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You Must Be Born Again

This is still another article that discusses a facet of a saving faith. It was Jesus’ teaching to Nicodemus that showed that being born again is necessary in order to have salvation. Jesus said, “no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” This article shows how one becomes born again, the results of being born again, and examples (my own) and Chinese prisoners.

When are Christians Finally Saved?

 Letter Size, Word Format       A4 Size, Word Format                                                      Letter Size, PDF Format           A4 Size, PDF Format  Table of Contents Introduction Jesus Said to Persevere To the End Can Conduct Cost Salvation? Jesus' Warnings Blotted From the Lamb's Book Of Life Paul's Warnings Peter's Warning Scripture Warns Against Unbelief Example From Israel's History…

Working Faith — A Faith that Works

Jesse correctly points out that a saving faith is not a passive, do-nothing faith, that James says is dead. No, it is a working faith, eager to do what is right, to be obedient to the teachings and commands of the Lord Jesus, and to do those works prepared in advance for each believer to do.

What is the Gospel?

Everyone in Christendom seems to use the term “Gospel”. What do they mean by that term? Because we are plagued with false doctrines within western Christendom, it seemed appropriate to define the Biblical Gospel — the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is far more contained in the Gospel than one might first think. Because Gospel is defined as good news, many think only positive things can be part of the Gospel. You decide after reading this important article. The article is also a review of what is required for salvation according to the Scriptures.

Test Yourselves!

Paul commands Christians to examine themselves — test themselves — to see if they are in the faith. This article will permit you to do exactly that. Perhaps you will learn that you do not have a saving faith. You will also learn what to do to have a saving faith, to have the indwelling Holy Spirit, and to have the joy, peace, and love that are the fruit of the Spirit. Do not approach this subject lightly. Each of these tests are a salvation issue! Many will fail the tests!


SAVING FAITH   What is it?     by     Bernie Koerselman       MS Word Letter Size                                                           PDF Format Letter Size     MS Word A4 Size                                                                 PDF format A4 Size      Table of Contents        Preamble Saving Faith:  What Is It? Introduction The Object Of Our Faith – The Lord Jesus Christ…

Remain in Jesus

This command of Jesus — that we must remain in him — is a salvation issue. Jesus combines this command with the necessity to produce much fruit which gives glory to God and identifies those who produce much fruit as Jesus’ disciples.
The issue is one of perseverance. The article shows false doctrines and how this particular command of the Lord Jesus refutes the false doctrines.

Proofs of Conditional Salvation

This is a comprehensive article that deals with many issues associated with the false doctrine of once saved, always saved. This article can give you many of the proofs you need to discuss this issue intelligently with others. The author, an attorney, proves beyond a reasonable doubt the falsity of the doctrine of unconditional eternal security.

Must Christians Be Righteous?

This article is concerned with the facet of a saving faith requiring righteousness exceeding that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law. The centrality of righteousness in God’s plan for mankind is reviewed. This is another article that is scary — the requirements are substantial. Taking this to heart makes one truly fear God. An important read and study for each of us to apply to our lives.

Obedience: The Mark of a (True) Christian

In this article, the reasons are explained why obedience is a natural and necessary evidence of a saving faith. Mr. Koerselman shows that the primary relationship between Jesus and his followers is that of Master and servant. The servant’s position requires obedience if he is to be a faithful servant. Romans 8:29 is also added as the reason obedience is a necessary part of the true believer’s behavior — conformed to the likeness of Jesus. Jesus was totally obedient to his father, saying and doing only that which the Father told him to do and say.