Religious Thought Police

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)  

Christianity is under assault. A Swedish pastor was sent to jail for preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality. A Canadian judge forced schools to teach homosexuality in kindergarten classes. Australian Christians were prosecuted for handing out Christian literature, even though there are no laws against doing it. The Supreme Court of Vermont forced the state to legally recognize same-sex unions. Two Australian pastors have been prosecuted for teaching what the Koran says about Islam. A Canadian judge forced a Catholic high school to allow a gay boy to bring a male escort to his high school prom. In America, a Methodist bishop said that Christian evangelism is arrogant and it can lead to hate crimes. Canadian mayors have been fined up to $10,000 for not celebrating Gay Pride Week in their cities. The European Union is considering laws which might make some parts of the Bible illegal.

Many Christians are not aware of the extent to which the Church is becoming hemmed in because they have only seen bits and pieces of the picture. The purpose of this paper is to suggest what the big picture is like. There may well be many more examples than those I have given. This paper is only a start. We Christians need to understand what is going on. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. (Hosea 4:6)

Will the religious beliefs and practices of Christians become subject to government regulation? Will governments of democratic nations make it difficult for Christians to live by Biblical standards and to protect their children from moral corruption? This paper will demonstrate that such things can happen in today’s world. However, if Christians are vigilant, then by the grace of God, we can prevent it or at least minimize it.

It has been said that, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” That includes freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. If we want to have them, then we need to protect them. All of us can pray. Some of us can also do other things.


This paper began with some information I read about current events. As I did research on the Internet, I discovered that the problems were more serious and more far-reaching than I had realized. My purpose is primarily to indicate the scope of the problem. To thoroughly study every aspect of it would require a book. I have summarized many reports that I have read. In each case, I have provided documentation. All of the Notes in this paper give links to online articles so that you can read them for yourself and check them out. The Notes include brief descriptions. They have the same section headings as the text. Therefore, you can identify the Notes by subject matter in addition to Note numbers.


The European Union is considering anti-racism legislation. According to a British legal expert, this legislation is worded in such a way that some portions of the Old Testament could be considered expressions of racism. That would make them illegal. [Note 1]

One Christian told me that it is worth giving up some passages of the Old Testament in order to prevent Muslim clerics from inciting Muslims to violence. There are two problems with this approach. In the first place, I doubt if it would succeed in effectively restraining them. In the second place, Benjamin Franklin addressed this kind of reasoning when he said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


The Belgian parliament has published a list of “cults”. It includes Amish, Quakers, Pentecostals, Assemblies of God, and 21 groups of Evangelical Christians. [Note 2]


In 1988, an Evangelical pastor in Sweden preached about Sodom and Gomorrah. He told his congregation that homosexuality is still wrong and God will judge people who practice it. The courts ruled that the pastor had violated Sweden’s anti-hate laws, and sentenced him to jail. In the name of tolerance, the Swedish courts refused to tolerate the truth of the Bible. [Note 3]

In June 2002, the Swedish Parliament approved a constitutional amendment which outlaws speech or materials which are unfavorable to homosexuality. In order to become effective, the amendment has to be passed a second time, by a new Parliament which was elected in September 2002. The Swedish government said that it hopes this will happen in 2003. [Note 4]

According to the constitutional amendment, it would be a crime to teach that homosexuality is a sin, or to say that Scripture verses prohibiting it apply today. People convicted under this law could serve two years in prison. Homosexual activists could come to church services with tape recorders to catch pastors and church members who criticize homosexuality. This would apply not only to preaching but also to private conversations. One Evangelical leader said that the amendment would result in having the Swedish government define what theology is permissible. Conservative pastors and Christian schools say that government officials often harass them. [Note 5]


Canada also has anti-hate laws which protect homosexuals. A Canadian man was convicted of hate crimes because he published an advertisement which gave the references of four Scripture verses which condemn homosexuality. The newspaper which published the ad was also convicted of hate crimes. The case was not tried in the regular court system. There is a special tribunal system, under the Human Rights Commission (HRC), for people charged with anti-hate crimes. This case was decided by a feminist lawyer, appointed by the HRC, who acted as judge and jury. [Note 6]

One of the expert witnesses in the trial was Rev. Brent Hawkes, the pastor of Toronto’s Metropolitan Community Church (a church which approves of “sexual diversity”). Hawkes said that God will punish Catholics and Orthodox Jews for saying that homosexuality is wrong. He also said that the way in which fundamentalist Christians interpret the Bible is “satanic”. [Note 7]

Canadian Christians have been convicted of hate crimes for following their conscience. A Christian printer was fined $5,000 for refusing to print literature for a homosexual organization. In addition to paying the fine, he also had $100,000 in legal expenses. He was forbidden to refuse such business in the future. The court ruled that the printer has a right to practice his religious beliefs in his home, but he is not allowed to practice them in public if they result in discriminating against homosexuals. This printer was not allowed to practice freedom of conscience. [Note 8]

Christian mayors have also been forbidden to practice freedom of conscience. Six mayors were convicted of the “crime” of refusing to proclaim Gay Pride Week in their cities. Mayors had to pay fines of up to $10,000. One mayor had to pay $70,000 in legal expenses. [Note 9]

Gay Pride Week ends with a Gay Pride Parade. The Toronto parade has had up to a million visitors. Some marchers wear conservative clothing. However, there are also men wearing G-strings, and bare-breasted women holding hands. Some men wear black leather and are bound with chains to portray sadomasochism. (I saw online photographs of these things.) Since 1997, there have been nude marchers. In 2002, seventy men marched naked. Seven of them were arrested. However, the charges were dropped because they were wearing shoes and were therefore not totally naked. The Gay Pride Parade is being forced on Canadian mayors and citizens by the Canadian government. [Note 10 gives links to a number of articles. Some of them have pictures. The articles are grouped into several categories so that readers can avoid pictures which they don’t want to see.]

Trinity Western University requires all students to sign a document stating that they will refrain from any kind of sex outside of marriage. This includes premarital sex, adultery, homosexual activity, and pornography. The university was denied accreditation on the ground that teachers who graduated from the university might be biased against homosexual students. After a long legal battle, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the university. [Note 11]

Chris Kempling is a Christian teacher and a student counselor. He was concerned because homosexuality was strongly promoted in his school and the students were not told about the health risks involved or the fact that homosexual relationships are often unstable. He never said anything about it at the school where he taught. However, he wrote some letters to the editor of a local newspaper. Because of this, he was formally reprimanded and suspended without pay for a month. In addition, Kempling has been blacklisted as a teacher. This disciplinary action was for things which Kempling did as a private citizen. [Note 12]

In 1999, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that same-sex couples are to receive the same spousal benefits which normal married couples receive. It also directed the Ontario government to pass legislation giving homosexuals all of the benefits of marriage except for the term “marriage”. That includes the right to adopt children. The Canadian federal government has removed every legal distinction between normal married couples and same-sex couples. [Note 13]

In Ontario, a homosexual student in a Catholic school wanted to bring his male partner to the high school prom. In other words, he wanted to go to the prom with a male escort and presumably dance with him. This is contrary to Catholic morality. The school prohibited it. However, an Ontario court forced the Durham Regional Catholic School Board to allow the young man to bring his male partner to the prom. [Note 14]

In British Columbia, a school board ruled that materials which promote homosexuality could not be used in kindergarten classes. A judge overturned the school board’s decision, forcing schools to teach homosexuality to children in kindergarten. The judge ruled that the school board’s decision was not valid because it was based on the religious beliefs of the parents and the school board. [Note 15]

Child pornography has been legalized. Canadian judges have struck down laws prohibiting the possession of child pornography. This has been done, not only in the lower courts, but also in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. [Note 16]

A homosexual activist has proposed adding “sexual orientation” to the definition of groups which are protected against “hate propaganda” by Canada’s Criminal Code. This would make it a more serious crime to criticize homosexuals or homosexuality. It is feared that if this amendment of the Criminal Code is passed, then it will be difficult for religious leaders to communicate what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. [Note 17]


Because I have mentioned homosexuality, I want to go on record about my personal attitude towards homosexuals. Jesus died for them. He loves them, and we should too. However, their lifestyle is unbiblical and it is destructive. I have personally known gays and lesbians whose lives were destroyed by their sinful practices. Homosexuals can change. I know a man who did. He became a committed Christian and now lives according to Biblical moral principles. I believe that the best way to show love for homosexuals is to resist their social and political agenda, to pray for their salvation, and to help them become set free from their spiritual and emotional bondage.


England also has anti-hate laws. On November 28, 2002, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that it was making the prosecution of “homophobic” crimes a priority. It defines “homophobic” as fear or dislike of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual people. The Crown Prosecution Service defines “homophobic” in terms of the perception of the victim, rather than in terms of the actions and motives of the person who commits the crime. In other words, it is subjective, rather than being something which can be objectively examined or proved. Making it a crime to show any disapproval of homosexuality results in forcing people to suppress traditional moral values and Biblical standards of sexuality. [Note 18]

Having hate crimes be defined on the basis of the subjective perception of a “victim” (as opposed to being based on something objective and verifiable) can easily result in false accusations. I’ll give an example from my own life. Some years ago, an acquaintance of mine angrily told me that I had insulted her by refusing to speak to her. But I had never refused to speak to her. I had not even seen her. Perhaps I had something on my mind and was not fully aware of my surroundings, or perhaps I was looking at something else. In any event, I had not been aware of her presence. She could have remedied that by saying something to me, which would have resulted in a conversation between us. However, she chose to make a false assumption and become offended. She spent weeks brooding over what she perceived to be an insult. I saw her some weeks later and went up to her to give her a friendly greeting. She replied by accusing me of having deliberately insulted her.


Australia is a multicultural society. Bible-believing Christians are becoming more and more marginalized within that society. [Note 19]

Some Australian Christians were prosecuted and convicted for handing out Christian literature in a park, even though there is no law which prohibits it. They felt that the judge was reluctant to pass sentence on them, but that he had been given instructions to do so by someone in authority over him. [Note 20]

Australia has state and federal laws against the “vilification” of people (saying bad things about them), or discrimination against them, based on race or religion or sexual orientation. In theory, the purpose of these laws is to protect various groups of people. However, as we will see, in practice these laws can be used to make it difficult for Bible-believing Christians to practice their faith.

In March 2002, two pastors in Melbourne, Australia, gave a seminar on Islam. One of the pastors (Daniel Scott) is so fluent in Arabic that he has translated the Koran from Arabic. He is an authority in Islamic studies. Three Islamic Australians attended the conference and took notes. The Islamic Council of Victoria charged the two pastors with violating the anti-vilification laws. Audio cassette recordings of the seminar proved that the notes of the Muslim attendees were distorted and inaccurate. What Pastor Daniel taught about Islam comes from the Koran and the Hadith, the holy books of Islam. It is well documented. However, under the anti-vilification laws, the fact that a statement is true is not a valid defense. The primary consideration is whether or not the people believe that they were vilified. [Note 21]

In 2001, the government of Victoria, Australia, proposed a “Racial and Religious Tolerance Act”. According to legal experts, the language of the bill could result in having Christians be charged with religious intolerance for evangelizing. A Christian group called Salt Shakers analyzed the bill, prepared reports, and opposed the bill. The government then released a proposal for an amended bill which would be less likely to cause problems for Christians who evangelize. The amended bill passed in June 2001. This demonstrates the need for Christians to be vigilant and to be actively involved in legislation which affects freedom of religion. [Note 22]

Continued vigilance is needed because laws can be amended. As discussed earlier in this paper, there is pressure in Canada to expand and strengthen existing anti-hate laws.

In 1988, the gay and lesbian community of Tasmania, Australia, formed an activist group to advocate reforms in Tasmania’s laws. The United Nations Committee on Human Rights intervened on behalf of Tasmania’s gay community. In 1997, Gay Law Reform legislation was passed by the Tasmanian Parliament. The gay and lesbian activists intend to campaign for additional legal reforms. [Note 23]

In November 2002, the government of Queensland, Australia, introduced a Gay Reform Bill to Parliament. If it is passed, this bill will outlaw discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transvestites. Adults who have had sex change operations will be allowed to change their birth certificates. (This is rewriting history to make their birth certificate match their new sexual identity.) Same-sex couples will have most of the legal benefits of normal married couples. Anti-discrimination laws will be made stronger. Lesbians will be allowed to be artificially inseminated by fertility doctors. Atheism will be classified as a religion which is protected by anti-discrimination and anti-vilification laws. [Note 24]

Sydney, Australia, has an annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras Parade which draws crowds of up to a million people. I am going to describe it because Christians need to be aware of the degree to which national cultures are being corrupted by homosexual activists. I have tried to say enough to make you aware of the situation, and at the same time avoid being too graphic. If you find this information offensive, then please skip the next three paragraphs. My description is based on photographs which I saw online, and on descriptions in articles. I saw everything except for the two offensive floats from the 2001 parade.

Pastor Fred Nile opposes the homosexual political agenda. The Mardi Gras Parade traditionally features a large float which is a paper maché depiction of Pastor Nile’s head carried on a platter. The parade has a wide variety of marchers. Some dress conservatively. However, there are also men wearing nothing but thongs. There are bare-breasted women. There are floats with dancers who do provocative dances. There are men wearing black leather who are bound with chains to portray sadomasochism. Some marchers flamboyantly mock Christianity. In 2001, two floats had men on them who portrayed homosexual acts. One of those floats was shaped like a huge male sex organ. [Note 25 gives links to a number of articles. Some of them have pictures. The articles are grouped into several categories so that readers can avoid pictures which they don’t want to see.]

If people want to mock Christianity in a visual way, how can they do it? One way is to mock Jesus Christ and His crucifixion. This has been done on the Internet, but not in public parades. Some homosexuals have produced “artwork” and “poetry” which are pornographic blasphemies of Jesus Christ. [Note 26]

Gay and lesbian activists are angry at the Catholic Church because it has been taking a stand against homosexuality and against abortion. Some marchers mocked Catholic clergymen by wearing costumes which looked like liturgical vestments. (They managed managing to show off most of their scantily clad bodies in spite of the vestments.) There were also men who mocked Anglican clergymen. (They had a sign saying “Anglicans” and they were obviously not real clergymen.) [See Note 25. It includes an article which has those pictures.]

Victoria, Australia, has a new Racial and Religious Tolerance Act which went into effect on January 1, 2002. Under this law, vilification cases are tried by a tribunal rather than by the regular court system. Under the court system, people are only prosecuted if there is clear, first-hand evidence of a crime. The person charged with the crime is presumed to be innocent unless the court finds him or her guilty. However, under the tribunal system, charges can be based on subjective feelings (as opposed to objective evidence) or hearsay evidence (as opposed to first-hand evidence). The offence of vilification is based on whether the person filing the complaint believes that he or she was vilified. People charged with vilification crimes are presumed to be guilty unless they can prove that they are innocent. [Note 27]

In South Australia (a territory of Australia), legislation has been proposed to prohibit religious discrimination and religious vilification. If enacted, this bill would establish a tribunal system to handle charges of vilification, rather than using the court system. Under this law, people who are non-Christians, or who are opposed to Christianity, could file charges if a Christian owner of a small business hired Christians instead of them. [Note 28].

The Anti-Discrimination Act of New South Wales, Australia, is being amended. If the proposed amendment is adopted, then Christians will have some problems. Churches and religious institutions could be prosecuted for failing to hire non-Christians (or even people who are hostile to Christianity) if the government does not consider religious beliefs to be an essential qualification for the job. For example, a church could insist that their pastor be Christian, but could not apply religious “discrimination” in hiring a secretary or bookkeeper. [Note 29]

There is ongoing hostility between Muslims and Christians in Australia. Churches and mosques have been attacked. Australia has immigration detention centers for immigrants who are seeking refugee status. Muslims in these centers have been persecuting and attacking Christians and other non-Muslims. [Note 30] How secure would a church be if it had a Muslim employee who could let people into the building when no Christians were around? What about having a Muslim bookkeeper who could mess up the books and get the church in trouble with the government?

The anti-vilification laws enable Muslims to file charges for perceived insults. A Muslim in any kind of staff position (even a janitor) could look for opportunities to charge the pastor, staff members, and church members, with vilification. He or she would be present when personal conversations occur. It would also be possible to fabricate charges. The people charged with vilification would have to pay legal expenses and spend many hours preparing a legal defense and going to court. If it is later proved that the charges were fabricated, the person who made them would not be punished or required to pay the legal fees of the falsely accused person. Under the anti-vilification laws, false charges can be made with impunity.

Wicca is the fastest growing religion in Australia. [Note 31]

Wicca is a religion based on witchcraft. It involves the worship of a pagan goddess. According to the Bible, the Wiccan goddess is really a demon. (1 Corinthians 10:20-21)

Under the proposed amendments, pastors could be required to hire witches as secretaries. If you wanted to call your church office to ask for prayer or pastoral counseling, would you want a witch to know about your problems? Would you want her to invoke her pagan goddess on your behalf?

The proposed amendments would forbid pastors to preach about passages in the Bible which some people would find insulting. This includes passages which speak against homosexuality. It also includes passages which some people consider to be racist or sexist. Presently the anti-vilification laws allow such things to be said in churches during “religious discussion and instruction”. Under the proposed amendments, this would no longer be legal. [Note 32]

Pastors in Victoria, Australia, have reported that some people are attending church services, not to participate, but rather to monitor what is said. There is no way to prevent this because church buildings are now classified as being public places. Christians no longer have the right of private assembly. Pastors have been prosecuted for preaching what they believe to be the truth, on their own property, to their own church members. An article by a Christian ministry in Australia asks, “Are we heading for a state of fear, under ‘thought police’?” [Note 33]

In 1999, Australia’s Community and Family Rights Council presented a report about attacks on Christianity to the Australian Parliament. The report says that “counter culture” humanists have been systematically working to remove laws which are based on Christian morality, and to have Christian moral values be rejected by the community. Homosexual activists have openly declared in writing that they intend to destroy all churches which condemn homosexuality. [Note 34]

The report describes attempts to blaspheme Christianity. There is gay “art” which portrays Jesus Christ in pornographic, blasphemous ways. Situation comedies on television mock Protestant and Catholic clergy. Australian homosexuals have established the “Church of Jesus Sex” which promotes sexual expression as a religious freedom. It has a “SexChapel” on the Internet with pornography. Gay activists are angry at the Pope because he has publicly spoken out against homosexuality. In June 1996, Pope John Paul II visited Australia. Hundreds of gay and lesbian activists screamed at him and threw paint bombs at his car. Some of them were wearing condom costumes. [See Note 34.]

According to the council’s report, Christian churches have been stormed by gay activists who disrupted services by chanting obscenities and throwing condoms. Gay activists are systematically attacking the foundations of Christian democracy in the courts and through legislation. Their goal is to give the secular government control over Christian churches. Homosexual activists are targeting the psychology profession in order to influence sex education and public health. They are undermining the concept of the traditional family by working to legitimatize same-sex “marriages”. Gay clergymen are working to get Christian churches to accept homosexuality. Because of the Human Rights Commission, humanist politicians are gaining increasing control over Christian churches. [See note 34.]


It can be discouraging to learn about the kinds of things I have been describing in this paper. I thought we could all use a break to get some Biblical refreshment.

I find it helpful to see how the early Christians responded to attempts to shut them down. Chapter 4 of the Book of Acts tells how Peter and John were flogged and put in jail for preaching the Gospel. Then they were released and ordered not to preach about Jesus Christ anymore. They went back to the other Christians and reported what had happened.

The Christians met together. The first thing they did was to declare to God (and thereby remind themselves) how great and powerful God is. They said,

“Lord, thou art God, which has made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all that in them is”. (Acts 4:24)

Then, they declared to God (and in the process, reminded themselves), that people have always opposed God, and raged against God’s purposes. They said,

“Who by the mouth of thy servant David hast said, Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things? The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ.” (Acts 4:25-26)

They were quoting from Psalm 2, which goes on to say,

“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure…. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.” (Psalm 2:4-5, 9)

Now they had the picture in perspective. Some people have always fiercely opposed God and His faithful servants. And God is more than able to deal with those rebellious people. Having been strengthened by this perspective, they prayed for boldness to faithfully preach the Gospel. They said,

“And now, Lord, behold their threatenings; and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word”. (Acts 4:29)

If we follow the example of these early Christians, it will give us strength and protect us from discouragement.


Long before Hitler came to power in Germany, he published “Mein Kampf,” a book in which he described what he intended to do. Most people failed to take it seriously because his plans seemed outrageous and impossible. However, Hitler succeeded in doing many of them. If people had taken his book seriously, many tragic things might have been prevented.

In February 1987, Michael Swift (a prominent American gay activist) published a homosexual equivalent of “Mein Kampf” in the “Gay Community News”. His statement was published in the U.S. “Congressional Record”. Like “Mein Kampf,” it proposes objectives which seem outrageous and impossible. That was 16 years ago. I have summarized some key points of Swift’s statement below. When you read them, ask yourself how many of these things have already happened in Canada, Australia, or the United States, and how many could happen in the future because of proposed new laws. (Swift’s entire statement is online.) [Note 35]

Swift boasted that homosexuals will accomplish the following things. [See Note 35.]

(1) They will seduce our sons in our schools, dormitories, seminaries, youth groups, and in the Army. [Gay teachers are allowed to promote homosexuality in American schools. Homosexuality is promoted on college campuses. The Boy Scouts are being pressured to allow homosexual leadership. The American military now welcomes gay men. According to the book “Goodbye, Good Men” by Michael Rose, some American seminaries have been taken over by homosexual activists. Rose wrote about Catholic seminaries, but according to the Feedback section of his website, some Protestant seminaries have the same problem. (]

(2) They will get our sons to do their bidding. [Homosexual teachers. Sex education classes which promote homosexuality. Sensitivity training. Homosexual indoctrination of incoming college students. (Gay/lesbian organizations do this with the approval of the colleges.)]

(3) Laws prohibiting homosexual activity will be repealed. [This has already happened.]

(4) There will be new laws which promote homosexuality. [Canadian courts forced schools to teach homosexuality to children in kindergarten.]

(5) Gay writers and artists will make homosexuality seem acceptable and attractive. [This includes movies, television, plays, books, magazines, comic books, artwork, dolls, games, toys, and video games.]

(6) People will be afraid to criticize homosexuals. [This is already happening in Sweden, Canada, and Australia.]

(7) The traditional family unit will be abolished. [Some places have laws recognizing same-sex marriages and allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.]

(8) Churches which condemn homosexuality will be closed. [Some churches have been assaulted but I don’t know of any which have been closed.]

(9) Homosexuals will rewrite history. [Exaggerated claims of hate crimes. Misleading news stories. Inaccurate history books. Movies which mix truth with fiction when presenting the lives of real people.]

(10) Gay activists will be victorious because they are united and they are fueled by “ferocious bitterness”.

Some of the bitterness which Swift mentioned is due to the fact that homosexuals wrongly perceive themselves as victims. Of the 127 million Americans who were working in 1996, only 0.000013 percent of them suffered discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Homosexuals are not disadvantaged in the workplace. On the contrary, they are five time as likely to earn over $100,000 per year. [Note 36]

In 1996 there were 37 million crimes committed in the United States. Of those, 8,759 were hate crimes, which is slightly more than two one-hundredths of one percent. Of the hate crimes which were reported in 1995, fifty seven percent were verbal. They involved things which were said, rather than criminal activity. In 1998, there were nearly 17,000 murders. Of these, 13 were designated as hate crimes, and only four of them involved sexual orientation. According to FBI crime reports, “Gay-on-gay” violence is fourteen times greater than violent hate crimes against homosexuals. In other words, for every homosexual man who is murdered by heterosexuals, there are fourteen gay men who are murdered by fellow homosexuals. [Note 37]

Michael Swift said that homosexuals are full of “ferocious bitterness”. According to the Bible, bitterness defiles people, and it spreads.

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord; looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled” (Hebrews 12:14-15)

How many people have been defiled by Australia’s Mardi Gras Parade and Canada’s Gay Pride Parade? How many children have been defiled by sex education classes? It is being taught in kindergarten, to children who should be playing with dolls and toy cars instead of learning about sex.

Some popular sex education books include graphic pictures of sexual acts, pictures which would have been condemned as pornography in the past. They promote homosexuality and teach children how to do it. Some of them also say that it is normal to have sex with animals, and that sadomasochism is alright. [Note 38]

Repeated exposure to sinful, destructive behavior can cause people to become insensitive to it and ultimately accept it. Alexander Pope described this in the following poem:

            “Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,

            As to be hated — needs but to be seen;

            Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

            We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”

There is another side to “ferocious bitterness”. The Mardi Gras Parade and the Gay Pride Parade feature men who enact sadomasochism. I saw a picture of a man (wearing black leather) who had a thick chain around his neck. He was being held by that chain, like a dog on a leash, by another man who was also wearing black leather. Another picture showed a man (in black leather) who had his hands chained and pulled up over his head. [Note 39]

There are are groups of activists who are working to promote the acceptance of sadomasochism. Some popular sex education books teach children that sadomasochism is alright. [Note 40]

Peter Singer is an American professor who is known for advocating animal rights, euthanasia, and infanticide. He also promotes the acceptance of bestiality (sex with animals). (Bestiality is also called zoophilia.) Singer wrote a favorable review of a book about bestiality (“Dearest Pet” by Midas Dekkers). The book discusses bestiality in sympathetic terms and it has erotic pictures of bestiality. Animal activists have protested, not because bestiality debases people, but because they consider it to be an abuse of the animals. [Note 41]

An American psychologist wrote a book about bestiality (“Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia” by Dr. Hani Miletski). The book says that people who practice it are misunderstood. It discusses at length whether or not the term “sexual orientation” should be applied to bestiality. (That would give zoophiles the same rights and protections as homosexuals.) [Note 42]

Some popular sex education books tell children that it is alright to have sex with animals. [Note 43]


The term “sexual orientation” is used in some anti-discrimination legislation. According to a political scientist, it is an indefinite term which could be interpreted to include sadomasochism and pedophilia (adults having sex with children). Some people are concerned that it could also be interpreted to include polygamy. [Note 44]

There are laws, regulations and policy statements which prohibit discrimination against “affectional preference”. The term “affectional preference” would appear to be even more capable of wide-open interpretation than “sexual orientation”. [Note 45]

The U.S. Supreme Court is presently (as of May 2003) considering a case to determine whether or not there is a constitutional right to practice homosexuality (“Lawrence v. Texas”). The states of Alabama, South Carolina, and Utah filed a brief relating to the case. The brief says that if “the choice of one’s partner” and “whether and how to connect sexually” are deemed to be constitutionally protected rights, then those terms must logically be extended to cover things such as prostitution, adultery, bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia. [Note 46]

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the term “pedophilia” only applies to an adult who has sex with a child who is 13 or younger. If the child is 14, then it is not pedophilia. The 1994 edition of the APA’s “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” only considered a person to be a pedophile if his or her sexual fantasies or sexual behavior caused “clinically significant distress” or impaired behavioral functioning. In other words, the sexual behavior in itself was not considered to be pedophilia. Dr. Laura Schlessinger sounded the alarm on her radio show, and there was protest from groups who support traditional family values. [Note 47]

In 2000, the APA again changed the definition of “pedophilia”. The new definition says that a person is a pedophile if he or she has acted on urges to be sexually involved with children, or if sexual fantasies or sexual behavior result in significant distress. So the APA has returned to including sexual behavior as an indicator that a person is a pedophile. But only if the child is 13 or younger. [Note 48]

On May 19, 2003 the American Psychiatric Association met to debate whether or not to stop classifying the following sexual behaviors as mental illnesses: pedophilia, sadomasochism, transvestitism, fetishism, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. The APA is seriously considering “normalizing” these sexual behaviors. If it does, then laws prohibiting such behavior are likely to be challenged by activists who are working to promote “sexual freedom”. [Note 49]

The American Psychological Association has published a report which says that sexual relations between adults and children are not necessarily harmful and may actually be beneficial to the children. The authors did not do any research of their own. They reviewed previous studies (many of which were never published or given peer review). Some people question the validity of this study. [Note 50]

The idea that sex between adults and children could be beneficial for the children goes back to the work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a biologist who became the father of modern sexology. One of his disciples was Hugh Heffner, who published “Playboy” magazine. Heffner said that the purpose of “Playboy” was to change American society. The purpose of the articles in “Playboy” was to make the magazine seem intellectual and legitimate. Heffner boasted that America now has a generation of leaders who were influenced by “Playboy” in college. [Note 51]

Dr. Judith Reisman has been studying Kinsey’s work for over 20 years, including interviewing people who worked with him. She wrote two books about him. They are “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People” (1990) and “Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences” (1998, 2000). According to Reisman, Kinsey did fraudulent research in order to change the moral standards of American society. During his research, hundreds of children were sexually molested by pedophiles. [See Note 51.]

On March 2, 1991 a respected British medical journal (“The Lancet”) published an article saying that Kinsey’s research was based on the sexual abuse of children. “The Lancet” and a German medical journal (“The German Medical Tribune”) demanded that the Kinsey Institute be investigated. [Note 52]

German authorities have obtained correspondence between Kinsey and a Nazi war criminal, Fritz von Belluseck (a Gestapo officer in Poland during World War II). Von Belluseck gave Polish children a choice. Either they had sex with him or else they went to the gas chamber. He wrote notes about his sexual encounters and sent the information to Kinsey, to be used in Kinsey’s research. [Note 53]

In 1998, British television aired a documentary about Kinsey’s sexual research on children. It was titled “Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles”. The documentary interviewed a woman who had been one of the children used for Kinsey’s research. She is now in her sixties, yet she still breaks into tears when she recounts what happened to her. Her father was a classmate of Kinsey’s. Her father repeatedly raped her. He used a stopwatch and took notes while he was doing it. [Note 54]

Why haven’t we seen this video in America, or at least heard about it in the media? It is so contrary to political correctness that perhaps journalists are afraid that writing about it would harm their careers.

Dr. Kinsey serves as a good reminder that we Christians need to base our morality on what the Bible says and not on what the “experts” tell us. As the old hymn says, “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

According to the National Association for Research and Evaluation of Homosexuality, if psychology declares that pedophilia is not harmful, then society will be under pressure to normalize it. This is what happened with homosexuality. It is already happening to some degree with pedophilia. From 1962 to 1990, the sexual abuse of children in the United States increased by 1,028%. According to the American Bar Association, in 1990 over 80% of pedophiles did not serve any time in jail. [Note 55]

Some people want pedophilia to be included in the legal term “sexual orientation”. That would give pedophiles the same rights and protections as homosexuals. [Note 56]

According to one “diversity” webpage, some homosexual activists are working to promote the acceptance of necrophilia (sex with dead people). Since I was not able to find any confirmation of the report, I can’t be sure that it is accurate or even serious. It could just be somebody with a strange sense of humor. Necrophilia would probably be the ultimate sexual frontier. (There may be stranger things, but if there are, I haven’t heard about them and I don’t want to.) [Note 57]

Gay activist Michael Swift said that homosexuals have “ferocious bitterness”. An extreme example of ferocity was Jeffrey Dahmer. He was a homosexual with a history of molesting children.  Later he became a serial killer who targeted homosexual teenagers and young men. He killed 17 men and boys before he was caught. The youngest was 14 years old. He killed them, raped their dead bodies, and ate them. The things he did were so gruesome that counseling had to be provided for the members of the jury which heard the case. Now I realize that most homosexuals would never do anything like that. However, Dahmer does demonstrate what can happen if “ferocious bitterness” gets out of control. [Note 58]

Homosexuals want to make changes in society which are contrary to Christian morality. In order to accomplish that, they must prevent Christians from effectively opposing them. Hitler had a similar problem, and his practical solution was not unlike that of the gay activists. First, he attempted to silence the Church, to make it difficult and dangerous for Christians to speak out on moral issues which were contrary to his agenda. Second, he tried to capture the youth, to cut them off from their Christian heritage so that he could indoctrinate them. [Note 59]

Homosexual activists are working to do the same things. They have already been partially successful. In Sweden, Australia, and Canada, it is a crime to speak against homosexuality. Christians have been prosecuted and convicted for doing it. In Canada, children are indoctrinated in homosexuality starting in kindergarten. The government has forced schools to do this, and has declared that protests by Christians are not valid because they are based on Christian moral principles. [Note 60]

In the face of such things, we need to remind ourselves that if we love God, then He will make everything work out for our good. (Romans 8:28) Even things like this. What the enemy of our souls intends for evil, God can use for our good. (See Genesis 50:20)


We live in a society which is becoming increasingly anti-Christian. One symptom of this is blasphemous works of art.

The National Endowment for the Arts is funded by money from American taxpayers. It paid thousands of dollars for an artist to produce a “work of art” showing a crucifix which is immersed in urine. This “work of art” (whose title is too nasty to mention) has been exhibited (at taxpayer expense) in public art galleries. Other anti-Christian artwork is displayed in art galleries. For example, there is a nasty collage of the Virgin Mary. (A collage has various materials attached to a flat surface, resulting in a three-dimensional composition.)  The figure of Mary is composed of various substances, including elephant manure. It is covered with small pictures of male genitals. [Note 61]

There are other anti-Christian “works of art” which are too indecent to describe. They are pornographic blasphemies of Jesus Christ.

There are also dramas which mock Christianity. “Dogma” is a movie which portrays God as a woman who is foolish, fallible, and so weak that she has to be rescued. It mocks Christ and His crucifixion. “Corpus Christi” is a play which portrays Jesus Christ and His disciples as homosexuals. It is being made into a movie. [Note 62]

Another indication that our culture is becoming anti-Christian is the emergence of pagan religions such as Wicca and Druidism. Our culture is becoming fascinated with magick and witchcraft. (Occultists use the term “magick” to distinguish the “real thing” from the illusions of stage performers.) As we will see, Wicca is becoming more and more mainstream. It is popular with teenagers and it is taught in some colleges. Wicca is the fastest growing religion in America and Australia, and it is also growing rapidly in other countries.



Wicca is a religion which is based on witchcraft. It involves goddess worship. The American government considers Wicca to be a valid religion, legally on a par with Christianity.

Wicca is a tax-exempt religion. Some Wiccans are ordained ministers and can perform weddings and funerals. The American Armed Forces have Wiccan “chaplains”. Many prisons have volunteer Wiccan “chaplains”. A Wisconsin prison hired a Wiccan “chaplain” (a Wiccan priestess who calls herself Rev. Witch). [Note 63]

Wicca is the fastest growing religion in the United States. Some sources say that its membership doubles every 30 months. It has been estimated that by 2012, Wicca will be the third largest religion in America. Its main means of proselytizing is the Internet, and it is especially attractive to teenagers. Wicca is growing rapidly in Canada and it is the fastest growing religion in Australia. [See Note 57]

Philip G. Davis is a professor of religious studies at a Canadian university. He wrote the book “Goddess Unmasked: The Rise of Neopagan Feminist Spirituality” (Spence Publishing Company, 1998). According to Davis, the credibility of goddess worship has been increased by its acceptance by university professors and its incorporation into textbooks. (Davis, pages 29-31) Some feminists have even demanded that the goddess be given parity with the God of the Bible in university religion programs. This will impact our entire society because universities and colleges are training most of our future leaders, including government, health care, and the clergy. (Davis, pages 361, 363)

Goddess worship has become strong in the field of health care, particularly nursing. Health care professionals are actively promoting New Age practices. For example, thousands of nurses in 80 North American nursing programs have been taught “therapeutic touch” (manipulating auras and energy-fields by passing your hands above a person’s body). (Davis, pages 31-33)

Neopagan and Wiccan themes have become prominent in some mainline denominations. One reason for this is the quest for “inclusive” language and the attempt to apply more female imagery to God. Liturgy reform and revised hymnals have featured feminine imagery and metaphors for God the Mother. The Unitarian Universalist church developed a workshop on feminism (“Cakes for the Queen of Heaven”). It encourages goddess worship and openly endorses witchcraft. Many mainstream churches have used this workshop. (Davis, pages 24-27) Some Unitarian churches celebrate Wiccan holidays (Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Samhain and Beltane). (Information about “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” is online.) [Note 64]

A Canadian television station ran a five-part series titled “Return of the Goddess,” which introduced many people to goddess worship. The National Film Board of Canada produced “Goddess Remembered,” which became one of their most popular productions ever, being featured by public broadcasting TV stations in the United States as well as in Canada. “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” and “Goddess Remembered” have become staples for study groups in some major Christian denominations. (Davis, pages 25-27) (Information about “Goddess Remembered” [See Note 64.]

Goddess worship has infiltrated mainline Christian denominations. In November 1993, a Re‑Imagining Conference was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Most of the 2,000 participants were women. This ecumenical church conference was sponsored by and attended by members of over a dozen denominations, including Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Catholics, Lutherans and Methodists. They prayed to Sophia, the goddess of Wisdom, calling her their Creator. They did rituals for this goddess, including a communion service where bread and wine were replaced by milk and honey. They openly rejected the doctrines of the incarnation and the atonement. They mocked the crucifixion of Jesus. The conference ended with the women biting an apple to show solidarity with Eve. This conference was repeated in 1996, 1998 and 2000, and it is scheduled for June 2003. [Note 65]

There is a Re-Imagining Community which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This movement is highly organized and has worldwide influence. It has a quarterly magazine, regular small group meetings, “faith labs” for learning about feminist theology and spirituality, quarterly meetings, educational resources, and branches in many countries. It exhorts women to be change agents in the community and to work to challenge “patriarchal” Christianity. It is concerned with global issues relating to women. [Note 66]


Another sign of increasing anti-Christian sentiment is violence against Christians in countries which are free democratic nations. In America, there were two instances in which teenage Christians were murdered by gunmen because of their faith.

On April 20, 1999 two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado shot and killed 12 of their classmates and a teacher, and wounded 23 other people. They also killed themselves. They asked three Christian girls if they believed in God, and killed them when they said “Yes”. The girls were Cassie Bernall, Rachel Scott, and Valeen Schnurr. Rachel had shared her Christian faith with the boys several weeks earlier. Some classmates overheard the conversation. The boys made a video in which they cursed Jesus Christ and cursed Christians. They singled Rachel Scott out for an insulting tirade, mocking her by name. [Note 67]

On September 15, 1999 there was a rally at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. A gunman entered the church and methodically shot Christians who were attending the service, and then shot himself. Seven people died and others were critically wounded. The gunman was shouting, cursing Christianity and cursing the Christians for believing it. The FBI found anti-Christian writings in his home. [Note 68]

Some Christians see the shootings as an indication that anti-Christian sentiment is growing in America. [Note 69]


In view of the increasing Wiccan influence on our culture, it is not surprising that evangelism has become controversial. One example is the Southern Baptist Convention for 2000, which was held in Chicago. Plans for the convention included evangelizing. The Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago asked the Southern Baptists not to hold their meeting in Chicago. Bishop Sprague is one of the members of the Council. He oversees 425 Methodist Churches in the Northern Illinois Conference. He said that evangelizing is arrogant because it presumes that some people are saved and other people need salvation. He said that this treats unsaved religious groups like second-class citizens, and it is dangerous because it can encourage hate crimes against them. [Note 70]

Bishop Sprague’s comments make me wonder whether hate crimes laws could eventually be interpreted in such a way that Christian evangelism would be considered to be a hate crime.



On February 6, 2001 a Wiccan activist tried to get the Bible removed from a public library in Florida. He compared the Bible to a sex education book which some people were trying to get removed from the library. (The book is “It’s Perfectly Normal,” which is written for 10-year-old children. It promotes homosexuality and it has over 50 illustrations which show nude children engaged in various sexual activities.) The Wiccan tried to get the Bible removed from the library on the grounds that it contained sex, violence and other things which are not appropriate for children. The library kept the Bible on grounds that it is a source of western cultural expression. It also kept the sex education book, saying that it would be unconstitutional to remove it from the library. [Note 71]

It is noteworthy that the library did not see the Bible as being protected by law. It only kept the Bible for cultural reasons. In the library’s eyes, constitutional protection only applied to the sex education book.

The Wiccan activist told a newspaper that he really didn’t expect the library to remove the Bible, and that his attempt to get it removed was “half facetious”. This reminds me of my high school days. Back then, high school girls were usually virgins. Most of them would not go to bed with boys. Some boys used the following strategy to try to get girls to sleep with them. They asked the girl, and if she said “no,” then the boy would pretend that he was only kidding. That way, he was less likely to be rejected. In addition, he might have opportunities to try again.

These high school boys were dead serious about their efforts to get girls to have sex with them, but they pretended that they weren’t. I suspect that the Wiccan activist (like the high school boys) was quite serious but, for strategic reasons, preferred to hide it. In any case, the term “half facetious” implies a mixture of kidding and being quite serious. The flip side of “half facetious” is “half serious”.

I would not be surprised to see more attempts to get Bibles removed from libraries, or attempts to have the government decide how the Bible can legally be used. Activists can keep trying different things in different places until they find someone who will support their position. Then they will have set a legal precedent which can be used to justify other attempts to restrict the religious freedom of Christians. Samuel Adams said, “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”.


The Supreme Court of Vermont has forced the state to legally recognize same-sex unions. These are civil unions rather than marriages but they confer most of the legal benefits of marriage. Many other states have passed “Defense of Marriage acts” which legally define “marriage” as only being between one man and one woman. They do not legally recognize same-sex unions from Vermont. Most of the same-sex couples married in Vermont came from out of state to be married there. [Note 72]

In Vermont, sexual orientation is protected by hate crimes laws. This special status for sexual orientation was one of the reasons why the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that same-sex unions have to be legally recognized in Vermont. In America, laws develop incrementally. They build on one another. Hate-crime laws contributed to same-sex unions in Vermont and they could do the same thing in other states. [Note 73]

Some Connecticut politicians want to have same-sex marriage laws in Connecticut because it would be financially beneficial. They estimate that it would result in having approximately 8,000 additional tourists (couples who come to be married). In 2002, two bills were proposed. One allowed same-sex marriages. The other allowed same-sex civil unions. The Connecticut legislature considered the bills but did not act on them. Homosexual activists intend to keep pushing until they get a same-sex marriage law passed. [Note 74]

Most American states have hate crimes laws. Forty-one states have hate crimes laws and 22 of those laws include sexual orientation. [Note 75]

A federal hate crimes bill failed to make it through Congress in 2002. In May 2003, Senator Edward Kennedy introduced another hate crimes bill in the Senate. The bill expands an existing law to allow prosecution for hate crimes based on sexual orientation. It also gives the federal government broader authority to prosecute hate crimes cases, instead of relying on the states to deal with them. [Note 76]

The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits putting people in double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime). However, the proposed legislation appears to create the possibility of double jeopardy. A person could be prosecuted by the state for having committed a crime, and then be prosecuted by the federal government for having committed a hate crime. [Note 77]

According to the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, all Americans are entitled to equal protection under the law. However, hate crimes laws create a class of specially protected people. Other people then become second class citizens because crimes committed against them are not deemed to be as serious. As we will see, there have already been cases which demonstrate a double standard.

In 1998, Matthew Shephard (a homosexual college student) was brutally murdered. That was a vicious crime which was motivated by hate. It received widespread media coverage then and it continues to generate media coverage now. [Note 78]

Jesse Dirkhising was only thirteen years old when he was murdered. Two homosexual men raped him and tortured him for five hours, until he finally choked to death on his own underwear. Jesse knew these men. He and his family thought that they were friends. This murder was hardly reported. Did you hear about it? I didn’t. Perhaps one reason is that at least one reporter received death threats because he wrote about it. Was this murder less vicious than the death of Matthew Shephard? Was it less newsworthy? [Note 79]

Did you ever hear about Mary Stachowicz? She was stabbed to death by a homosexual man who went into a rage when she asked him why he slept with boys instead of girls. He punched her and kicked her. He kept stabbing her until he got tired of doing it. Then he put a plastic bag over her head and strangled her. That was vicious, and it certainly appears to have been motivated by hate. Why didn’t we hear about it? Was this less vicious or less newsworthy than the death of Matthew Shephard? [Note 80]

In the eyes of the press, Jesse Dirkhising and Mary Stachowicz seem to have been second class citizens. Somehow the brutal crimes against them were treated as if they were unimportant compared to the crimes committed against Matthew Shephard. Yet their murders were also brutal and spectacular. There seems to be a double standard here.

William Raspberry is a black columnist. He grew up in Mississippi in the days of unprosecuted racial terrorism against blacks. He knows first-hand about the evil of criminal violence which is motivated by hatred. On September 11, 2000, William Raspberry published an article in “The Washington Post” titled “Hate Crimes, Thought Police”. He said that hate crimes legislation is unnecessary because the crimes are already outlawed and people who commit those crimes are punished. Furthermore, it divides American citizens into categories, those who deserve special protection, and those who are less worthy of protection. And eventually it winds up being an attempt at thought control. It punishes people for their thoughts, for their beliefs. [Note 81]

Will it eventually be a hate crime for an American pastor to tell his own congregation, in his own church building, what the Bible says about homosexuality? I hope not.


Homosexual activists have so much political influence in America that local governments allow Gay Pride Parades. Prominent politicians participate in these parades.

America’s largest Gay Pride Parades are in New York City and San Francisco. In 2000, half a million poeple came to the New York parade. Prominent politicians marched in the parade, including Mayor Rudy Giuliana, first lady Hillary Clinton (in 2000 she was first lady, not yet a senator), Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, former Mayor Koch, a member of New York’s state Senate, and two members of the City Council. Congressman Rick Lazio did not participate in the parade. Because of this, he was criticized not only by Democrats but also by some fellow Republicans. In 2001, all six candidates for mayor participated in New York City’s Gay Pride Parade. [Note 82]

The New York parade had men wearing thongs, bare-breasted women, and men portraying sadomasochism. There were floats with go-go dancers. There were drag queens (men dressed like women).  Men publicly kissed and embraced. There were inflatable life-sized figures of nude men. Some mainline Christian denominations had groups in the parade, including a “lavender choir”. (I saw online photographs of these things, including the “lavender choir”.) One float featured men who did a strip tease act and then ran around naked. I saw a photograph of two men who were either portraying, or else actually engaged in, a homosexual act. [Note 83 gives links to a number of articles. Some of them have pictures. The articles are grouped into several categories so that readers can avoid pictures which they don’t want to see.]

The political and social strength of the homosexual activists is demonstrated by the fact that Gay Pride Parades are held around the world. The 2003 parade is scheduled for 109 American cities and for 63 cities in 24 other countries. Countries scheduled to have parades include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United States. [Note 84]

The pervasive influence of gay activists can be seen in the fact that local governments allow a verbally pornographic lesbian play to be performed at many college campuses around the country. The title of the play is “V—– Monologues”. [“V” is my euphemism for the word for female reproductive anatomy. This word, and its vulgar, slang counterpart, are prominently featured in the play.] In the play, a 24-year-old woman gets a 13-year-old girl drunk and seduces her. (This is statutory rape.) There is a “chorus” which chants obscenities like a mantra. The play is obsessed with female reproductive anatomy. [Note 85]

The editor-in-chief of Georgetown University’s campus newspaper (“The Hoya”) wrote an article criticizing the play. He described the audience’s rowdy enthusiasm during the raunchiest parts of the play, and he criticized the university’s administration for allowing the play to be performed. He was fired and his article was never published. [Note 86]

For several years, the play has been used as a fundraiser for charities which help abused women. This motivates people to keep performing the play in order to raise more money. In 2002, the play was performed at 800 locations in a number of countries. Over five million people have seen the play. [Note 87]

Gay activists can be amazingly aggressive and offensive in pursuing their social and political agenda. For many years the Catholic Church has spoken out against abortion and against the distribution of condoms as a means of preventing AIDS. (The Catholic position is that the way to avoid AIDS is to abstain from sexual immorality.) The Pope has also publicly criticized Gay Pride Parades. So it is not surprising that some militant gay activists targeted a prominent Catholic cathedral for retaliation.

In 1989, the radical homosexual group ACT UP invaded St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Thousands of protestors staged a demonstration and 130 of them went into the cathedral. They disrupted the Mass, shouted obscenities, and threw condoms. Some of them threw themselves on the floor and screamed. A newspaper columnist described the event as overgrown adolescents throwing a temper tantrum. A representative of ACT UP said that they targeted the Catholic Church because of its influence on public policy. [Note 88]

This reminds me of some outrageous things which have been done during demonstrations by animal rights activists and radical environmentalists. ACT UP used sexually related things (condoms and obscene language) because their issue is sex, and because they want to be as offensive as possible. (Obscenity is often an effective way to offend religious people.)

Other churches have been attacked by homosexual activists. In Australia, numerous Christian churches have been assaulted by gay activists who disrupted services, chanted obscenities, and threw condoms. [Note 89]

In 2000, some feminist activists assaulted a Catholic cathedral in Montreal, Canada. They shouted pro-abortion slogans, spray-painted graffiti, threw condoms, and put soiled sanitary napkins on religious artwork. Seven people were arrested but they were only charged with unlawful assembly (a charge which is difficult to prosecute). According to the cathedral’s vicar, the purpose of the attack was to stop the Catholic Church from speaking out against abortion. [Note 90]


In Australia and Canada, hate crimes laws are used to harass Christians. However, when anti-Christian acts are committed in ways involving obvious hatred, those laws are not used to protect Christians. In America, murdering Christian teenagers for religious reasons is not considered to be a hate crime. This is obviously unfair, to say the least.

Would it help to have religion be protected by hate crimes laws? Or would that backfire and make things even worse for Christians?

Unfortunately, if we look to hate crimes laws for protection, then we are asking for trouble. In the long run, it would cause even more problems for Christians. There are three reasons why.

First, it would encourage Christians to support the passage of new hate crimes laws, and the expansion of existing ones. As we have seen with Canada and Australia, such laws can cause serious problems for Christians. They can also enable politicians to force schools to promote homosexuality in sex education classes, starting as early as kindergarten.

Second, in some areas of Australia there are laws against religious vilification, but these laws do not provide protection for Christian churches. Instead, they give secular politicians more and more control over the churches. So the end result is the increasing oppression of Bible-believing Christians. It is the political equivalent of putting the fox in charge of the hen house. [Note 91]

Third, Wicca is recognized as a valid religion by the U.S. Government. [Note 92] Therefore, in America, if religion is protected by hate crimes laws, then Wicca will also be protected by them. Wicca is a religion which is based on witchcraft. The Bible strongly condemns witchcraft and says that people who practice it will wind up in the lake of fire. (Exodus 22:18; Deuteronomy 18:9-13; Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:8)

In Canada, Australia, and Sweden, Christians have been prosecuted and convicted of hate crimes for teaching what the Bible says about homosexuality. If hate crimes laws were expanded to include religion, then we could see a day when Christians are prosecuted and convicted for teaching what the Bible says about witchcraft. Considering how rapidly Wicca is spreading among teenagers (including children from Christian homes), it is important that pastors be able to preach about it and that youth leaders be able to warn Christian teenagers about it.

If hate crimes laws are expanded to include religion, then those laws will give power to the courts or other government agencies to define not only what is permissible speech but even what is permissible theology. We could get into a situation similar to what Christians used to face in the U.S.S.R. (and still face in China today) where there is a state-approved church which can teach only what the state allows, and an underground church which teaches what the Bible says. In that kind of situation, Bible-believing Christians may have to go underground and endure persecution in order to avoid compromising their faith.

There is an Army joke which says, “Once we pull the pin, Mister Grenade is not our friend.” If judges and politicians ever get the power to decide what can be taught in Christian churches, then the government will not be our friend.

If we are not careful, hate crimes laws could give them that power.

President George Washington caught pneumonia when he was 67 years old. His doctor bled him several times. (That was a medical practice of the day.) Some medical scholars believe that the bloodletting directly killed Washington. Others believe that it weakened him and thereby killed him indirectly. Either way, it demonstrates that sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease. [Note 93]


In the face of the kinds of things discussed in this paper, it is easy to feel that we are insignificant and we cannot do anything to improve the situation. Edward Everett Hale gave a good perspective. He said, “I cannot do everything, but I can do something…. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do.”


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1. According to a British legal expert, the European Union’s proposed anti-racism laws could make some portions of the Old Testament illegal.


2. The Belgian Parliament has declared some Christian denominations to be cults


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The tribunal system of the Human Rights Commission tried the case instead of the regular court system. A feminist lawyer was appointed to rule in this case.

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9. Christian mayors in Canada were fined up to $10,000 because they refused to celebrate “Gay Pride Week” in their cities‑09/canada.html

An article about how homosexual activists have used the courts to promote their agenda. It includes some detailed information about the Christian printer and the six mayors.

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Seventy nude men marched in the Toronto parade. These articles do not have pictures.

Pictures of the nude male marchers and detailed information about their arrest. Some of the pictures show frontal nudity. There is nudity but no lewd behavior.

Anglican churches were represented in the parade. The Anglicans dressed conservatively. (The link below has a picture.)

11. Trinity Western University was denied accreditation because it required students to refrain from any kind of sex outside of marriage, including homosexual sex

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Articles which describe the event but do not have any pictures

Articles with “safe” pictures (no nudity or bare-breasted women)

An article with 18 large pictures. (The article takes some time to load because of the pictures.) The first eight pictures are “safe” (no nudity or bare-breasted women). After that, there are pictures of bare-breasted women, men wearing thongs, men wearing black leather and chains to portray sadomasochism, and a man with a bare behind. You may want to avoid this webpage or else stop looking when you see the eighth picture. That picture shows two “drag queens” (men dressed as women). One wears an extravagent dress and elaborate headgear. The other wears an elaborate and dramatic costume which is cut short in front in order to show off “her” legs.‑australia‑4.html

26. Pornographic, blasphemous “works of art” are described in a report which was given to the Australian Parliament on June 20, 1999

27. A description of the tribunal system for vilification charges in Victoria, Australia. The second article contains two parts. The relevant information starts half way down the third page of my print-out.

28. Anti-vilification bill in South Australia. The second article contains two parts. The relevant information starts half way down the third page of my print-out.

29. Churches in New South Wales could be required to hire non-Christians or people who are hostile to Christianity

30. Hostility between Muslims and Christians in Australia

31. Wicca is the fastest growing religion in Australia

32. Preaching about some passages of the Bible could be forbidden

33. Pastors report that people are attending services to monitor what is said

34. “Freedom of Religion in Australia — Attacks on Christianity”. This report was presented to the Australian Parliament on June 20, 1999.


35. The homosexual agenda. Quotations taken from the U.S. “Congressional Record”.

Articles which have the entire quotation

Articles with excerpts from the quotation. The first two begin with it; the last one ends with it.‑97.html

36. Only 0.000013 percent of employees suffered discrimination based on sexual orientation. Homosexuals are five times more likely to earn $100,000 per year.

37. Reports of hate crimes against homosexuals are exaggerated. “Gay-on-gay” violence is 14 times greater than violent hate crimes against homosexuals. (In the last article, look for the heading “False Epidemic”. It is about half-way down the article.)‑07/22‑26.asp

38. Information about sex education, with descriptions of books

How American sex education changed from teaching students about hygiene to advocating sexual promiscuity and homosexuality. The first article is an overview by a newspaper commentator. Some of the other articles are longer and more detailed.



39. Articles with pictures of the Mardi Gras Parade and the Gay Pride Parade. They show men in black leather, wearing chains, and depicting sadomasochism. The second article takes a while to load because it has a lot of large pictures. These articles also have pictures of bare-breasted women.‑australia‑4.html

40. There are activist groups which promote the acceptance of sadomasochism



Some popular sex education books approve of sadomasochism.

41. Dr. Peter Singer wrote an article (“Heavy Petting”) which promotes the acceptance of bestiality (sex with animals)

Commentaries on the article



Criticisms of the article by animal rights activists


Dr. Peter Singer’s article, “Heavy Petting,” which endorses bestiality. The article includes gross, graphic descriptions.  I do NOT recommend reading it.

42. An American psychologist wrote a book about bestiality. It discusses at length whether or not the term “sexual orientation” should be applied to bestiality.

43. An article about sex education which describes some popular sex education books Some of them approve of bestiality and sadomasochism.

How American sex education changed from teaching students about hygiene to advocating sexual promiscuity and homosexuality. The first article is an overview by a newspaper commentator. Some of the other articles are longer and more detailed.




44. The term “sexual orientation” is an indefinite term which could be interpreted to include sadomasochism and pedophilia. The last article describes a book about bestiality which discusses whether “sexual orientation” applies to bestiality.

45. There are anti-discrimination laws, regulations and policy statements which use the term “affectional preference”. That term would appear to be even more capable of wide-open interpretation than “sexual orientation”.

46. A case before the Supreme Court raises the question of whether there is a constitutional right to practice homosexuality. One brief says that language used to justify it would logically be expanded to justify prostitution, adultery, bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia. (This is a long PDF file. It takes a while to load.)

General information about the case. It gives links to several briefs which have been filed.

47. Articles about the 1994 definition of “pedophilia” by the American Psychiatric Association

The 1994 definition of “pedophilia” by the American Psychiatric Association

48. The 2000 definition of “pedophilia” by the American Psychiatric Association

49. On May 19, 2003, the American Psychiatric Association had a symposium to debate whether or not to stop classifying the following things as mental illnesses: pedophilia, sadomasochism, transvestitism, fetishism, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

50. The American Psychological Association published a report saying that sexual relations between adults and “consenting” children may be beneficial to the children. The study has been criticized as being propaganda rather than valid science.

51. Dr. Alfred Kinsey has been charged with doing fraudulent research. His study on child sexuality involved pedophiles who molested hundreds of children.


The impact of Dr. Kinsey and his followers on American morality, society, and legislation



“Experts” trained by Kinsey told American officials in the Catholic Church that pedophile priests had been rehabilitated and were no longer a danger to children. In addition, Kinsey’s false science and sexual philosophy were taught in some Catholic seminaries. This contributed to the clerical sex scandals in Boston and elsewhere.

A website with information about the sexual revolution and its effect on our society. It has articles, white papers, and information about books.

A movie is being made about Kinsey

52. A British medical journal (“The Lancet”) published an article saying that Kinsey’s research was based on the sexual abuse of children‑pgs/kinsey‑youth‑sex.htm

54. Some of Kinsey’s data about child sexuality came from Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, who was a Nazi officer in Poland during World War II. Polish children were threatened with the gas chamber if they refused to have sex with him. German authorities found correspondence between Kinsey and von Balluseck.

54. The British TV documentary “Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles”

55. If psychology declares that pedophilia is harmless, then society will be under presssure to normalize it. This is what happened with homosexuality.‑‑the%20overthrow%20of%20common%20law.htm

Homosexual activists strongly pressured the American Psychiatric Association to declare homosexuality to be normal. They used intimidation and manipulation. Psychiatrists around the nation were shouted down if they presented evidence against homosexuality in public forums. Some psychiatrists were even physically assaulted.

56. Some people want pedophilia to be included in the legal term “sexual orientation”. That would give pedophiles the same rights and protections as homosexuals.

57. According to one “diversity” webpage, some homosexual activists are working for the acceptance of necrophilia (sex with dead people). Since I was not able to find any confirmation of the report, I can’t be sure that it is accurate or even serious. It could just be somebody with a strange sense of humor.

58. Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 teenage boys and young men. He raped their dead bodies and ate them. The youngest victim was 14 years old.

A movie was made about Jeffrey Dahmer


NOTE: I had difficulty finding decent stories about Dahmer. The Internet has many websites which show a morbid interest in gruesome details about his crimes, in necrophilia (sex with dead people), and in cannibalism (eating people).

59. “At War with God”. Undermining Christian influence on society, especially youth.

60. Canadian schools were forced to teach homosexuality in kindergarten classes


61. Two examples of anti-Christian “works of art”

The following Internet articles give information about the picture of a crucifix which is submerged in urine. However, I do NOT recommend going to these websites. It is better not to get nasty things like this in your head. I went to these websites because I wanted to make an important point in my article, and I am careful to document what I say. However, you don’t need to subject yourself to this kind of thing.

Picture of the “artwork”. The title is too nasty to mention.

Description of the “artwork”

Articles about the “artwork”

“Artwork” titled “The Holy Virgin Mary”. It is a collage. Elephant manure was used in its composition. Another component is pictures of male genitals which were cut out of pornographic magazines. It appears that the artist hates innocence as well as hating Christianity. I do NOT recommend going to these websites. Why subject yourself to this kind of thing?

62. Two examples of anti-Christian dramas

“Dogma” is a movie which portrays God as a foolish, fallible, weak woman

“Corpus Christi” is a play which portrays Jesus and His disciples as being homosexuals. It is being made into a movie.



63. The American government considers Wicca to be a valid religion, legally on a par with Christianity.

Wicca is a tax-exempt religion

U.S. Army Chaplains’ Guide to Wicca

A Wisconsin Prison has hired a Wiccan “chaplain” who calls herself Rev. Witch

There are ordained Wiccan ministers who perform weddings and funerals‑intro.htm

Wicca is attractive to teenagers, including ones from Christian homes

Wicca is the fastest growing religion in America

Wicca is the fastest growing religion in Australia

Wicca is growing rapidly in Canada‑us

Neo-paganism is thriving in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. (Neo-paganism includes Wicca, druids, shamanism, and other forms of paganism.)

64. The feminist workshop, “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven”.

The movie “Goddess Remembered”‑/DCNE‑1‑55974‑307‑7.html

Some Unitarian churches blend “goddess spirituality” with Unitarianism. Some refer to themselves as Unitarian Universalist Pagans.

Some examples of Unitarian churches which had solstice celebrations‑12‑19/mixpicks2.shtml

A description of the Religious Education program of a Unitarian church. That is followed by a link to a pagan website which mentions that most of its members are also members of this Unitarian church.

65. Philip G. Davis, “Goddess Unmasked: The Rise of Neopagan Feminist Spirituality” (Spence Publishing Company, 1998), pages 3-4, 18-29.

Two reports of the 1993 Re-Imagining Conference. The first one has pictures. Both have quotations from speakers. One speaker openly mocked the crucifixion of Jesus and His atonement for our sins.‑revival.htm

A report about the Re-Imagining Conference which is scheduled for June 2003. It gives some quotations from previous conferences.‑around‑church/reimagining‑god‑movement‑10‑years.htm

A commentary on the re-imagining movement by a woman who attended one of the conferences‑layman/1998/may‑june/reimagining‑gospel‑sylvia.htm

A Religion News Service report on the 2000 Re-Imagining conference. The first link has the entire story. The second one divides it into three separate webpages.‑

Two reports about the 1998 conference‑layman/1998/may‑june/editor‑laughing‑matter.htm

The Presbyterian church will pay the expenses of staffers who attend the 2003 conference. The feminist theology of the 1993 conference denied foundational Christian truths. In 1993 this theology was controversial, but it has become widely accepted since then.

A website which sells tapes from the 1993, 1996, 1998, and 2000 conferences

66. The Re-Imagining Community

A job description which shows how organized and far-reaching the re-imagining movement has become. It describes the topics covered by local meetings in the U.S. and abroad.

Website of the Re-Imagining Community (located in Minnesota) which carries on the work of the Re-Imagining Conferences

History of the movement

Philosophy of the movement. They are to act as change agents in the community, and work to challenge “patriarchal” Christianity.

A list of small group meetings in various states. Some are called “Sophia’s Circle”.

“Faith Labs” for learning about feminist theology and spirituality

Information about quarterly meetings. The one in June 2002 featured “Prayer for the Earth” and a ritual involving a labyrinth.

Links to websites of interest to re-imaginers. Categories include feminist theology, ecumenism, feminism, women’s news and global issues. It has an online audio recording of an interview with Pat Parnell, who wrote a book titled “Snake Woman and Other Explorations”.


67. Christian teenagers were shot at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado

68. A gunman shot Christians at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas‑around‑church/politicians‑don’t‑count.htm‑shooting.html


69. Some Christians believe that an anti-Christian sentiment is growing in America‑Christian_Persecution.htm


70. “Is Christianity a ‘Hate Crime’?”

“The Christian Haters”

Other articles about the Southern Baptists’ National Convention in Chicago




71. A Wiccan activist tried to have the Bible removed from a public library

Article from a Wiccan website. This gives detailed information.

This Fox News link has several articles. Scroll about half way down and look for the heading, “The Bible: Sacred or Profane?”,2933,922,00.html

This link has two articles. The one about the Bible is the second one.‑fl.html

The Wiccan activist’s attempt to have the Bible removed from the library

The library’s decision to keep the Bible

An article about sex education. It describes the sex education book “It’s Perfectly Normal”.


72. Vermont’s Supreme Court forced the state to legally recognize same-sex unions‑1.html

73. “How Hate-Crime Laws Harm Religious Freedom and Lead to Same-Sex ‘Marriage'”

74. Some Connecticut politicians want to allow same-sex marriages because it would be financially beneficial. (It would result in approximately 8,000 more tourists.)

75. Forty-one states have hate crime laws (40 states plus the District of Columbia)

76. Senator Edward Kennedy introduced another hate crimes bill in 2003‑13‑99.html – 1999

77. The problem of double jeopardy

78. The murder of Matthew Shephard


79. Jesse Dirkhising (a 13-year-old boy) was raped and tortured to death by two homosexual men

“The Death of Jesse Dirkhising: Ignored By the Media”. This has excerpts from numerous articles, and links to some of them.

Other articles about his death

80. Mary Stachowicz was murdered by a homosexual man who was angry because she asked him why he slept with men‑133.html


81. William Raspberry, “Hate Crimes, Thought Police”‑dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A46501‑2000Sep10&notFound=true‑hate5.html



82. Prominent politicians in the New York City Gay Pride Parade,3977,500220821‑500315234‑501764913‑0‑nandotimes,00.html

83. The Gay Pride Parade in New York City

Articles with no pictures of people

An article written by Christian protesters. It tells of Christian groups which marched in the parade, including a “lavender choir”. (I saw a picture of the choir.)

Articles with “safe” pictures (no nudes or bare-breasted women).

This article has several pictures. One shows an inflatable, life-sized figure of a nude man.‑parade

Two sets of 21 pictures each. There are a lot of good pictures here, but this is a dangerous website. At one point when I should have gotten a picture of the parade, a picture of a naked woman appeared in its place, inviting me to click on what is probably a porn site. There is a wide variety of pictures here. The third one shows the “lavender choir”. There are men dressed as Thai dancers, Aztec queens, Geisha girls, and American style drag queens. One picture shows two men in a suggestive pose. Some get as close to naked as you can and still technically have clothes on. Because of the way these pictures are identified, they could be replaced with others later. At the bottom of each picture is a place to click to get to other pictures.

Article with pictures of bare-breasted women and people with bare behinds. One picture shows two men who are either portraying, or else actually engaged in, a homosexual act. I do NOT recommend looking at these pictures. I only included them because I believe in thoroughly documenting what I say in my paper.

84. A website for international Gay Pride Parades

A list of 2003 Gay Pride Parades which are scheduled around the world

An article describing Gay Pride Parades in Milan, Italy; Toronto, Canada; San Francisco and New York City, USA; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; and Tel Aviv, Israel (the article has a picture of a sensual woman’s face, but there are no pictures of the parade)

A website listing Pride Parades in some American cities, with links,_Lesbian,_and_Bisexual/Pride_Celebrations/North_America/United_States/

85. Descriptions of “V—– Monologues” by people who are distressed by the play’s lewdness. The second article contains some obscene language. These are quotations from the play which are used in order to enable readers to get some feeling for the nature of the play.‑‑Monologues.html

Descriptions of the play by secular writers who are distressed because the play approves of lesbian statutory rape (a woman gets a 13-year-old girl drunk and seduces her),2933,45316,00.html

Favorable reviews of the play

In 2002, the play was performed in 800 locations around the world. Over five million people have seen the play.

In 2002, nearly 550 colleges and universities performed the play

NOTE: I was not able to find a list of colleges online. I found listings of many individual colleges, but nothing which gives the overall picture.

The play is even performed at Catholic colleges and universities. In 2003, 42 Catholic colleges were scheduled to perform the play. Some of them cancelled the play following a letter-writing campaign. One article says that the girl who was seduced in the play was 16 years old. However, other articles say that she was 13.


86. Robert Swope, the editor at Georgetown University’s school newspaper (“The Hoya”) was fired for criticizing the play,2933,45316,00.html

Robert Swope’s editorial about the play. It contains offensive quotations from the play.

87. In 2002, the play was performed in 800 locations around the world

88. ACT UP invaded St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City

A newspaper commentary by Gregory Koukl. He describes the event as a temper tantrum by self-centered, overgrown adolescents.

89. Australian churches have been attacked by homosexual activists

90. A Canadian cathedral was attacked by feminist activists


91. “Freedom of Religion in Australia — Attacks on Christianity”. A report which was presented to the Australian Parliament. It tells how religious vilification laws result in having secular politicians control Christian churches.

92. Wicca is recognized as a valid, tax-exempt religion by the U.S. Government

93. When President George Washington had pneumonia his doctor bled him several times. The bloodletting either killed him or else hastened his death.

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