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The Life, History, and Morals of Mohammed

That which is known about Mohammed is found in collections of the so-called Hadiths, or “traditions.” Since most Muslims have not read the Quran, and fewer still the Hadiths, most Muslims really are totally blind regarding the historic reality of Mohammed. They are taught religious chants as early as they may be able to talk, and
quite blindly follow them.

The sources of Mohammed’s biography are numerous and ALL LONG AFTER the fact of his life. The Hadiths are untrustworthy, filled with obvious fictitious details, legends, and stories. None of his biographies were compiled during his lifetime. The earliest was written a century and a half after his death. To say that the factual or historical value of the Hadiths is doubtful is a great understatement. The Hadiths in fact, represent a gradual, and more or less artificial, legendary development, rather than supplementary historical information.  Mohammed was particularly ruthless in his dealings with the Jews and Christians. His rage would be upon almost anyone not submitting to his religion. Mohammed approved of assassination, when it furthered his cause, no matter how barbaric or treacherous. Mohammed’s code of ethics could be simply stated that his end justified any means. The Hadiths seem quite proud of Mohammed’s approval and instigation of wicked crimes of treachery, violence, murder, assassination, and other abominable moral high crimes.

Martin Luther viewed Mohammed as “a devil and first-born child of Satan.” Many other Protestants and Catholics during the reformation characterized Mohammed as a “wicked impostor”, and a “dastardly liar”, and a willful deceiver. Many Roman Catholic sources say Mohammed was at first sincere, but later, carried away by success.

It is undeniable that Mohammed practiced deception wherever it would gain his end. Many accounts attribute Mohammed’s alleged revelations to epileptic fits, convulsions, comatose states, and demonic or temporary insanity. Mohammed was FAR short of the moral standards of the Old and New Testaments. It should always be pointed out to the Muslim that Mohammed explicitly acknowledged both the Old and New Testaments as Divine revelation. Mohammed, according to the bragging about his dastardly deeds found in the Hadiths, would come far short of even the pagan morality of his Arabian fellow citizens.

Mohammed’s new law, of which he pretended to be the divinely appointed medium and custodian, is barbaric, cruel, capricious, and often illogical. There are many teachings in the Quran that Muslims are required to fight for their God. What sort of God can not fight his own battles? Where the Commandment of God states Thou Shalt NOT
KILL, Mohammed COMMANDS the killing of those who will not convert to his demonic religion or whoever would choose to be free of such a demonic and barbaric religion.

With Mohammed’s ELEVEN WIVES, many concubines, even disinheriting his adopted son to fornicate with that man’s wife, he is seen to grossly violate the substandard sexual morality even of his own system. Mohammed fell very far short of the most elementary requirements of Scriptural morality. The evidence comes all from the lips and the pens of his own devoted supporters. The verdict of history, truth, and logic is profoundly against Mohammed’s god, against his book, against his religion, and against the value his followers place on truth, history, or logic.

The caliphs, the successors of Mohammed, in less than a century, conquered Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, North Africa, and the South of Spain. The Moslems even crossed the Pyrenees, threatening to stable their horses in St. Peter’s at Rome. However, Charles Martel, at Tours, defeated them in 732, just one hundred years from the death of Mohammed. This defeat stopped their western conquests and saved Europe. In the eighth and ninth centuries they conquered Persia, Afghanistan, and a large part of India. In the twelfth century they had already become the absolute masters of all Western Asia, Spain and North Africa, Sicily, and all of the Middle
East. The Mongols and Turks finally conquered them, in the thirteenth century, but the new conquerors adopted Mohammed’s religion. In 1453 they overthrew the tottering Byzantine Empire.  From the stronghold of Constantinople Turkey, they even threatened the German Empire, but were defeated at the gates of Vienna, and driven back across the Danube, in 1683.

The morals and ethics of Islam are OBVIOUSLY VERY INFERIOR to Biblical standards of morality. History clearly illustrates that the past and present religious, social, and moral condition of all the Christian nations, is VASTLY SUPERIOR to the various Muslim countries, in all ages. Of course there are good shows of morals or ethics, which one would approve in Islam. However, there is NOT ONE admirable moral or ethical standard in Islam that is original. There is NOT one moral or ethical standard in Islam that is superior to Biblical standards of morality. Anything that would be considered truly good in Islamic ethics is either commonplace or borrowed from some other religion. What is ORIGINAL and characteristic of Islam is nearly always inadequate and often blatantly wicked and downright EVIL.

The BIG SINS forbidden by Mohammed are idolatry, apostasy, adultery, false witness against a brother Moslem, gambling, drinking alcohol, usury, and divination by arrows. What is amazing is how blatantly Mohammed himself VIOLATED the Commandments in regard to Adultery, Murder, False Witness, and Stealing. AND YES even Idolatry and Apostasy. Hating non-Muslims and violation of any moral standard of decency toward non-Muslims is almost considered a virtue in Islam, especially in relation to real Christians and Jews. Brotherly love in Islam is confined to Muslims, and hatred, vengeance, and murder of Non-Muslims is, in fact, the religion of Islam.

Other Islamic prohibitions, obviously borrowed from the Bible are the eating of blood, eating swine’s flesh, eating whatever dies of itself, or eating whatever is slain in honor of any idol, or is strangled, or killed by another beast. In case of dire necessity, however, these restrictions may be dispensed with. Infanticide, which was extensively practiced by the pre-Islamic Arabs, is strictly forbidden by Mohammed, as is also the sacrificing of children to idols in fulfillment of vows.

Religion and the State are to be one and the same in Islam. Islamic law, civil and criminal, is mainly based on the Koran and on the “Traditions”. Thousands of judicial decisions are attributed to Mohammed and incorporated in the various collections of Hadith.  Mohammed commanded reverence and obedience to parents, and kindness
to wives and slaves. Slander and backbiting are strongly denounced, although false evidence is allowed to hide a Moslem’s crime, and to save his reputation or life.

Regarding marriage, polygamy, and divorce, all are explicitly approved, allowed, and practiced. (See Sura 4 titled Women) Islam allows four lawful wives at a time, whom the husband may divorce whenever he pleases. Slave-mistresses and concubines are permitted in any number. Seclusion of wives is commanded. In case of unfaithfulness, the wife’s evidence, either in her own defense or against her husband, is not admitted. The evidence of two women, if admitted, is sometimes allowed to be worth that of one man. The man is allowed to renounce his wife on the slightest pretext. However, the woman is not permitted to separate herself from her husband unless it be for lack of proper maintenance, or neglect of conjugal duty. Even then she generally loses her dowry, which she does not lose if divorced by her husband, unless she has been guilty of
immodesty or notorious disobedience.

Both husband and wife are explicitly forbidden by Mohammed to seek
divorce on any slight occasion or the prompting of a whim, but this
warning was not heeded either by Mohammed himself or by his
followers. A divorced wife, in order to ascertain the paternity of a
possible offspring, must wait three months before she marries again.
A widow, on the other hand, must wait four months and ten days.
Immorality in general is severely condemned and punished by the
Koran, but the moral laxity and depraved sensualism of the Muslims
at large have practically nullified its effects.

Slavery is not only tolerated in the Koran, but is looked upon as a
practical necessity. At the same time the Koran regards setting
slaves free as a praiseworthy deed. In Muslim countries the children
of slaves and of concubines are generally considered equally
legitimate with those of legal wives. Children of Muslim slaves and
concubines are not accounted bastards except the ones which are born
of public prostitutes, and whose fathers are unknown.

The accusation often brought against the Koran that it teaches that
women have no souls is without foundation. The Islamic law
concerning inheritance insists that women and orphans be treated
with justice and kindness. Generally speaking, however, males are
entitled to twice as much as females. Contracts are to be
conscientiously drawn up in the presence of witnesses. Murder,
manslaughter, and suicide are explicitly forbidden, although blood
revenge is allowed. In case of personal injury, the law of
retaliation is approved.

The Islamic year has a mean duration of 354 days, and is ten or
eleven days shorter than the solar year. This is why the Islamic
festivals, move in succession through all the seasons. The Muslim
Calendar and Era begins with the Hegira, which is assumed to have
taken place on the 16th day of July, A.D. 622. The first, seventh,
eleventh and twelfth months of the Islamic year are sacred. During
these months it is not lawful to wage war. This is something few
Defense Departments, other than Israel, consider as they should.

The twelfth month is consecrated to the annual pilgrimage to Mecca,
and, in order to protect pilgrims, the preceding (eleventh) month
and the following (first of the new year) are also months not to
expect the Muslim attacks. The seventh month is reserved for the
fast, which Mohammed substituted for a month (the ninth) devoted by
the Arabs in pre-Islamic times to excessive eating and drinking.
Mohammed picked Friday as the sacred day of the week, to have a holy
day different from that of the Jews or Christians. Friday is the
Muslim day of solemn gatherings, although rest from work is not
commanded on Friday. However, a good show of public prayers and
worship must be performed on that day.

Muslim countries have a political system of tyranny at home and
aggression abroad. Mohammed commanded absolute submission to the
Imam, and we should expect the Muslims to be among the First
Populations to be 666 bio-chipped in their right hands or foreheads.
In no case will any resistance to the directive of the Imam or
Muslim Mosque leader be tolerated. The rights of non-Moslem citizens
of Muslim countries are unclear, whimsical, and very limited. A
religious holy war is a sacred duty whenever there is a chance of
success against the “Infidel”. Medieval and modern Islam,
historically in Turkey, and more recently in Saudi Arabia, are
perhaps the best illustration that the RELIGION OF ISLAM IS a
religion of persecuting of BOTH Jews and Christians. Indeed, the
persecution and killing of people of the book, real Christians and
Jews, IS THE RELIGION of Islam. These poor Muslim people do not need
acceptance and tolerance of their demonic religion of Islam, any
more than they need to be bombed to hell. They NEED the Good News of
the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Shame on the Antichrist Popes, Presidents, and Princes that say the
god of the Muslims is the same as the God of the Christians and

The above facts correspond with current information from the Roman
Catholic Encyclopedia. This makes the VERY RECENT REVERSAL and the
infamous catechism paragraph #841all the more ominous. The Pope’s
proclamations that the god of the Roman Catholics is the same as the
god of the Muslims should cause discerning Roman Catholics to leave
that religion of black witchcraft, which has obviously enthroned
Lucifer as its god. Then and only then would the Pope’s
proclamations make sense.

The explicit accuracy of the astonishing predictions of Dr. Alberto
Rivera, give credibility to his report of secret Vatican briefings
of Cardinal Bea, that the original intent of Mohammed’s religion was
to kill people of the book, the not authentically human, Jews AND
real Christians for Rome. It certainly does appear that original
Vatican Roma intended purpose of Mohammed’s religion may be coming
to pass AGAIN right before our eyes in these last days of strong
delusion. After spending almost the past five years in the Middle
East trying to get the gospel to these poor demonically bound
Muslims, it is my humble opinion, that few things are more
antichrist than to respect or tolerate Lucifer’s moon god religion
of Islam. If you have not yet seen these recent pictures of Islam in
Plain Sight, you are encouraged to click this up and see the
pictorial truth of Islam at:

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