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The Da Vinci Code and Other Dece

The Da Vinci Code and Other Deceptions   by Mary Ann Collins                 “The Da Vinci Code” is the biggest book phenomenon since “Harry Potter.” Since its publication in April 2003, “The Da Vinci Code” has sold more than 40 million copies in the United States. It has been translated into 45 languages…

May Christians Divorce? (And Remarry?)

Amazingly the rate of divorce among Christians is higher than the general population and higher than agnostics and atheists in the United States. This article looks at what Jesus said about marriage and divorce and then considers possible reasons for the high divorce rate among professing Christians. Finally, it suggests the necessary actions wrongfully divorced professing Christians should take.

Atrocities in Ambon Reported by Eyewitnesses

WEST JAVA, INDONESIA (DECEMBER 27, 1999) ASSIST Communications P.O. Box 2126 Garden Grove, CA 92842-2126 USA Email: assistcomm@cs.com (The following is the text of a report of a visit to the war zone of a religious war between Moslems and Christians on the island of Ambon, East Indonesia, by the Rev. Willem Hekman, Pastor of…

2007: The Year the Elijah Revolution Begins

Several times I’ve heard people say that 2007 will be the last good year or that it will be the beginning of bad times for America. Johnny Enlow reinforces that possibility in his most unusual article that relates back to Israel. This is a fascinating read, a very possible scenario, with alternative outcomes Johnny describes. He lays out his belief about what will affect America’s future and why.

What’s Behind “The Passion of the Christ”?

Ed has examined the movie from many different angles not seen before. He noted the attitude of the Christians who had seen it. He noted the movie didn’t show why Jesus suffered and died as he did. He drew the analogy of how the sacrificial animals were sacrificed — gently and with little to no pain — and compared that to what was shown in the movie. He asks the question “Who caused Jesus to suffer as he did?” Was it God or was it God-haters? See the many other insights Ed has with respect to this movie.

Cross Life

In this excellent article, Fred shows the centrality of the cross and how we can use the popularity of the symbol as a means of evangelism.

Letter to Palestine via CWM

]]>Christian Witness Ministries urges YOU to “”…contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints”” — Jude. v3 This page uses java scripts to enhance your browsing experience. At some stage you may need to upgrade your Browser. ]]> Open Letter Search – Index of   Home  CETF – Index  VANGUARD – Index  A LETTER TO THE PALESTINIANS FROM NEW…

A Faith Revolution is Redefining Church

Would it be good to be a revolutionary? After you read this article, you may think it is indeed not only good, but perhaps the only way to be a Christian who lives out the Christian life. According to George Barna, there are significant and growing numbers of Christians (he estimates 20 million) who are dissatisfied with the lukewarm experience of the local church and are seeking to become the Church (capital C) of the book of Acts. These people are usually leaving the local church to find a deeper, more significant walk with the Lord. Barna believes this may be the new, perhaps most significant, revival experienced in the church in the next twenty years.