Modernity’s Assault on Truth

In this short article, Mr. Mohler gives valuable insights into the effects of modernity — now postmodernism — and its effect on the church as it seeks to deconstruct, to war on truth, and to cast down all religious, philosophical, political and cultural authorities. There are valuable insights and warnings to be gained.

Persecuted Church

It is estimated that 160,000 people were killed for their belief in Jesus in 1997 alone.  Most of those murdered were ex-Muslims in Islamic nations, where the fact that someone believes in “Isa” – the Islamic…

The Ana Mendez Story

Does the Holy Spirit still work in Christians in supernatural ways? Read the story of Ana Mendez and you will hear truly supernatural events resulting from a person giving herself wholly to Jesus Christ as her Lord!

Divine Protection

Ken and Britt Black (MCA missionaries) and Jeff and Laura Wilhoit (PBT missionaries) were returning from Ivory Coast by road. They stopped at a waterfalls for lunch and got a local kid to guard their car….