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The Teachings and Commands of Jesus

By Bernie Koerselman

This Bible study is the only one actually commanded in Scripture. Naturally I’m not speaking of this specific study, but of the subject matter of the Bible study.

The purpose of this study must always be kept in mind. Jesus commanded us to teach his disciples to obey all that he commanded them (Matthew 28:20). This became a salvation issue when Jesus warned, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21). Because Jesus said and did only what his Father told him to do, we know that everything Jesus said and did — all his commands and teachings — are the will of God. Thus it is of eternal importance to study Jesus’ teachings and commands, to see how they can be applied in our lives, and then make every effort to be obedient to them.

The study is divided into three units. Each is about 13 weeks in length, each week divided into 5 days. It is expected that every student will study each week’s material in advance. It is hoped that the student will complete just one day’s study each day so it can best be remembered and applied.

A successful way to take the course has been to have a group meeting once a week at which time the group will review what they have studied during the week. It is a time to ask any questions and to learn how obedience to Jesus’ commands can best be accomplished in everyday life.

The students are urged to download and print the study as they use it. Just click on the Unit Number, then go to the page where you want to start copying and copy as much as you wish.

Unit #1
Unit #2
Unit #3

Most students put the Bible study materials in a notebook. A preferable notebook has a plastic cover. A page can be inserted under the plastic cover front and back which can identify the study and the participant.

Find the cover pages at: Covers — Front and Back

May this study be a great blessing and help you conform to the likeness of our LORD JESUS.

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