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A Faith Revolution is Redefining Church

Would it be good to be a revolutionary? After you read this article, you may think it is indeed not only good, but perhaps the only way to be a Christian who lives out the Christian life. According to George Barna, there are significant and growing numbers of Christians (he estimates 20 million) who are dissatisfied with the lukewarm experience of the local church and are seeking to become the Church (capital C) of the book of Acts. These people are usually leaving the local church to find a deeper, more significant walk with the Lord. Barna believes this may be the new, perhaps most significant, revival experienced in the church in the next twenty years.

To “Out of Church” Christians

Many people have and are rebelling against the structured, institutional church. Andrew has harsh words for some of them who claim they’re in the wilderness purportedly being perfected and readied by God for his purposes, but instead are on the sidelines criticizing everyone else. Good words, important call to repentance!

The Church of Tomorrow

The article above speaks of a faith revolution with many “revolutionaries” seeking the original New Testament Church. Andrew Strom examines what such a church would look like, what it would do, where it would be, and what example it would set. Which kind of “church” do you want?