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Sermon – Jesus is Lord

This sermon is quite long. It required 40 minutes to preach but I had one opportunity to present this information to the audience. It could surely be broken into two or three parts and preached in greater detail. The sermon notes are given but in sufficient detail so anyone using them can easily fill in the detail with his own personality.

The sermon covers many facets of the elements necessary to salvation, most importantly that Jesus is the Lord of all true believers. From there is goes to the believer’s role as servant, that he must be obedient, that obedience itself is related to salvation, that with commitment to Jesus as Lord to obey him comes the gift of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.

The Lordship of Jesus

A well stated, short, factual argument that Jesus is Lord and must be Lord. There is no bifurcated Jesus, where one can accept him as Savior and not as Lord. That is “another Jesus.” He also describes what it means to have Jesus as one’s Lord.

Our Lord

This article investigates how the early church spoke and wrote about Jesus as Lord. Did the first century church regard receiving Jesus as fundamental to salvation, or did it accept the notion advanced by man in the 20th and 21st century that salvation can be obtained by accepting Jesus as one’s Savior? The result of the study is overwhelmingly clear. There is only evidence on one side — that Jesus must be Lord. There is no evidence to the contrary, none to support accepting Jesus only as Savior and obtaining salvation.