A Moment For Truth

Dave Hunt, in his usual fashion of marshalling facts and presenting them in a compelling way, tells why the Muslims are NOT peace-loving as has been presented in the world media following the World Trade Center disaster.

The Stillborn Palestinian State

This article reveals a horrible future for the people of Palestine, but from a source you may not suspect. Knowing that this entire area is desert or reclaimed desert, you immediately realize how important water is. This article may horrify you about the future of the Palestinian people and their fellow Muslims who are forcing them to remain where they are, refusing to allow them into their countries and societies.

Jihad War-From the Prophet Muhammad to Muhammad Atta

This important article documents that Jihad War is taught by the Koran and an important article of faith for those in the Islam religion. Jihad is not the deviant understanding of a few zealots but rather the abiding faith and understanding of most, if not all, Muslims.