Rebellion in the Church

False doctrines have become mainstream. This book exposes the rebellion that has caused and will continue to cause untold millions to be condemned by God.

From Apostolic times, Satan has succeeded in introducing false doctrines that have weakened the church and denied salvation to many. As we begin the 21st century we see that much of the church is overwhelmed by Satan’s ploys. Many have replaced the Bible’s Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with their false gospel and plan for salvation.

Sadly, many who have succumbed to these false doctrines proudly proclaim that their churches are Bible believing and Bible teaching churches. Even those who decry obvious false doctrines are unaware that they too are deceived and subject to God’s judgment.

This book zeros in on what the rebellion is, the false doctrines that have risen from it, and what must be done to eliminate them from the church.

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