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The Ennoblement of a Secular Vocation

David explains to those not in full-time Christian service that their vocation is also to be dedicated to God. Each day they are to do the best they can at it as if they are serving the Lord Jesus. They are the ones on whom other ministries rely. They provide the funds to make other ministries possible. David’s point is that everything we do is to be done as unto the Lord Jesus, whether we are in full-time Christian service or a secular vocation.

Silver and Gold Have I Quite a Large Sum

David compares the teachings of Scripture with respect to money with the actions, life-styles, and salaries of many leading “Christian” ministries. The article is sickening in what it reveals. Its warning is clear, but should not apply only to those ministry leaders obviously violating the teachings of Scripture, but to all of us. This is an important read.