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God’s View of Sin

This article arose from the observation that those in the church live as though they are unaware of the way God views sin. It was also because much of the church has falsely taught doctrines that seem to excuse sin or make it irrelevant as to salvation. This article makes plain that Scripture teaches that those who “live like this” in regular patterns of sin will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. You’ll also get to review false doctrines in vogue today that deny the awfulness of sin and the judgment that will result from it.

Do The Will Of God

Scripture says that we must do the will of God if we are to enter heaven. This facet of a saving faith is basic in that it contains all the other facets within it. It is God’s will that those who will be saved satisfy the requirements of all the facets of a saving faith. The article shows the connection between the will of God and the teachings and commands of Jesus — how they are one and the same. It also shows the repeated emphasis by Jesus upon his words, his teachings, and his commands.

The Many Facets of A Saving Faith

Many churches teach that salvation can be obtained by simply accepting the “free” gift of salvation and/or accepting Jesus as their Savior. Bernie shows this is far from the truth of Scripture. He points out the multi-faceted warnings of Scripture that can cause one to forfeit salvation. This article could cause many to come to a new understanding and to gain salvation through the Lord Jesus.

Proofs of Conditional Salvation

This is a comprehensive article that deals with many issues associated with the false doctrine of once saved, always saved. This article can give you many of the proofs you need to discuss this issue intelligently with others. The author, an attorney, proves beyond a reasonable doubt the falsity of the doctrine of unconditional eternal security.

Conformed To His Likeness

Does the Scripture require that all true believers — those who will inherit the Kingdom of God — be conformed to the likeness of Jesus? The answer is an emphatic “YES”! This article reveals the multiple Scriptures and proofs. The gate and road to salvation begin to feel very narrow. This is an important read!


SAVING FAITH   What is it?     by     Bernie Koerselman       MS Word Letter Size                                                           PDF Format Letter Size     MS Word A4 Size                                                                 PDF format A4 Size      Table of Contents        Preamble Saving Faith:  What Is It? Introduction The Object Of Our Faith – The Lord Jesus Christ…

An Open Letter to Pastors

In this letter, Bernie expresses his concern that the church has lost the plot. First he recites the lack of discipleship — the specific command of Jesus in the Great commission. Then he reviews both fraud and deceit in the presentation of the Gospel. This is a profound indictment of the church culture.

What is the Gospel?

Everyone in Christendom seems to use the term “Gospel”. What do they mean by that term? Because we are plagued with false doctrines within western Christendom, it seemed appropriate to define the Biblical Gospel — the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is far more contained in the Gospel than one might first think. Because Gospel is defined as good news, many think only positive things can be part of the Gospel. You decide after reading this important article. The article is also a review of what is required for salvation according to the Scriptures.

When are Christians Finally Saved?

 Letter Size, Word Format       A4 Size, Word Format                                                      Letter Size, PDF Format           A4 Size, PDF Format  Table of Contents Introduction Jesus Said to Persevere To the End Can Conduct Cost Salvation? Jesus' Warnings Blotted From the Lamb's Book Of Life Paul's Warnings Peter's Warning Scripture Warns Against Unbelief Example From Israel's History…

A Little Mistake Can Mean A Lot

Brian uses the example of eating food to which a person is highly allergic — to the point of causing death. It was only a little mistake, wasn’t it? But look at the devastating result. Likewise for those who have the “little mistake” of thinking they don’t need Jesus. What catastrophic results will come from that mistake!