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In Pursuit Of The Esoteric

Jeannette recites the many paths she took, even believing herself to be a Christian, into dark places, always in search of knowledge. She reveals how often she was lured into areas of demonic activity. There is great wisdom here for those who have dabbled (or worse) in the occult, and how to be free from it.


How did the haunting melody of Taps come into being? You’ll be surprised at the origins of it. Did you know there are words?

The Life That Wins

In this powerful testimony written in 1911, Charles Trumbull shares how his life was finally transformed into a living relationship with Christ in him. He shares the emptiness of his prior diligent, busy Christian life — until he came to realize that it was Jesus Christ and him only that he needed — the indwelling Jesus who would life his life through him. A powerful, needful testimony. Enjoy and be challenged!

Barbara William’s Healing

Barbara had bad knees, neck, and joints for a long time. Then she fell on a street in Peru, further exacerbating her condition. She wrote friends for prayer, but received her healing as she sent the message. We have a GREAT GOD!

Observations on New Zealand

I’m an American. I’m an American living in New Zealand. I have lived here for 612 days. I’ve eaten kiwi fruit, seen kiwis, I have consumed enough lamb chops to stretch – chop to chop – from here to America, I’ve drunken a sufficient amount of local beer to fill the Pacific Basin, I have…