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The Crucifixion Described

A physician testifies about the crucifixion. What really happened to Jesus? How great was his suffering? What caused his death? To know the depth of his suffering is to more greatly appreciate the enormous sacrifice he made so that we could have eternal life.

To “Out of Church” Christians

Many people have and are rebelling against the structured, institutional church. Andrew has harsh words for some of them who claim they’re in the wilderness purportedly being perfected and readied by God for his purposes, but instead are on the sidelines criticizing everyone else. Good words, important call to repentance!

The Church of Tomorrow

The article above speaks of a faith revolution with many “revolutionaries” seeking the original New Testament Church. Andrew Strom examines what such a church would look like, what it would do, where it would be, and what example it would set. Which kind of “church” do you want?

O’ Jerusalem

Dave Hunt Israel is the major topic of the Bible, occupying most of its pages. The many prophecies concerning its past, present, and future are vital in understanding God’s Word. Sadly, they are ignored, explained away, or simply rejected by the vast majority of professing Christians, a growing number of whom insist that Israel has…

Whirlwind Called Katrina

In an excellent review of disasters striking America that coincide with America’s pressure on Israel to give up covenant land, Jim calls attention to the role of Hurricane Katrina and the timing and parallels between the devastation and refugees resulting from the Hurricane and the refugees in Israel resulting from the withdrawl from Gaza.

Christians Aren’t Perfect, Just Forgiven

In this article John describes a true and saving faith in terms of what is inextricably connected with it — obedience and works. He describes the faith as a mainspring from which springs inevitably works and obedience. He states there cannot be a saving faith without obedience, but that the modern 20th century church is in deep error on this point. The article states a needed truth in evangelical preaching.

The Lordship of Jesus

A well stated, short, factual argument that Jesus is Lord and must be Lord. There is no bifurcated Jesus, where one can accept him as Savior and not as Lord. That is “another Jesus.” He also describes what it means to have Jesus as one’s Lord.