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Mission Statement

Our first mission is to publish books and articles on the internet, freely available to all, which investigate doctrines and teachings prevalent in the 21st-century Christian church which, if false, may deny a person salvation. As the Bereans of old, our question is, “What does Scripture say?” Some readers may be surprised to find that biblical doctrines are not in tension but fit together in perfect harmony when properly understood.

A second mission is to publish articles which authenticate Scripture as the supernatural Word of God. The reader will find that God does not expect blind faith. It may surprise some that God used many different means to authenticate his Word as being from God, not from man.

The third mission is to publish articles which show sound evidence of a young earth and biblical creation view. It may surprise many readers that scientific evidence does not support the theory of evolution but rather the biblical account of creation.

Our fourth mission is to publish articles which deal with important issues which impact Christianity and the church, particularly when, in our judgment, those issues may represent a danger to the church.