God’s View of Sin

This article arose from the observation that those in the church live as though they are unaware of the way God views sin. It was also because much of the church has falsely taught doctrines that seem to excuse sin or make it irrelevant as to salvation. This article makes plain that Scripture teaches that those who “live like this” in regular patterns of sin will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. You’ll also get to review false doctrines in vogue today that deny the awfulness of sin and the judgment that will result from it.

Presenting the Gospel to a Muslim

Presenting the Gospel to a Muslim The following answer is from a veteran missionary to Muslims: Q:   How do I explain to a Muslim how to be saved? A:   I try to avoid debate and argument. …

Distractions In Prayer

Ah dearest Lord! I cannot pray, My fancy is not free; Unmannerly distractions come, And force my thoughts from Thee. The world that looks so dull all day Glows bright on me at prayer, And plans…

Science Confirms the Bible

Is the Bible unscientific? Is it just a collection of fables as some contend? Not at all. The Bible told the truth centuries before science caught up. See commonly known facts (today), that were first stated in the Scriptures.