Three Testimonies


When living in Pennsylvania, I was often led of The Lord to travel to Baltimore, Maryland to Preach the Gospel on street corners and pass out Gospel tracts.

Every time that I was in Baltimore, I would see a young lady about 25 years of age coming down the street and passing by the corner where I was preaching.  She passed by, not once, but 3 times a day — morning, noon, and about 5 p.m.

It was obvious that she worked downtown and she would pass me on her way to work in the morning, at Noon as she went to lunch, and in the evening as she was going home from work. The first time I saw her, I heard God say to me, “Do Not say anything to her–just faithfully hand her a tract each and every time you see her.”

So, every time I was in Baltimore, this young lady received 3 Gospel Tracts—One in the morning, one at Noon, and one in the evening. Each and every time I gave her a different Tract. This went on for well over a year, and she went out of her way, every time she passed that corner to come and receive her tract.

Then one day, early in the morning, I saw her stop to buy a Newspaper at the corner stand. The Lord said to me—“NOW is her time. Speak to her today.”  ( During all the past months, I never said a word to her besides “Hello” as I handed her tracts, 3 times a day.)

She purchased her paper, and as she turned to go I once again handed her a Tract. She stopped, and as always, cordially received her tract.  Only this time she looked at me and smiled from ear to ear. Then she said—“Do you want to know what I have been doing with all these pamphlets that you have been giving me for so long a time ? ” Then she continued—“I lay every one of them on the night stand next to my bed; and EVERY NIGHT before I go to sleep I read through each and every one of them. I have read them over and over again many times.”

I laughed with her and then said, “Well, you must be ready to give your life to Jesus after reading so much about Him.  

“She smiled again, and answered, “Yes, I am ready.”

We both bowed our heads and I had the great privilege of listening in as she so humbly prayed and asked JESUS to forgive her of her sins, and come in and take over as LORD of her life. WHAT A WONDERFUL SAVIOR HE IS !!!!

And He took me along for the ride and allowed me to watch what he was doing in this young lady’s life, over a period of months, finally bringing his work to a conclusion in the saving of this young lady’s soul. OH, it’s EXCITING to watch JESUS work his wonders!!!

More Tracts

Once again, on the streets of Baltimore, at the corner of Howard & Lexington streets, a young man (about 18 years old ) approached and said to me, “Yesterday you were up at the Lexington Market walking around handing out those little papers (tracts).

You gave one to me and I put it in my pocket. Then I, and some friends, did something that got us in big trouble and I was arrested and thrown in jail. I was really scared and new that I was in trouble and could be in jail for a long time. All of a sudden I remembered the little paper you gave me and I reached in my pocket and pulled it out and read it. God had my undivided attention. I read it through, and then fell on my knees weeping in that jail cell. I cried out–‘JESUS !!! HELP ME !!! OH, GOD, LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE !!! PLEASE COME AND HELP ME NOW !!! ‘

“Well,” he continued, “As soon as I got up off my knees a guard came and unlocked my jail cell and said, ‘You are free to go.’   I don’t know what happened, except God heard my prayer; I was not supposed to get out!  I just committed a crime! BUT now I’m free and all charges are dropped!!! I KNOW JESUS IS REAL!!!!! “

A Word From God

One day, standing on the corner of Main & Ervay, in Downtown Dallas, I was looking down at my Bible and reading a text that I was going to Preach from in just a few moments. As I pondered my text, I was feeling rather WEARY and wondered if it was worth it all to be on the corner Preaching. It was a rather cold dreary day, and I felt likewise in my soul. All of a sudden my dreary thoughts were interrupted by a handsomely dressed young man ( about 25-30 years old ) standing before me with a most radiant smile. He said to me, “Do you remember me?”

I answered, “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t.”   He continued, “Well, you wouldn’t remember me because the last time you saw me I was filthy dirty and covered with dirt and vomit.  It was a few years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, and you were preaching right over there across the street, in front of H.L. Green’s department store. I was high on alcohol and drugs and came stumbling down the street just as you were Preaching. 

Your Preaching caused me to stop. I was so drunk and messed up on drugs that I had to lean against the wall to keep from falling over. I stood there and tried to listen to what you were saying. All of a sudden, you stopped preaching and turned toward me and pointed me out of the crowd and shouted out—“YOU SIR !!!, GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO PREACH HIS GOSPEL !!! “

Then you just went right back to where you left off in your preaching and continued preaching. I was stunned–your words hit me like a brick. I stumbled away and went down the street saying over and over to myself, ‘God has called ME to Preach.’

For the next few years I continued living on the streets and getting my food from dumpsters. I stayed high on drugs & alcohol and would just pass out, in the gutter somewhere, at the close of every day.  BUT everyday, from the time you spoke those words to me, I could not shake it. Usually just before I passed out I would here your voice, as you said it that day—“YOU SIR !!!, GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO PREACH HIS GOSPEL !!! “

One day I could stand it no longer. In my pitiful, filthy dirty, drunken condition I called on JESUS ! And brother, here I stand A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST JESUS !!!  Brother Carl, I just wanted to come find you and let you see the new me; and to thank you for obeying God that day when you pointed me out of that crowd and told me of God’s call upon my life. Brother Carl, see this sharp suit I am wearing?  JESUS cleaned me up in every way brother !!!  NOT ONLY do I have a wonderful  full time Job, BUT I AM THE ASSISTANT PASTOR OF THE WONDERFUL CHURCH THAT I AM IN!  I know that JESUS did it all, BUT I came to tell you thanks brother Carl, for letting Him use you that day”




              TO BE USED OF GOD, IS MY DESIRE ! “

I am just a NOBODY, telling EVERYBODY, about SOMEBODY, that can save ANYBODY.

Carl Giordano 

Dallas, Tx.


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