pale (no pun intended; in Germany they don’t put make-up on corpses) I felt terrible because I realized, how much he had meant to me and I was scared, really scared.

A few months later my grandmother died, and 3 months after that my grandfather followed her, which means — at the age of 12, I had to attend three funerals in 1 year.

I know now that I’ll be on this earth for a short time only, and that a much better place has been prepared for me in heaven. (Jesus said: "In my father’s house are many mansions, I’m going to prepare a place for you.")

e) My egotism; it doesn’t work all the time, but I’m determined to conquer it, with God’s help.

Unfortunately, there are still many areas of my life that need changing, but God is patient and HE knows what’s in my heart.

Please do me and yourself a favor. If, for any reason, you still don’t believe that the Bible is God’s written word, or that there is a God… read and study the last book of the Bible…"Revelation."

In this book, the author John (he was one of Jesus’ apostles, who walked and talked with him, and also wrote the gospel of John) tells us about some prophesies that have not been fulfilled yet… including the time of tribulation. Believe me, you don’t want to be around when the wrath of God will come to pass.

And… you can be assured, these prophesies will be fulfilled, just like all the others, up to this day. Don’t bet on it that the horrible things that are predicted to happen during the tribulation period is just some fiction.

Remember the odds when you’re betting against the Bible… they are totally against you.

Before I finish my report, let me tell you a few more things. I must admit that I had planned to write this report already years
ago. Actually, I had started to put some of my thoughts on paper, but I never "found" the time to finish the report. However, lately, my conscience had been bothering me… big time. This voice inside kept telling me to sit down and finish what I started…
because time is getting short.

Many Christians believe (Gina and I are one of them) that we’re living in the "end times." Just watch the news and compare it to the unfulfilled prophesies in "Revelation"… and you know what I’m talking about.

You may not know this, but Gina and I became "born again" Christians just about the same time. I believe that happens rarely. We found out that many people had prayed for us for years, to see the light, and… Thank God, their prayers were answered, and we made the right decision.

By the way, I don’t hate the phrase "born again" anymore… now that I understand what it means:

"Jesus was born into the family of men and He paid the penalty for our sins on the cross at Golgatha…that we might be Born Again in the family of God." And nobody can enter the Kingdom of God unless they’re "born again."

Marty, who came to this country as an atheist or agnostic, has also become a "born again" Christian. As a matter of fact, he is a much better Christian than I am. He helps out at our church, Calvery Chapel Pacific Coast, as an usher, and he counts the money, etc… while I do nothing. I ought to be ashamed.

When Marty first heard about us becoming Christians, he could hardly believe it. Then we asked him to go to church with us, so he could check it out for himself.

At first he said no, but after a while he joined us. I think it helped that we promised to take him out for "brunch" after the service. And anybody who met Marty knows, that eating is one of his hobbies. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with food.

Robert also indicated that he wants to change his life. I surely hope that he means it this time… because he is the cause of most of my grey hair and nightmares.

It is easy to say all the right things and promise to change, but it is much harder to keep your promises. I suppose the future will tell if his talk and his actions will be in harmony.

We also hope that Ray and Kim in Houston, will "see the light" soon, so they’ll become "born again" Christians. This way, Rachel & Robin will be raised in a Christian environment.

Knowing about Jesus Christ and acknowledging that He died for our sins, doesn’t make you a Christian. Neither does going to church or being baptized. You have to turn from your sins, ask for forgiveness and start a new life, and have a personal relationship with Jesus, our Lord & Savior, to be accepted by God.

Ron has also changed a great deal since his early days as a "Baby Christian"… where he told me, most convincingly…
"God will provide for me… so why should I work."

Ron has found out in the meantime that God will provide for his people, but he expects them to work, if they’re able bodied.
Just as Paul said: "He who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat." Don’t I wish, I would have known that Bible verse above, when Ron first approached me. Nevertheless, I am grateful that Ron cared enough to confront me, which was no easy task, because he must have realized that I wouldn’t react favorably.

Today, Ron handles a lot of responsibility at his job at a large HMO, and from our point of view… he is a good Christian, a good husband, a good father, and a good provider. As most of you know, Ron is married to Lauren, a lovely young lady, who has a strong Christian background, and they raise their 3 children, Cassidy, Chase & Clayton in a Christian home.

Looking back now… I wish, we would have raised our 3 boys in a Christian environment, maybe we would have been spared from some of the painful events involving our kids.

And for the rest of our relatives, and for all our friends and acquaintances, we’ll keep on praying, that their eyes and ears will be opened, and their hearts softened, so they’ll accept the Good News also.

The Good News is: "God so loved the world that HE gave his only begotten son" (John 3:16). Jesus took the blame for my sins and yours, and HE paid the penalty and died on the cross, so you and I can have everlasting life with our heavenly father.

Okay, now you know why Gina and I believe in the God of the Bible, who promises us a new and better life in heaven… after our life on this earth is over.

Isn’t it funny how things turned out? I bought a Bible with the intent to prove to Ron that there is no God… And then, God opened my eyes and showed me through HIS WORD, the Bible, that HE is the Creator of Heaven & Earth and everything in it.

There is so much proof that there must be a CREATOR. Just open your eyes and look at nature… the flowers, the trees, the birds, the animals, etc. They are all living wonders and proof of THE DESIGNER OF OUR UNIVERSE. And, as you know, a simple worm is much more complex than the biggest, fastest Super Computer.

Keep in mind, God did not create us as robots, he gave us a choice. And the choice we make determines where we spend eternity. What’s your choice?

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