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Hideous Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

(Bible Translator and Minister of the Gospel)

There are widespread attacks on Christians in Pakistan.  This has especially escalated in the last few days since Bin Laden labeled America’s activities in Afghanistan as being aggression of the followers of the “Cross” against followers of Islam.

 There is widespread kidnapping and raping of poor Christian women. “You are killing our children and raping us in the name of Christ,”  said an embittered Muslim young man just before taking his vengeance out on a local Christian woman.  One such rapist  told his victim, “The baby you are going to have is Jesus.  For that is what Jesus  Christ was — an illegitimate child.  Your Christian brothers have killed millions of our Muslim brothers to promote Christianity.  Here I am giving you the baby, Christ.”

 According to highly authoritative sources, many other places have seen a rise in the slavery of Christian women and children, particularly the rural areas.  Often, Christian men are castrated while the women and children of his family are taken away as captives.  Reliable Christian sources report that in many such “camps” for kidnapped Christians, nursing mothers have their breasts sliced off to prevent them from feeding their babies.  It is reported that the Christians are even being forced to consume  human feces and urine as the “Body and Blood” of Christ.

 The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church, but how long will the church in the free world stay silent to such atrocities without having her conscience pricked?  First Corinthians 12 says, “If one member of the body suffers, we all suffer.”  God has strategically situated each one in His body according to his function, calling, and duties, so that no one can say, “There is no need for me,” or, “There is nothing that I can do.”  We have all been called to serve. Just as God used David’s slingshot to knock down Goliath and allowed David to use Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head, please help the Church in Pakistan by using your voice.  Please send this prayer letter far and wide, and urge people to fast and pray for Pakistan.  Christians in Pakistan face an immediate danger of mass genocide.  For your Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan, death would not be as painful as the preceding torture and humiliation that they have to endure for the sake of the cause of Christ.

Please ask God to redeem all Pakistani Christians from legal charges and to restore their honor.  For many years, Christians have been living as the poorest of the poor, as “untouchables,” and are called “rats.”  They do not have good education, decent employment, or any of the amenities that many in the free world would consider to be basic to living, such as clean food, water, and transportation.  Ask God to exalt the Pakistani Christians over their accusers and oppressors.

Pray for God to place Christians in positions of authority and influence, to make superior education and medical assistance freely available to Pakistani Christians, and to increase them in wisdom and stature.  Pray for God to provide Pakistani Christians with latest computers, technology, learning tools, and education in technology, finance, and law.

Please also pray for Pakistani Christians to increase in health, fitness, and height, because disease and malnutrition have been common among them.  Ask God to motivate highly placed authorities to become outspoken advocates for Pakistani Christians.

Please ask God to keep General Musharraf as the president of Pakistan and to protect him and his family from any revolt.  He is more moderate than his opponents on religious issues and so has proven to be relatively good for minorities like the Christians and Parsees.  As the war continues, though, more and more Pakistanis seem to be seeing President Musharraf as an anti-Muslim traitor who betrayed his own Muslim Afghan brothers, and sold out to the Christians.  The majority of Pakistanis view the American involvement in Afghanistan as Christian aggression on Muslims.  Pray for Pakistan to be protected from foreign occupation.  Ask God to shine His Light in the hearts of the people of Karachi and Peshawar, flood those cities with His Truth, and divinely implement daily group Bible study in every household.  Ask Jesus to draw my Parsee people away from worship of fire and angels.

Please beg God on your knees to burden seasoned missionaries, mature intercessors, and administrators to join our ministry team for lifelong service to the Parsee people of South Asia.  Please pray for my own parents’ salvation, safety, and Christian friendships.

Please pray that God would vigorously promote fasting and prayer for Pakistan and for our unreached Parsee people.

Your servant in Christ,

Rev. Kaezad Dadachanjee

Bible Translator and Minister of the Gospel



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