Do The Will Of God

Scripture says that we must do the will of God if we are to enter heaven. This facet of a saving faith is basic in that it contains all the other facets within it. It is God’s will that those who will be saved satisfy the requirements of all the facets of a saving faith. The article shows the connection between the will of God and the teachings and commands of Jesus — how they are one and the same. It also shows the repeated emphasis by Jesus upon his words, his teachings, and his commands.

Legislate Morality

By Len Muncil This article was written by Len Muncil of the Center for Arizona Policy in Phoenix.   “You can’t legislate morality.” This simple phrase holds an honored place among the “current wisdom” of today.  …

A New Day For Mexico

The Extraordinary Story Of Juan Domingo, Who Went From Being A Successful American Businessman To A New Name And A New Life As A Missionary In Mexico. ENSENADA, MEXICO (December 14, 1999) – Juan Domingo was…

Persecution in Indonesia

The author, present in Indonesia, warns of the potential slaughter of thousands of Christians by Muslims who threaten to rid the area of all Christians. The author points out the lack of any significant police support.

God’s Will

Steve relates his life as the son of the famous Nate Saint who was one of five missionaries speared to death by South American natives. He tells about the reception he got as the son of the missionary hero and how God was to lead his own life. It is a worthwhile read that we can each apply to our own lives.

The Woman Who Rides the Beast

The following defense of The Woman Who Rides the Beast by author Dave Hunt will tell you a great deal about the book, its background, and its scholarly compilation.  It is certainly the finest book of…

The Many Facets of A Saving Faith

Many churches teach that salvation can be obtained by simply accepting the “free” gift of salvation and/or accepting Jesus as their Savior. Bernie shows this is far from the truth of Scripture. He points out the multi-faceted warnings of Scripture that can cause one to forfeit salvation. This article could cause many to come to a new understanding and to gain salvation through the Lord Jesus.