Tragedy in Pakistan

Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2001 2:29 PM

I have just received this from my Brother Humayun in Pakistan. Please pray.

Pastor Keith Brown.

Really a bad news. I was attending a morning service in my church that a man had come to me and delever a news that dozens of Christians are shoot dead when attending morninig service in the Bahawalpur city.  Bahawalpur city is 500 mile from Karachi.

Four years ago Muslims had burnt a church there. The eye witness says that there were 12 men armed with heavy machine guns enter in the church when believer were praying, unkown that what are going to with them in coming moments. As they entered they opened fired and dozens were killing and hundared of serious enjurd.

We christian are expecting these outrages against christian of the country. Because this was happent here from the last thrity years. This was happen to us in Gulf war 1990-91.

Christian should notice this massive destruction and prejudice of the muslims of Pakistan. As for Christian countries, I will only urge that do think and consider the situation of the christian in Pakistan. How much we have to suffere in this country ? How many times muslims were killed our young and rape our girls. This is not first time , so the objection certianly been rejected that this is due to USA’s retaliation against Afgahnistan.

Muslims are doing this on many different occasion.

I urge to the international Christian community and contries step forward and help the christian in Pakistan.


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