Queen of Muslims, Queen of All

The Marian Apparitions’ Plan to Unite All Religions under the Catholic Church (August 2001) Table of Contents Ecstasy! 1 The Numbers are Staggering. 2 Marian Apparitions Everywhere. 3 All My Children. 4 “Mary” Promises Unity. 5…

Curses and Anathemas by the Roman Catholic Church

Mary Ann points out that only the Roman Catholic Church seeks to damn people to hell through curses and anathemas. Even Satanists don’t do that. She recites several documented instances in history when exactly that has happened, but brings it up to date when such anathemas were reaffirmed in 1962.

U.S. Showing Lack of Understanding or Honesty

Over the last several decades, nearly every Muslim country and essentially the entire Muslim world has experienced a religious resurgence or the unmistakable revival of Islamic fundamentalism. Anti-Americanism has a vice-like hold on the entire population…

Eternity in the Heart of Sydney

What was the meaning of the single word that up to 2 billion people saw linger on Sydney’s Harbor Bridge after the Year 2000 New Year’s Eve fireworks faded out? Why, out of all the New Year’s celebrations broadcast around the clock that day, did this one make you stop and think?

And We All Fall Down

Ted Brooks is known for his insight into Charismatic circles for he himself was formerly a Charismatic/Word of Faith pastor who openly approved of and promoted Toronto Blessing and Pensecola Revival type manifestations in his church and ministry.

Modern Persecution

What dangers do Christians face around the world? From whom? The author shows that both Muslims and Catholics are persecuting — yes, even killing — Christians, as well as maiming them, and burning their homes and churches.