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Volker Bauerle’s Testimony

Testimony of Volker Bauerle By Volker Bauerle "Something To Think About…" When I grew up in Germany, I had to go to church every Sunday until I was 14 years old, when all the Lutheran boys and girls were confirmed. Confirmation was a big deal in those days because you got presents from all the…

The Witness of Johannes Seitz

I was born in a poverty-stricken village in the Black Forest. It took five hours to travel from our village to Möttlingen. The morals and economy had sunk so low through the widespread chronic drunkenness, that nearly everyone was in want. The pastor was a heavy drinker and the mayor of the village practically lived…

World Cup Finals – 2002

There is hardly anything more important in sports to much of the world than the World Cup Finals. The behavior of the Brazilian team should be an encouragement to Christians everywhere.

My Story

Vincent’s story is unusually dark. It is a challenging view of the spirit world and what can happen to people who begin to dabble in seemingly innocent occult practices. Be prepared for a look at the powers of the occult. Rejoice in the greater powers of our Lord Jesus.

Testimony of Mehrunisa

Mehrunisa came to the church for prayer for her daughter. She was converted. Though serious problems beset her, the LORD was more than sufficient for her needs. A true story about a Muslim conversion.

Three Testimonies

Again Carl shows how simple faithfulness can allow God to fulfill his purposes. In two instances, Carl simply, but faithfully, gave out tracts. In both cases God used the tracts to save the people. In another, Carl shows how a simple word from God he shouted to a druggie caused the person’s life to be transformed by God.

Richard’s Home-Going

Richard Lord had severe physical problems for which he was treated for many years. He had unceasing pain; terrible side affects from the treatment. But he remained cheerful and totally trusting in the Lord Jesus. The story tells of the result of all this on his children.

God’s Will

Steve relates his life as the son of the famous Nate Saint who was one of five missionaries speared to death by South American natives. He tells about the reception he got as the son of the missionary hero and how God was to lead his own life. It is a worthwhile read that we can each apply to our own lives.

One Fish that Jumped Out Of The River

Matt tells his story of his spiritual life while under the influence of “TB” (Toronto Blessing). Contrary to the glowing reports often circulated, consider this man’s insider’s view which depicts quite a different side — one of disillusionment, disappointment, and defeat. His story is worth reading.