Ellen G. White: Her Beliefs, Prophecies, and Visions

In a nutshell: William Miller in 1818 began to calculate the time of Christ’s return mainly from the book of Daniel.  He concluded Christ would return in 1843 or 1844. He and his followers waited. All were greatly disappointed when his prophecy/calculations failed – one being Ellen G. White.  Most left the “Adventist” movement.  

Ellen G. White, however, claiming divine inspiration claimed Jesus was now beginning his judgment in heaven and those that were saved would also have to pass a test of works to be truly saved.  Like all false prophets she came up with “something else” that happened in 1844 and 7th Day Adventism was born as a result. 

As Jehovah’s Witnesses false prophecy of Armagedon in 1914 was a disappointment to that group until the leadership declared after 1914 – “Oh, Jesus came invisibly and is now invisibly dividing sheep from goats.” Sheep of course being only Jehovah’s witnesses.  

Ellen G. White established a “one true remnant church” with her false visions. She is a classic example of a FALSE PROPHET and RELIGIOUS TYRANT! 

Jesus People Editor

Ellen G. White said while in a trance she visited Jupiter and Saturn and said “The inhabitants there are a tall majestic people. Sin has never entered there.” Reference: Arthur White, Ellen White the Early Years, Vol. 1, 1827-1862, p. 113 and The Letter of Mrs. Truesdail, Jan. 27, 1891. 

Book Offer: “White Out” by Dirk Anderson $11.00 donation to J.P.I.C. 4338 3`d Ave. Sacramento, CA 95817.  Being a prophet is difficult enough, without the extra burden of having serious health problems caused by a childhood brain injury. Yet Ellen White accepted the prophetic calling. She never could have done it alone. In fact, she had plenty of help in her prophetic work. Her close associates were instrumental in hiding her mistakes, glossing over her blunders, covering up her faulty visions, and “whiting-out” her failed predictions.

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