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May Christians Divorce? (And Remarry?)

Amazingly the rate of divorce among Christians is higher than the general population and higher than agnostics and atheists in the United States. This article looks at what Jesus said about marriage and divorce and then considers possible reasons for the high divorce rate among professing Christians. Finally, it suggests the necessary actions wrongfully divorced professing Christians should take.

Christian Clichés that Contradict Christ

David examines false cliches that seem to be favorites these days in Christianity. Terms such as God’s unconditional love, assurances that God will not love you more or less because of what you do, that there is nothing you can do to make God love you more, etc., are all FALSE. This is a worthwhile article to make sure you won’t be guilty of misrepresenting our Lord by what you say to others and won’t be personally mislead by false assurances.

Which Law Does the Christian Obey?

This question is behind many false doctrines and cults. Paul condemned the Galatians for following teachers who tried to get them to follow Old Testament Laws. Some pastors and teachers erroneously teach obedience to commands which are not what are prescribed for the New Testament believer by Jesus. Many cults prescribe obedience to Old Testament Law. This article tells what Scripture says the true Christian is to obey.

A Deposit Guaranteeing Our Inheritance

This article investigates whether the title phrase is really in the original Greek. Though occurring three times in the the NIV version of the Bible, neither the word deposit nor the term guaranteeing is found in the original. The author explains the true meaning of the Greek text.

Sabbath, Sunday, Or . . .?

The great problem is that many do not seem to know which of God’s law the New Testament Christian is to obey. That is the fundamental problem of the Sabbatarians — those who claim God requires worship on the Sabbath. This article includes the view of the first and second century writers — some of whom were taught by the apostles who had been taught by Jesus. The Sabbatarians seem to be modern-day Galatians — those who accepted a false gospel that was so heartily condemned by the Apostle Paul. This article is the most comprehensive (on this site) on the subject of which Gospel the New Testament Christian is to obey.

The Most Important Scriptures Are Red

by Bernie Koerselman Table of Contents Introduction What Is the Will of God? Jesus’ Words Are the Will Of God Not Old Testament Teachings and Commands The Law of Christ The Priority In Scripture Jesus’ Words Are Superior Incredible Emphasis on “My” Jesus and His Words Fulfilled Prophecy Judgment For Those Who Are Disobedient Compare…

The Trinity

Many cults misrepresent the trinity so clearly revealed in Scripture. Brahmanism says there is but one God. Jehovah’s Witnesses deny the divinity of Jesus and the trinity. What does the Bible say? This article makes clear that the trinity is true but the relationship within the Godhead may surprise.

Should Christians FEAR God?

Is God just an all-loving God who should simply be loved? Scripture says we are to fear him. What does that mean? And what is the purpose of fearing God? Is it important? These questions and more are answered from Scripture. The answers may surprise you.