Sharia Law

What do you know about Sharia Law? The new Arafat terror state, to which the antichrist Road Map leads, will have Sharia Law. Places like Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iran have Sharia Islamic Law today. In these states Christians are persecuted by law religiously for having Christian fellowship or prayer of bibles in their homes. How could any Christian be in favor of a Road Map leading to an Arafat Terror state under Sharia Law? IGNORANCE?  Ignorance gone to seed? Or an antichrist agenda to destroy the state of Israel?

The Palestinian Authority has adopted an official constitution based on Sharia Islamic Law, rendering all people living in the PA subject to Islamic Law. Hundreds of Christians living in areas ruled by the PA have been arrested and imprisoned for holding church services or conducting public Christian practices without authorization. Some of these Christians were SET FREE in 2002 when the IDF took over control of what had been PA-controlled cities. The truth is that no one can openly practice Christianity in Bethlehem under the watchful eyes of the PLO’s Islamic police force. The only place in the West Bank where the PLO army currently operates is in the Bethlehem area. The US-funded Palestinian public school system has become Islamicized.  Christians have literally been tortured to death by nice Islamic schoolmates. Life in Arafat land for Christians is MUCH, MUCH, worse than in Israel.

The Arafat State, with US AID, has formed a constitution that envisions creation of the Islamic totalitarian state of Palestine, completely devoid of religious freedom and human rights. It is sad that the United States refuses to acknowledge these FACTS. Many people have written to US government officials about the persecution of Christians in the PA, but few ever get a reply. The few replies are generally form letters not even related to the issue. Yet, it is fact that US AID financed the formulation of the PA State Constitution that restricts Christians’ rights.

PA Constitution, can be seen at:

The PA Constitution begins by stating that the territory of the “State of Palestine” is an “indivisible unit based upon its borders on the even of June 4, 1967” – which include, of course, all of Jerusalem and many of its Jewish suburbs. It also states, “All residents of this territory shall be subject to Palestinian law exclusively.” Article 3, states, “Palestine is a peace loving state that condemns terror, occupation and aggression..” The PA Constitution’s Article 5, states: “Arabic and Islam are the official Palestinian language and religion. Christianity and all other monotheistic religions shall be equally revered and respected.” It is important to understand what this means under Sharia Islamic Law. Under Sharia Law that means, other religions, such as Christianity, let alone Judaism, will be openly, legally, and constitutionally PERSECUTED. Any religion other than Islam will be denied any juridical status under the new Palestinian State Constitution.” Similarly, Article 7 states, “The principles of Islamic Sharia are a major source for legislation.”

Regarding the PA, another FACT the mainstream media have NOT reported, is that less than 5% of the population of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, is Christian. Not long ago, a majority of the city was Christian. The exodus of over 90% of the Christians from the city during its ten years under PA control has been dramatic.

Islamic Sharia and religious law is an extremely efficient tool of religious, and racial oppression. It is also a very effective tool for class oppression, gender subordination, and intimidation of dissenting intellectuals. Oppression is what Sharia law is all about.  Sharia Law completely obliterates, annihilates, and extinguishes the humanity of those who are subjected to its terror. So what other form of law would one expect in the Arafat terror state, to which the Road Map leads?

Islamic Sharia law is strongly supported by the affluent few. It persecutes the poorest and most vulnerable among those living under the tyranny and terror of Sharia Law. In most countries with Sharia Law the Jews and Christians have been killed or left long ago. The poor are the ones to be flogged, amputated, crucified now days. The vast majority of the people who live under Sharia Law are people deemed “dispensable,” and to whom human rights do NOT exist. The vast majority of people living under the terror and tyranny of Sharia Law have no basic human rights. The people are subjected to the Sharia atrocities. The masses under Sharia Law have NO CHOICE or chance to a secular trial, where they could be imprisoned, instead of having hands of feet amputated. The vast majority will be quickly flogged, amputated, or executed.

The existence of Sharia Islamic law, by its very nature, means the negation of any other mode of dispensing justice to all be the very affluent few. When faced with amputation; no human being, no matter how devout, will ever choose amputation over imprisonment! We should be aware of the REALITY that amputation is the punishment of petty thieves. In societies under Sharia Islamic law, the REALITY is that big time thieves, are rewarded. Who would not choose the prison term rather than the permanent damage caused by amputation? The very affluent elite may get a choice, but NO Christian, or any of the masses under the terror and tyranny of Sharia Islamic law, will get the choice. It is AMPUTATION of Hand, Foot, or Head.

Under Sharia law it is absolutely impossible for women to hope for secular family law existing side by side with Islamic religious law. It is folly to think that under Sharia law that a woman can hope for a divorce or a custody case to be reviewed before a secular court. The essence of Islamic Sharia is to give men the right to control women and deprive them from the freedom to choose as can be seen from the obsession of fundamentalists with women’s dress and behavior. Under Sharia law women’s private lives is what the religious laws are uncompromisingly eager to control. Subjecting women to Islamic Sharia laws by so-called personal status law, or family law, allows men to completely dominate them. We should also remember that Sharia-based family law, approves and sanctions slavery. Any Sharia law state where men slaves were able to get access to civil courts, to be set free, still keeps it impossible for women slaves. Sharia law essentially makes it impossible for a female slave to obtain freedom without the consent of her owner.

A great example of Muslim characteristic hypocrisy may be seen in the Islamic states which allowed the so called binary legal system. In these states Islamic Sharia law would coexist side by side with secular law. The Islamic Sharia law promoters are notorious for fanatically assassinating their foes, and abusing women. Sharia law promoters muzzle, intimidate, and assassinate journalists and intellectuals. The Sharia law promoters establish death Fatwas. That is how Sharia law promoters deal with any form of literary criticism. I will likely get several death Fatwas for exposing the truth in this little article. But my God is bigger than their god.

To think the two law systems can possibly coexist within the same neighborhood with people they consider ungodly infidels, who should be brought back to Islam with the sword, in accordance with the holy scripture, illustrates typical Muslim hypocrisy and absurdity. It is mind-boggling, and absurd, to expect the forces of religious darkness, whose program is the very antithesis of democracy, or tolerance, and basic human dignity, such as Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, to live peacefully and tolerantly with those whom they consider the friends and partners of Satan! All Islamic states during the last fourteen centuries testify to this reality and fact.

Real and recent Muslim history is replete with assassinations, murders of millions. Attacking political rivals with guns and knives, in Muslim universities, is common. Muslim reality is replete with violent attacks against cultural exhibits and book burning is so common as to not be counted. Muslim reality is replete with murderous dictatorships. Flogging women may shock Christians but to the Muslim it is standard operating procedure. Torture may be outrageous to the Christian but it is standard operating procedure to the Muslim. The Muslim religion is the religion of Jihad, the holy war, because the god of Islam is the moon god, the war god of Lucifer. Tell me if you ever find a Muslim mosque without a crescent moon symbol of the moon god of war. Ever hear of a Christian suicide bomber? All of the suicide bombers you hear about are Muslims. This horror is the satanic demonic religion of Islam. This horror is standard operating procedure in Sharia Islamic law states.

Is it any wonder why the Road Map leading to the proposed new Arafat Terrorist state will have Sharia Islamic Law? Does anybody else see what is wrong with this Road Map picture? We are supposed to be at war with Terrorists. Who could be so ignorant not to recognize Arafat as a Terrorist, and father of air line hijacking? Only the Nobel peace prize committee? Who could be so ignorant not to see an Arafat Terror State as a reward, or appeasement, or compromise with Terror? Who does not see the Road Map as a compromise with terrorists, rather than a war on terrorism? War with Terror should mean resisting them, and exposing their cruel essence.

Reality in countries under Sharia Islamic law will see poor men and women being caught and accused of drinking and contemplating fornication or adultery, by terror police officers, who are the most insatiable drunkards and adulterers on earth by any standard. Reality in Sharia Islamic law states sees poor men sentenced to flogging in the morning by judges who are suffering from hangover after drinking too much the night before. Reality in Sharia Islamic law states sees the state bureaucracy controlled by kleptomaniacs who own houses, cars, farms and bank accounts with net worth that exceeds one’s income of five hundred years. Reality sees these Sharia law officials sentence hungry, poor, malnourished men to amputation for stealing what would barely ensure survival until the next meal. This hypocritical farce of Islamic Sharia is the reality.

The Gulf Kingdoms are among the most rigorously Islamic states. The truth regarding these Sharia Islamic kingdoms is that the rich and powerful men who control these states, import the finest whisky, and help themselves to the classiest prostitution networks in the world. Yet, if women ask to be allowed to drive, Islamic Sharia law quickly, and in characteristic hypocritical Muslim fashion, charges them with immoral Westernization. This is a serious charge under Sharia law. Is there any defense, NO, not for women under Sharia Law.

The Mullahs in Afghanistan viewed drug-trafficking not only as Islamic, but as a form of Jihad against the enemies of Islam in the West. In typical Muslim hypocritical form, they deemed women’s education, women’s employment, and women’s independence highly un-Islamic. It will never dawn upon the hypocritical Muslim mind of the Mullahs, to think that the enemies of Islam may be fought best by educating, emancipating, and empowering women. This is not just an accident. The moon god of Islam is a control freak. Controlling women’s bodies and minds takes precedence over everything else in the Mullahs’ scale of priorities.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see that Sharia Islamic law is for CONTROL, and NOT freedom, or justice. The True God Sets Free from bondage. Lucifer, and every false god, is a control freak. This should not only indicated that the god of Islam CAN NOT be the True God or the God of the Christians and Jews. This is a very strong proof that the god of Islam, in fact, is Lucifer’s moon god of war. Sharia Islamic law is for controlling men, and especially for controlling and dehumanizing women. The system ensures wealth, corruption, power and control for a few, and tyranny, fear, bondage, ignorance, and poverty for the masses. It is gross hypocrisy to suppose that it is to implement the word of Allah, unless you FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT ALLAH IS LUCIFER, SATAN, THE MOON GOD, BETTER KNOWN AS THE DEVIL. Why is it, that no matter how uneducated and ignorant that the poor Muslim may be, that he is NOT as ignorant as the Pope or President who would say Allah is the SAME as the God of the Christians? Does anybody else see what is wrong with this picture?

It would not be Islamic, to allow women to ride alone with chauffeurs, who are either unmarried or are not with their wives. It is not Islamic to allow women to drive by themselves. It is not Islamic for women to be independent. It should be abundantly clear that religious laws are about the domination and control and dehumanizing of the poor, the uneducated, and women in particular. Sharia law is about the solidification of crude forms of control. If the demands of the elite control freaks clash with the word of Allah, the Islamic Mullahs will not hesitate to throw out the word of Allah. Religious hypocritical control and bondage of the masses, and women in particular, BY the elite satanic control freaks, is the modus-operandi of Sharia law.

Racism is central to Islam, and the hypocritical mockery of justice, that is Sharia law. Who are the ones who get flogged, amputated, or crucified. First place in that line is for the Jews. Second place in that line is commandment observant Christians. In places where all the Christians and Jews have been killed, or driven out like Sudan, you will find the blackest among the Sudan people are the ones who are flogged, amputated, crucified or beheaded. You will find a CONSTANT in countries with Sharia law, where the Jews and Christians have already been killed or driven out. That constant is that the poorest are those you find flogged, amputated, and crucified.

The truth about Islamic Sharia law should not be confined to such things as a certain people, in a certain neighborhood, find a liquor store in their midst an offense to their religious sensibilities! We need to consider why the most fervent advocates of Islamic Sharia are university graduates. These educated folk have no qualms about buying food from supermarkets that sell beer in the U.S. or Europe. How come these Doctors and University Professors did not choose to immigrate to Afghanistan, or Iran, or Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, in order to avoid such offences against their religious sensibilities?

We should understand such arguments and complaints about offences against their religious sensibilities are diversion tactics. Such obsession with petty grievances are designed to shift the discussion away from where it should be firmly placed. We should NOT ALLOW the discussion to be moved from the FACT that under Islamic Sharia law that the most vulnerable of the people, usually women, and racial minorities, and the poor, are the greatest sufferers under any Islamic laws. Such RESPECT of PERSONS is an ABOMINATION to Christians and Jews, and the True God. Any Muslim, no matter how poor, uneducated, and ignorant will NEVER say the god of Islam is the  SAME as the God of the Christians and Jews. How come Popes and Presidents can express ignorance of such a fundamental issue about which NO Muslim is so ignorant? Sad. Sad.

Religious laws cannot exist without this respect of persons, racism, and persecution of the poor. This is because anyone with enough power to exempt himself from these laws or remove himself from their reach will do so. The best poetry that praised wine came from Caliphs’, the so-called Commanders of the Faithful, form their palaces, while the men in the streets were flogged every day for drinking wine. None of the Caliphs, their drinking buddies, or the elite class has ever been flogged. Where an elite was flogged, it was usually to settle a political, or a personal account, rather than punish his religious transgression.

It should not be any surprise what people like Mullahs do when they get in trouble and loose power and control. As long as they were the ones in control and power, they always preached to Muslims, that they should adhere ONLY to the words of the Quran and Sunna. Yet as we recently saw in Afghanistan, these same Mullahs are so quick to change when they get in trouble. The Mullahs know that if they get in trouble, they can pretend to be in favor of having secular laws, if Islamic laws are allowed to exist. The Mullahs know what the average Muslim does not know. The Mullahs know that the two systems are mutually exclusive. The Mullahs of Afghanistan did not hesitate, to be in favor of two law systems when the US Forces were victorious over the Mullahs in Afghanistan. The Mullahs know very well that the mere existence of apostasy law in Islamic Sharia areas will block any secular laws. The fact is that when the Mullahs are in trouble, THEN the Mullahs are the ones who want a two system form of secular and Islamic law. This FACT should not be allowed to go without being reported. Whenever the fundamentalist Mullahs get in trouble, it will be those same fundamentalists, who will quickly be advising Muslims they should have both a secular and Sharia laws.

If a woman were to go with her hair uncovered in any place where Islamic Sharia exists, she will be punished. If she pleads for the secular law, she will be informed that she has rejected Quran and prophet Muhammad’s traditions, known as Sunna. If she insists on asking to be tried in a secular court, then she is an apostate, infidel, and needs to be put to death, end of discussion!!

That is the truth about Sharia Islamic law, that any Muslim knows is true; but is not likely to admit. The Quran and Sunna are full of verses and Hadiths that make this scenario not only quite plausible  but also the duty of any Muslim who has the fear of Allah in his heart.

Why then would the Mullah who truly believes in the Quran and Sunna as the only way for Muslims, and who cannot tolerate any criticism of the Islamic terror in Afghanistan and elsewhere, comes forward to defend the so called two law secular AND Sharia law system? It is precisely because he knows that such proposition shifts the discussion away from the CENTRAL TRUTH that he wants to hide. When we allow any Mullah to have such a view, where he would DARE to hold that Islamic Sharia and secular law are made to look politically and morally equivalent, we have just been taken by great HYPOCRISY, and religious hypocrite wins big time. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow a Muslim and CERTAINLY not a Mullah, or and Immam, or Ayatollah, to make such fools of good hearted, honest, people of integrity, by allowing the choice between the law system to become just a matter of personal preference. If you would allow that, then you are a prime candidate to buy the Brooklyn Bridge or Oceanfront property in Arizona. You are very gullible if you believe or allow that Islamic Sharia law advocates will truly respect other people’s freedoms under a binary or secular AND Islamic law system.

Today in Egypt, the advocates of Sharia, even though they are NOT in power, are terrorizing secular intellectuals, for no offence other than stating historical facts, and the truth that the pilgrimage and the existence of tens of Ka’abas (holy pilgrimage destinations in Arabia) predate Islam. When you live in the Middle East and see the atrocities and horror leashed by religious laws. Then almost anyone of integrity will stand AGAINST the LIE of moral superiority of Sharia Islamic law. The ONLY thing superior about it is its HYPOCRISY and INJUSTICE and OPPRESSION and TERROR.

Islamic Sharia law depends to a great extent on brute force in implementing Islamic Sharia law. Moral superiority has nothing to do with why the terrorists and other demoniac control freaks want Islamic Sharia cultural life. Some may argue that maintaining moral superiority is not even a Sharia Islamic law purpose. Sharia Islamic law depends on brute force, and injustice, and terror, but NOT only on that. This is because no authority can rest for long on the edge of the sword alone. Without effective ideological justification, and without convincing a substantial part of the population of its being virtuous, moral, and in harmony with the higher ideals of justice and decency, Sharia Islamic law would have a much shorter life expectancy than it has had in its ups and downs over the last 1300 years.

Powerful dictators have been toppled. I, for one, will not be intimidated by Muslim thugs. My God is bigger than the moon god, and my God can whip the moon god any old time. My God fights for me, as many moon god followers have seen. Fear and terror tactics do not work well on someone who KNOWS the True God. I will NOT tolerate the intellectual fraud of the Muslims who bring forth Quranic verses that are seemingly tolerant. I will not allow that LIE without telling people that these verses have been abrogated by ones that make it the DUTY of the Muslim to pursue, prosecute, and kill non-Muslims until they convert to Islam. The TRUTH is that it is the DUTY of every moon god follower, that means EVERY Muslim, is to either make the Christian convert to Islam, or accept the supremacy of Muslims and pay them the Jizya poll tax, that only non-Muslims pay. That is the DUTY of every Muslim, they KNOW that is the TRUTH, and they lie when they say otherwise. And that poll tax in not for voting privilege. That Jizya that the non-Muslims pay is for their mere physical existence on the face of the earth!!!

It is time that Christians, be they Pope, or President, admit the TRUTH, that ALL Muslims KNOW. There is NO way the god of the Muslims could be the same as the God of the Christians or Jews. The only way the god of the Muslim could be the same as the god of the Pope or President, is if the Pope or President’s god is LUCIFER. Lucifer, the moon god, the war god, is the god of the Muslims. Unless LUCIFER is REALLY your god, do NOT dare tell me that your god is the SAME as the god of the Muslims. If you value the TRUTH at all, you need to know that compromise and failure to explain the FACTS, and truth of the power involved in propagating religious laws, is exactly what those people want. To gloss over the REAL issue is a dream-come true for the Muslim hypocritical control freaks.

They want to rant and rave about the dominance and influence of the West. The Muslim hypocrites use the criticism that Western intellectuals have leveled against their own societies. At the same time, that sort of practice CAN NOT BE DONE WITHOUT GREAT PERIL TO LIFE AND LIMB IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES. No way can Muslims criticize the injustices which abound in their own Muslim societies.

Shalom & Simcha,

Jim Searcy

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