Interview with Barry Smith (Part 2)

End Time Shake Up

This article is taken from the November 27, 2001 issue, Vol 59, Iss 46 of New Zealand’s Christian Newspaper, Challenge Weekly.  See contact details at end of article.

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Wake-up call

Domino effect

Prophecies fulfilled

Electronic control

God in anthems

The world scene



“This is what the LORD Almighty says: `In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,' says the LORD Almighty.” (Haggai 2:6-7)

Wake-up call

The September 11 disaster is a wake up call to His people, according to this Kiwi evangelist. In the Old Testament God used a group called the Chaldeans to come against His people when Israel disobeyed Him. In like manner these days God is using the September 11 attack to wake up Americans and all nations who have turned away from Him, says Mr Smith.

“Habbakuk 1:6-11 implies that this is to wake up America. These terrorists are scoffing at the power of the US and according to, David Wilkerson of Times Square Church New York, the city of New York will be turned to dust.

According to Barry Smith the Muslims are also imputing their power to Allah. It is a fight between Allah and Yahweh. God is using these Arab people to act as a scourge upon His people, to bring them back to their knees.

Domino effect

Mr Smith says that New Zealand also needs to be brought back to their knees. In pointing to Haggai 2:6, our nation will also have a shake up, because we are part of the international scene and it is all part of the domino effect where if one nation goes down they all go down.

“That is why the Bank for International Settlements is trying to prop up Argentina at the moment because if Argentina goes down, the countries of Asia will also go down which includes NZ and Australia. Same thing with Japan, where things are getting worse and worse. America tries to build confidence saying it is looking good, but it is not looking good at all. The insurance bill alone for the Twin Towers will be outrageous.”

Barry Smith says there are some preachers who do not speak on these things because they only believe in positive confession but we are called to preach the whole gospel, he says.

Hebrews 12:26-27 speaks of a shaking that will take place. “Removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.”

This author of six books says God is going to shake every country and every individual and we will find out who has got the real thing. “We need true faith that is born of the spirit of God and is initiated by God in the heart of a man, not dreamed up by man and spoken by his lips.”

Prophecies fulfilled

Looking again through his books Mr Smith discovered that 46 of his prophecies have been fulfilled. Possibly the most significant one is New York under attack picture which was published in 1998 showing the twin towers with an aeroplane flying towards it and “Anthrax” written in the clouds. (See Challenge Weekly Nov 13) In a 1985 book he wrote that there would be people jumping to their death. This happened during the Asian downturn and during the 1929 stock market crash in New York. Then again in the more-recent Asian downturn, not to mention those who jumped out of the Twin Towers buildings on September 11.

Also in 1985 Mr Smith, pointed out that credit cards would take over from cash. This is especially true in New Zealand but Americans still use cash all the time but he believes that this will change as they will be forced into the cards. Another important one was in 1980 when he said that George Bush senior would become the next president. He became president in 1989-93.

“In 1989 in my book Final Notice, I noted that AIDS was created by man which has now been established by a man called Leonard Horowitz. Also in this book I said that unions are finished in New Zealand until the country is sold out. Helen Clark brought unions back in again, once the country was sold.”

Another significant fulfilled prophecy concerns the Nauruan people who lived on a phosphate island and were worth millions. But they were not allowed to touch their money and sure enough this year they were declared bankrupt because they sold all their phosphate and have nothing left. This was predicted in 1989.

The other one is that America and the UK must always work together.

They are saying now that Britain must join the Euro and there will be a referendum before the next election. Mr Smith predicts the result of this will be that Britain will join the Euro, which will take precedence over the American dollar. Then America will start going down and Europe will start becoming the power base with the Antichrist and their new money system, the Euro.

Electronic control

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States, British Prime Minister, Tony Blair is considering compulsory identity cards as part of a review of security laws in his country.

They are now saying that America is in danger of being hit by small-pox. Mr Smith received an article from a Dr Rod Lewis dated 6 November 2001, entitled “Small-pox Vaccines a way to Implant America”.

Mr Smith quoted the article saying, “HHS and his head honcho Tommy Thompson, are feverishly attempting to negotiate a pharmaceutical deal to produce 300 million doses of small-pox vaccines. They want to vaccinate everybody in the US. Now every American will have his or her name on the dose and the vaccine will have the chip in it. You step up to the pneumatic injection and then you are a walking data base and transmitter.”

This is one way to receive the chip says Mr Smith although he is not saying it is going to happen exactly like this, but it will happen.

“All this is being used to control the people and gradually take charge over their lives”

With his own eyes Mr Smith has seen that the US is already using this technology on their US Marines. Barry Smith spoke with a former US Marine a couple of months ago. He was told him that he and many other Marines have been implanted with this ID chip, on the site of their small-pox vaccination scar. These were the outdated versions of the microchips because the scanner had to be held right over the small-pox scar and their number was displayed.

“The chips are powered by a thermal gradient,” explains Mr Smith. “And the highest gradients are on the head, hands and arms. Now they are working on developing the chip and giving it out with the small-pox vaccines because they know that Saddam Hussein is in possession of the small-pox virus.”

God in anthems

We remember the images when the Twin Towers came down and heard people all over New York saying “Oh my God!” Now the question is who are they talking about? Maybe some of them would not have been believers in Jesus at all.

“I tremble when I hear people saying “Oh my God” especially when these people may not know God. Therefore why are they saying it? I acknowledge that there is a spiritual need within every man to believe in a supreme being but when people say “Oh my God” in a time of crisis, they often don't even realise they have said it. God can hear those word though and God is more merciful than most Christians I find.”

“God Bless America”, is phrase we continually hear but how can God bless America if they have cut out prayer and Bible reading in schools?” asks this world travelling evangelist. Mr Smith says people need to ask themselves when they are singing those sorts of songs, which god are they praying to.

“When New Zealanders sing ‘God defend New Zealand', how many New Zealanders actually know the Lord? In John 14:6 Jesus says ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.' People need to come to a conclusion in their minds on who Jesus is? However when Christians sing it, it makes all the difference,” says Mr Smith.

The world scene

Barry Smith believes that the world scene is coming to a culmination with the aim of setting up a world government. He says it is interesting that the world government people chose New Zealander Mike Moore to be the head of the World Trade Organisation. He knows all about restructuring for the New World Order because NZ was the test case.


Prayer is one of the keys during this time, Mr Smith reminds us.

“America has got itself into a bind through political correctness. But there will come a stage where political correctness will have to give way to reality. We need to pray for President George Bush and all our leaders. (1 Timothy 2:1-4) We pray for these people in leadership so we may lead a peaceful and quiet life in honesty and Godliness.

“Additionally we have to remember to pray for Osama bin Laden as he has a soul like everyone else. The thought of anyone going to hell should be appalling to a born again believer in Jesus, says Mr Smith. “Our faith in Jesus is based on love and not hate and revenge. That man is going somewhere for eternity. He is a very sick man on dialysis with kidney and liver trouble.

“I believe that government figures wanted to zoom in on one particular character so the world will feel secure. Just as they zoomed in on Saddam Hussein 10 years earlier through George Bush Senior, his son is now zooming in on another character; however I'm suggesting that there are many other people involved.

“I believe that it is possible that the Illuminati is behind everything that has happened. The Illuminati wanted a major crisis to get things cracking to introduce the formation of New World Order and get it underway. This is a spiritual battle for the soul of the world.”


Mr Smith believes that the book of Revelation seems to be getting ready to be fulfilled. Saying that at any time we could see a third of the population being wiped out, all the terrorists need to do is put bio-chemical warfare in the water supplies of all the major cities and where would we all be? He predicts that it will not take long for the terrorists to do it or something similar. “The terrorists have caused mayhem once and they have got the attention of the whole world so of course they are going to keep going now.”

The only way for America to be saved is if like the city of Nineveh, they repent as a nation and God in his mercy and longsuffering, He spares them from any further suffering.

“The world is sitting on the edge of the time bomb. It is for this reason that I say nobody is safe in any country unless they are under the blood of Jesus. There is no point in trying to be positive all the time as there are negatives and positives throughout life and God is the one who carries us through them (Hebrews 11:33).

We have faith that the Lord knows what He is doing and we are going to worship Him.

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