Testimony of Mehrunisa

Mehrunisa committed her life to Jesus the first time she came to the Church meeting (shortly after Ramadan). She came to the meeting hoping for healing for her daughter. Mehrunisa knew the last resort to save her daughter was Jesus Christ.

Mehrunisa asked for prayer at the meeting. One of her daughters was having suicidal thoughts and could not sleep well. Mehrunisa was very troubled about the state of her daughter. However, after the Christians prayed for her, she received Jesus and went home in peace and with great joy.

That night Mehrunisa noticed something different. Their usually dark hut seemed to glow with some brightness unknown to her. That night both she and her daughter slept in peace for the first time in a long time.

Mehrunisa rejoiced in her new found faith in Jesus and his awesome love for her and her family. She began to hear the voice of God and see many wonderful changes in her family. The neighbours were suspicious and jealous.

One day the landlord suddenly appeared and told them to leave! Mehrunisa was dumbstruck. For 20 years they had lived in this home – now she was about to be thrown out. She cried out in the name of her new Lord and Savior, “Father, I am a widow with no help – You alone are my help.” The next day the landlord changed his mind – Mehrunisa and her family remain in their old house as always.

Mehrunisa learned to trust on the Lord for all her needs. She learned that God alone would protect her and her family. She is witnessing so many blessings since she gave her life to Christ. One day, Mehrunisa’s son fell from a two-story building while at work. He alone was virtually unhurt although his three co-workers who fell with him were badly injured. Another day her young daughter had a high fever. Mehrunisa prayed and the fever left her daughter the next day. Mehrunisa also learned to give thanks to God in Jesus name. Often the food she cooks seems to be more than sufficient for her family, although before she found Jesus, food was often scarce.

Mehrunisa continues with great fervor to attend the Christian meetings and to learn more about her Jesus, her Christ. She is also a testimony to those around her of God’s love and power in her life.

Aren’t you glad you someone prayed for you?

The above was written as a testimony from Mehrunisa’s church in a Muslim country.

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