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Tragedy in Pakistan

This is direct word from a Pakistani pastor of the slaughter of Christians by gunmen armed with automatic weapons entering a church during time of prayer. Hundreds were reported injured as well as many who died.

Response to Terrorism – A Christian Perspective

When the World Trade Center collapsed and the United States Pentagon was attacked, the world recognized a new paradigm had begun which would have to take into account how to react to terrorism. While there is much talk about retaliation and even revenge, what should be the response of the Christian? Is it a knee-jerk reaction or should we go to our Master and seek his counsel and his commands?

The Religious vs. the Righteous

Does persecution come only from unbelievers? Jesse shows that it is the persecution by those who claim to be Christians that hurts the most. He also shows the kind of person from whom this comes and why. You may have experienced this; I hope you have.

There’s a Sheep Born Every Second

As his tongue-in-cheek “title” (above) shows, David tells how many, perhaps most, Christians blindly follow others that they revere as their pastors, apostles, etc. Instead of first following the Great Shepherd and knowing him well, they spend time and energy following men. This short, but important, article is thoughtful, well-written, and interesting. We highly recommend it.

Reality Vs. Man-Made Doctrine

Responding to a person who expounded to her a doctrine of grace, Rayola emphasizes the priorities of the Gospel — the person of Jesus Christ. In her insightful way, she shows what man has constructed and in doing so has often lost the purpose and priority of the Scriptures.

“RADICAL Chinese House Churches”

This article is enough to put all of us in America to shame. It contrasts the Chinese House Church with western Christianity. The comparison is sad — for western Christianity. On the other hand, to see how the Chinese House Churches follow the Lord Jesus is encouraging and exhilarating.

Ye Are Not in Darkness

Are we in darkness that we should be surprised by the second coming of Jesus? Many say so, but Ed Spurlin shows why Scripture says otherwise. This is the usual, thoughtful, informative writing that we are accustomed to from Ed Spurlin. Highly recommended read.

A Millennial Sabbath?

Could the concept in Scripture of weeks of days, weeks, months, and years also apply to millenniums? Could the traditional Hebrew calendar have had errors which, when corrected, show we are close to the 7th Millennium?

Where Is the Christ In Christmas?

This thoughtful article reflects on the origins of the holiday Christians revere as the birth of the Christ. Ed shows that almost all of the customs we celebrate derive from pagan beginnings, the very thing God was quick to condemn. For those who want to be aware of where our culture and churches are as opposed to the teachings of God’s word, this is a worthwhile read.