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Q: You have stated your concerns about the movie, “The Passion.”  I went to it and saw nothing wrong with it. I resent the idea that people think I am not smart enough to know the difference.  Who do you think you are? Why won’t you go to it and make your own judgment. Are you afraid that you will find out you are wrong? Since you seem to know so much about spiritual matters, are you not intellectual enough to discern the movie for yourself?

A: You have put forth a very interesting challenge to me, especially in answering your question. Let me first answer the question as to whether or not I have enough intelligence to discern this movie. The answer is no. The reason I say this is because we do not discern spiritual matters with our intellectual understanding, but with the spirit (1 Corinthians 2:14). I know in part, and I am not arrogant enough to think I am all discerning because I may have an understanding about other Biblical matters (1 Corinthians 13:9,12). This is why the Body is important, because we can watch out for one another in areas of weaknesses.

   There are some ways in which we at GSM discern spiritual matters. We first seek God’s perspective about controversial issues. Before the movie was released, the Lord clearly put a check in Jeannette’s spirit about seeing it. Once this happens, we do not put God to a foolish test by disobeying Him. Such foolishness would be both rebellious and arrogant on our part. Another way we discern matters is to wait for God to confirm what He shows us. Confirmation comes through two sources: 1) the Word of God and 2) watchmen.

   We know the importance of the Word, but few consider the valuable part that watchmen have when it comes to guarding man’s soul, by upholding and maintaining the truth. God has given the Church watchmen (Ezekiel 3:17-21;Hebrews 13:17). These people have been trained to recognize deception that has been wrapped up in religious cloaks, fluff, jargon, deeds, and rhetoric. These people sound the warning when the Person of Jesus and His Word or truth are being compromised or changed. It is their responsibility to warn the Church, and it is Christians’ responsibility to humbly and soberly consider these warnings.

   We at GSM appreciate the work of the watchmen. They not only have been trained, but they do a lot of research to keep on top of all that threatens to destroy or weaken the foundation of the Church. Personally, I do not have the time to keep on top of all of the latest movements. And, in the case of the movie, the watchmen have been consistent in their warnings about the movie, which is another confirmation that there is something terribly amiss with this movie (Matthew 18:16). For example, they have identified a strong Catholic emphasis, as well as occult and illuminati messages and symbols throughout the movie.

   An important test is the fruit test. This movie has caused division, and some pastors are now questioning those who have actively supported it. It is hard to say what damage the ripple effect of this movie will cause in the Church, but I fear it may become a tidal wave that will engulf many before it is finished.

   The final test for me is: Will this movie affect my life for eternity? If I go to it, yes, it could affect me in a wrong way. If I stay away from it, it will have no effect at all on my life. After all, this movie cannot add anything to my life that God has not already made available to me through His Spirit and His Word. I have all I need to grow in the knowledge of my Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, I can only come to one conclusion. The movie has no eternal significance to add to my life; therefore I need to adhere to the warnings and stay away from it.

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