Silent Night

It Was Christmas Eve, and the snow fell gently down.

Settled in his chair, he looked up with a frown.

His wife and children went off to church with a wave good-bye,

And the silence echoed his lonely sigh.

He couldn't understand the faith of his wife,

God had no place in his busy life.

He felt sort of grumpy like old Scrooge,

But he vowed he'd never be a religious stooge.

Just then he heard an odd sound.

Outside there was a scratching on the ground.

He opened the door and looked around,

The light held four little birds spellbound.

“Those little birds will die,” he thought,

“If only they could be caught.”

He quietly stepped toward the shivering group,

But they hopped beyond his reach, before he could stoop.

They quivered and surveyed him in a fright,

He was a monster in their sight.

If only I could speak their language,

There would be no anguish.

I'd twitter the good news,

A haven was near that they could use.

No need to die in the cold,

When they could enter this warm fold.

“If I could only turn into a bird tonight,” he mused,

“I'd be their friend and bearer of such good news.”

Just then the church bells rang,

Startled, his heart was struck with a pang.

In an instant he understood,

Why the Christmas message was so good.

The plight of the birds had struck him,

The plight of man stuck in sin,

Moved God, his soul to win.

But so awesome, and great, and holy is He,

That man would have fled, not stayed to see.

So putting on humanity like a glove,

In Jesus, He came to tell of His love,

And remove all fear of the Father above.

He wanted to save the birds from the cold,

Jesus said death had no hold!

He offered the free gift of eternal life,

Gave us His peace, no more strife.

In the midst of the snow, and the cold, and the night,

He smiled at the stars in utter delight.

His heart was a manger with this insight,

Acknowledging Jesus in this new light.

“Silent Night” was all he could sing,

In thankful adoration to the newborn king.


Marion Moe

Christmas 1990


This was written about a story I heard as a new believer.  I put it into verse to capture the essence of the picture it painted of why God came as a man.


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