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Listening In

The reader “listens in” on an email response to a person who wrote to say they learned he was advocating “lordship theology” and they were going to retract his article and apologize for printing it.
Bernie reviews the scriptures which emphasize the role of Jesus as Lord, how the early church preached, how the people received the Word, and the scriptural requirements for receiving Jesus as Lord and the commensurate duty to obey him.

The Antinomians are Coming!

Don’t know the meaning of Antinomian? You’ll learn that and lots more from this excellent discussion of the lawlessness of those who claim freedom in Christ in the heresy that has gripped the church in the western world. This article explains much of the “why” of the bad and evil that has happened in the church.

Test Yourselves!

Paul commands Christians to examine themselves — test themselves — to see if they are in the faith. This article will permit you to do exactly that. Perhaps you will learn that you do not have a saving faith. You will also learn what to do to have a saving faith, to have the indwelling Holy Spirit, and to have the joy, peace, and love that are the fruit of the Spirit. Do not approach this subject lightly. Each of these tests are a salvation issue! Many will fail the tests!