Persecution in Indonesia

Date received:  Sunday, 9 December 2001  

Dear Christian,

Please read, pray and pass on.

I am in Indonesia and have received first hand information from Central Sulawesi (Poso and Tentena). There are 63,000 Christians who are in grave danger. I am appealing to the Church worldwide to begin to pray for a miracle of protection for these our brothers and sisters in Christ. These Christians have only 35 police to protect them from daily attacks against their region. There is a force of about 15,000 well armed Jihad terrorists who have surrounded the Christian villages. Entire villages have been burned and people are being shot everyday. They are fleeing to other villages in hopes of safety.

The Indonesian military have pulled out. The Police have only a few weapons. The roads have been blocked by the Jihad terrorists. The supply of food is dangerously low. These brave Christians have been the target of the anger of the Jihad terrorist. The terrorists have publically announced that they will make December a “month of blood” and by Christmas they will have eliminated the “cross bearers” from this region.

The attention of the world has been on Afganistan. This crisis in Indonesia may be the most serious threat to innocent people on earth at this time. The terrorists have proclaimed they are followers of Osama Bin Laden.

This is an urgent prayer request. Please send this to every praying believer you know. The threat is real. These people have no voice of there own. Please pray for our loving Father in Heaven to show His mighty hand to protect.

Hebrews 13:3

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