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The Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu

Not surprising, the well-researched story of the resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu has been much criticized. I leave to you what you can learn and take from this story that many swear to be true. You may also find the last part of the story particularly important, as it shows God’s lessons intended from this miracle. It shows a pastor who devoted himself to service to the Lord, yet would have lost his salvation over his refusal to forgive his wife — exactly as stated in Matthew 6 and 18. This story has been updated by the author, who interviewed and video-taped his conversations with many of the participants. You’ll find the updated portion at the end of the original story. You’ll be blessed!

Answering Skeptics

Because the website of a discernment ministry has continued to mischaracterize the resurrection of Daniel Ekechukwu, David Servant wrote a response that examined the arguments presented against the resurrection. Sadly, we find that the claims against the resurrection were made without new facts and by using false arguments and untrue assertions. In many instances the author used Scripture improperly. This is an example of people with a preconceived theology that supercedes both what God is doing and what the Scripture says. It is a worthy read.