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Barry R. Smith – Evangelist

This is a short testimony by the son of Barry Smith, Evangelist, after the news of Barry’s death in England while on a preaching tour there. He was a faithful man of God who has gone to be with his Lord.

The Ana Mendez Story

Does the Holy Spirit still work in Christians in supernatural ways? Read the story of Ana Mendez and you will hear truly supernatural events resulting from a person giving herself wholly to Jesus Christ as her Lord!

God’s Will

Steve relates his life as the son of the famous Nate Saint who was one of five missionaries speared to death by South American natives. He tells about the reception he got as the son of the missionary hero and how God was to lead his own life. It is a worthwhile read that we can each apply to our own lives.

Andrew Strom — His Story

Sorry that there has been no ‘NZ Urgent Christian News’ over the last couple of weeks. I have been inordinately busy, and just have had no time. Someone wrote to me this week asking about my background, and whether I could supply some info to the List on this.   I guess it is quite…

Three Testimonies

Again Carl shows how simple faithfulness can allow God to fulfill his purposes. In two instances, Carl simply, but faithfully, gave out tracts. In both cases God used the tracts to save the people. In another, Carl shows how a simple word from God he shouted to a druggie caused the person’s life to be transformed by God.

A Testimony

Harvey tells of his experience in Mexico, how his van stalled numerous times, and how he was delivered. His final experience made his realize the Lord’s promise, that he will always be with us and never forsake us.

Carl Giordano's Testimony Before Congress

In testimony not schedule by Congress but definitely planned by the Lord, Carl gave an unusual testimony. This testimony shows how God works when he has a willing, obedient servant. Does God speak to his servants today? Does God enable what he wants to happen? Learn the answers to these questions in Carl’s testimony.

Martin and Gracia Burnham

Three hundred seventy-nine days ago, Martin and Gracia Burnham were captured by Muslim terrorists in the Southern Philippines. They were staying at the Dos Palmas resort off the island of Palawan when members of the Abu Sayyaf group (an organization affiliated with the al-Qaeda terrorist network) took them hostage. Gracia had surprised Martin with the…

Richard’s Home-Going

Richard Lord had severe physical problems for which he was treated for many years. He had unceasing pain; terrible side affects from the treatment. But he remained cheerful and totally trusting in the Lord Jesus. The story tells of the result of all this on his children.