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Recommended Sites!


Heaven’s Family is serves “the least of these” (Matt. 25:45) around the world, caring for members of our spiritual family who are not only facing extreme poverty, but who may also be orphans, widows, hungry, critically ill, persecuted, handicapped, homeless, incarcerated, or victims of natural disasters. Heaven’s Family also serves very poor pastors with bicycles, lanterns and biblical literature that better equips them to build God’s kingdom. Founder David Servant’s teaching articles, books, and videos can also be found at the Shepherd Serve section of Heaven’s Family’s website.


Audio Scriptures International makes available the Scriptures in audio form to hundreds of millions throughout the world who cannot read. Begun by Harvey Hoekstra, missionary to Africa and early translator of African languages, the ministry has grown wonderfully. We find this another ministry worthy of much financial support. You can find a summary of the history of the ministry and its recent achievements by clicking SUMMARY! Also learn about the fascinating opportunities for the Gospel through The Talking Bible Movement. Just click on The Talking Bible Movement to learn about this exciting opportunity for evangelism and discipleship.


Brigitte Gabriel is the President and Founder of American Congress For Truth. She tells of her personal experiences: “I am a victim of the Lebanese civil war, which was the first front in the worldwide Jihad of militant Islam against the only Christian country in the Middle East. My family�s home was shelled and destroyed leaving me wounded. I lived underground in a bomb shelter from age 10 to 17 without electricity and very little food. I had to crawl under sniper bullets to a spring to fetch water for my elderly parents. I was betrayed by my country, rescued by my enemy Israel, the Jewish State that is under attack for its existence today.” As a result of her personal experience, Brigitte is intimately aware of the dangers of Islam. Her website provides important information; she has a weekly email to which you can subscribe.


Ken Ham answers the question, “Is the biblical creation story true?” I believe Answers in Genesis is the best site on the internet for a plethora of interesting, challenging and useful information on the creation/evolution debate.


Henry Morris, and now his son John Morris, have been the head of Institute for Creation Research, perhaps the oldest Creation Research organization in the U.S., and perhaps the world.


Richard Bennett, former Catholic priest, speaks with authority on the issues facing the Catholic Church, its false doctrines, and the terrible sexual sin problems being exposed frequently.



Mary Ann Collins is a former nun who writes on Catholicism from both experience and knowledge. We have included some of her articles under Cults | Roman Catholicism and highly recommend her work. She has two websites.


Tricia Tillin has written insightful articles on Deception. See one of them under the heading Deception in the Church.


A Christian web page which offers seeking Muslims a Christian answer, and registers 1.3 million hits per day. Muslims seeking Jesus receive Biblical and culturally sensitive answers to their questions.


Philip Powell writes extensively against the evils and false doctrines which have permeated the church. Christian Witness Ministries’ website contains many of his writings at.


Tom Lamb is a New Zealander with an unusual grasp of issues. Tom is also concerned about the state of the church. His site is called The Radical Pilgrim.


David W. Bercot is the author of Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up, a book which explains the lifestyles and doctrines of the early Christian church — which often contrasts sharply with the lifestyles and doctrines found in the present “church”. Scroll Publishing Co. has published this book and other resource material.


JHOP stands for Jesus House of Prayer. The website has lots of good information including Christian news from around the world. Carol Joseph, their administrator, is a long-time friend.

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