Russia: Mullah’s Supernatural Conversion — Becomes Church-Planter

Mischa (not his real name) grew up near the Ural mountains among the Tatars and Bashkiris in a completely Islamic culture, attended a Koran school and served as a Mullah for three years. During that time, he already had ‘uninterpretable dreams’. One of his friends left the Koran school because he had discovered Christianity, and Mischa also began secretly reading the Bible, but was shocked by rumours of human sacrifice in Christian services. Recently, Saggida, a church planter supported by the Swiss missions agency Kingdom Ministries, visited Mischa’s home town, known as a spiritist and occult centre, to plant a church. She experienced many difficulties, including the death of her daughter and son-in-law in a car accident. Mischa and many others said “It is Allah’s anger”. Mischa attended the funeral, determined to spread Islam during the coming anniversary celebrations in the young church. However, during the first sermon, he was overcome by some form of drunkenness and could say nothing. The drunkenness passed in time for the second sermon, but he began to shiver and shake and felt as though he was about to die. During the third sermon, he responded to the call to repent, despite being convinced that he was without sin. While praying, God revealed his sins to him. Mischa confessed his sins and called on Jesus. The strong back pains from which he had been suffering were immediately healed. As he later washed his hands, the tattooed words ‘Allah u akhbar’ were miraculously washed away. He then returned to his village, where he had a dream in which he was told “You are saved, and through you, your whole family and many of your people will be saved.” Following a dream in which her deceased mother and Mischa appeared to her, Mischa’s sister visited Mischa, who explained the Gospel to her. She was saved, as were other members of Mischa’s family and friends. Mischa is now being trained as a church planter. Source: Kingdom Ministries, Fax (+41) 33 437 0016

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