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Where Is the Christ In Christmas?

This thoughtful article reflects on the origins of the holiday Christians revere as the birth of the Christ. Ed shows that almost all of the customs we celebrate derive from pagan beginnings, the very thing God was quick to condemn. For those who want to be aware of where our culture and churches are as opposed to the teachings of God’s word, this is a worthwhile read.

Is Christmas Pagan or Christian?

Dr. Morris reviews the pagan background of the Christmas holiday, but shows a more profound possibility for the holiday, namely that it may have been around the time of our Christmas holiday that God became man, that the virgin Mary was made pregnant by the Holy Spirit. This is an excellent, easily readable article that is well worth the time.

Why Don’t We Celebrate Halloween?

In the easy-to-read format of a dialogue, Alan reveals the history of Halloween and the many biblical reasons this holiday should not be celebrated by Christians. The dialogue permits a young, enthusiastic youth leader to raise objections while allowing the author to expose the evil, and the appearance of evil, of the Halloween celebration.