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Atrocities in Ambon Reported by Eyewitnesses

WEST JAVA, INDONESIA (DECEMBER 27, 1999) ASSIST Communications P.O. Box 2126 Garden Grove, CA 92842-2126 USA Email: assistcomm@cs.com (The following is the text of a report of a visit to the war zone of a religious war between Moslems and Christians on the island of Ambon, East Indonesia, by the Rev. Willem Hekman, Pastor of…

Tragedy in Pakistan

This is direct word from a Pakistani pastor of the slaughter of Christians by gunmen armed with automatic weapons entering a church during time of prayer. Hundreds were reported injured as well as many who died.

The Religious vs. the Righteous

Does persecution come only from unbelievers? Jesse shows that it is the persecution by those who claim to be Christians that hurts the most. He also shows the kind of person from whom this comes and why. You may have experienced this; I hope you have.

Arrested for the Gospel

In a real life tale, Jesse details how he was arrested, even though being polite and willing to do as the authorities asked. His story shows how many have a desire to quench the Gospel. Even though the crowd he was preaching to did not want him to stop, the police arrested him anyway.

Religious Thought Police

Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. Email: ReligiousThoughtPolice@juno.com www.ReligiousThoughtPolice.com “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)   Christianity is under assault. A Swedish pastor was sent to jail for preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality. A Canadian judge forced schools to teach homosexuality in…

Persecuted Church

It is estimated that 160,000 people were killed for their belief in Jesus in 1997 alone.  Most of those murdered were ex-Muslims in Islamic nations, where the fact that someone believes in “Isa” – the Islamic name for Jesus – is viewed as falling away from the true faith and is punishable by death.  …

Persecution in Eritrea

Muslims are getting along with Catholics and Eritrean Orthodox Church. Evangelical Lutherans are spared. They get along with Muslims, Catholics, and Eritrean Orthodox. Bible-believing Christians are being tortured and pressured to abandon their faith and return to the Eritrean Orthodox Church. Eritrean Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. However, in May 2002, the government of Eritrea…

Persecution in Indonesia

The author, present in Indonesia, warns of the potential slaughter of thousands of Christians by Muslims who threaten to rid the area of all Christians. The author points out the lack of any significant police support.

Pakistan Christians Murdered

From The Voice of the Martyrs, February 2002 Newsletter Toddlers were among those killed. Even when their little bodies fell the bullets didn’t stop. Some people ran for cover toward a small room behind the altar. Pleas for mercy were ignored, survi­vors said. They recalled one killer who stood over a pile of dead and…