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Ye Are Not in Darkness

Are we in darkness that we should be surprised by the second coming of Jesus? Many say so, but Ed Spurlin shows why Scripture says otherwise. This is the usual, thoughtful, informative writing that we are accustomed to from Ed Spurlin. Highly recommended read.

A Millennial Sabbath?

Could the concept in Scripture of weeks of days, weeks, months, and years also apply to millenniums? Could the traditional Hebrew calendar have had errors which, when corrected, show we are close to the 7th Millennium?

World War III

Ed has come up with some fascinating insights in this article, many that fly in the face of conventional understandings of end-time scenarios. This is a very interesting read and worthy of serious consideration.

The Tribultation, the Rapture, and the Final Wrath of God

The Scriptures from the Revelation, Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Zechariah are reviewed to show there is a clear message which tells the believer there will be a rapture, the signs of when it will occur, and that it will be a world-wide, visible event striking terror into unbelievers. The discussion differentiates between the tribulation which believers will endure and the final wrath of God which is reserved for unbelievers.