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The Religious vs. the Righteous

Does persecution come only from unbelievers? Jesse shows that it is the persecution by those who claim to be Christians that hurts the most. He also shows the kind of person from whom this comes and why. You may have experienced this; I hope you have.

Hated for the Name: Persecuted for Preaching

Jesse explores more instances of persecution for preaching the Gospel in America. Jesse’s writing is not theoretical, but of his own experiences in this, the land of the free with guarantees of free speech. Jesse shows how even though a person may seek to witness and preach within the confines of the law — asking police where he can preach — it is no assurance that he may not be arrested and jailed.

2 Days and 1 Night in Smith County Jail

Even though asking the police where he could preach, Jesse was arrested for walking on a sidewalk. In the jail he was subjected to danger by being put with dangerous inmates. But the Lord did his own work, using Jesse in the jail to preach.

Persecution of Christians in America

Compiling materials from many sources, Mary Ann Collins describes persecution of Christians in many different areas of America from the school to the prison. It may seem unbelievable that such things are happening in America. Perhaps we must all pay much closer attention and be prepared to help and to oppose such violations against fellow believers.