The Truth About Islam — Is It Really Peaceful?

In Dave’s usual factual manner, based on exceptional research, he reveals the history of Islam from its beginning, showing it to be a bloodthirsty religion capable and willing to slay hundreds of thousands of innocents. It is an important read to fully understand the adversary.

Impossibility Of Evolution

In his brilliant manner, Dave Hunt makes a case for the impossibility of evolution that should be impossible for any thinking person to deny. Use this with those who still cling to the notion/theory of evolution.

The Gay Rights Movement Has Found God

Perhaps not surprisingly, the gay rights movement now seeks to remove the sin stigma that has long been attached to homosexuality. They are organizing an organization of churches that will endorse receiving homosexuals and embrace them within the Christian community. Not all agree.

Radical Islam in America

This short article tells of trouble within America resulting from Muslim schools that are teaching and breeding hatred for America and hero worship of those who commit suicide bombings.