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Letter to Palestine via CWM

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict An Open Letter to the Palestinians By David White   Horror Of Palestinian Mindset By Associated Press   Anatomy Of the Jerusalem Bus Bombing Author Unknown   The Stillborn Palestinian State By Boris Shusteff – June 2002   An Open Letter to the Palestinians By David White David White is a New Zealander…

Horror of Palestinian Mindset

The Associated Press managed to recount the actions of a Palestinian family both before and after their son was killed in a murderous attack on Israelis. It is hard for the western mind to fathom the Palestinian mindset, as shown in this article.

Anatomy of the Jerusalem Bus Bumbing

The description is graphic of just how a dedicated Islamic extremist killed 19 people, many students going to school. His mindset is also revealed. Can such thinking be overcome by merely granting a separate state-nation for the Palestinians?

The Stillborn Palestinian State

This article reveals a horrible future for the people of Palestine, but from a source you may not suspect. Knowing that this entire area is desert or reclaimed desert, you immediately realize how important water is. This article may horrify you about the future of the Palestinian people and their fellow Muslims who are forcing them to remain where they are, refusing to allow them into their countries and societies.