Muslims are getting along with Catholics and Eritrean Orthodox Church.
Evangelical Lutherans are spared. They get along with Muslims, Catholics, and Eritrean Orthodox.
Bible-believing Christians are being tortured and pressured to abandon their faith and return to the Eritrean Orthodox Church.

Eritrean Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. However, in May 2002, the government of Eritrea (an African nation) declared that it only recognizes the Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical Lutheran, and Muslim faiths. All other faiths are illegal. Evangelical Christians are being imprisoned and tortured for praying in their homes, possessing Bibles, or refusing to return to the Eritrean Orthodox Church.

The four recognized religions are all prone to goddess worship. Catholics and Orthodox worship Mary. Evangelical Lutherans were major participants in the Re-Imagining Conferences, which put the goddess Sophia ahead of Jesus. Muslims respond to Our Lady of Fatima. (Fatima was the name of Mohammad’s favorite daughter.) When a “pilgrim statue” of Our Lady of Fatima was taken through India, a million Muslims turned out to honor it.
When an apparition of “Mary” appeared above a Coptic church in Zheitoun, Egypt, Muslims came with their prayer rugs, and bowed down, and chanted verses from the Koran that honor Mary.

Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists go to apparition sites. The demonic thing that has been appearing in a Mary costume could be one of the keys to the coming one-world religion. (Have you seen Jim Tetlow’s video, “Messages from Heaven”? Or read his book about apparitions of Mary?)

EVANGELICAL LUTHERANS are very liberal and they are open to goddess worship.
They constituted 10% of participants at 1998 Re-Imagining conference (100 out of 1,000)

1994 conference — percentage was even higher percentage — 300 out of 2,000 Presbyterians had the most (405). Then Evangelical Lutherans (over 300).
Then Roman Catholics (234)

Following information is from Ecumenical Affairs page of website of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

Evangelical Lutherans are a member of the World Council of churches They engage in ecumenical dialog with Catholics and Orthodox They have interfaith dialog with Muslims and other pagans They signed the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, October 31, 1999, Augsburg, Germany. This is a Lutheran-Catholic document that reverses Martin Luther.
Their website has a section of “Lutheran/Roman Catholic Resources”

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