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The Passion

In her gentle way, Mary Ann observes many features about Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” that are contrary to evangelical Christianity and the Bible, but right in line with Catholicism. Mary Ann is a former nun who knows Catholic doctrine and is in an excellent position to recognize it and warn us about false doctrines perpetuated by the movie.

What’s Behind “The Passion of the Christ”?

Ed has examined the movie from many different angles not seen before. He noted the attitude of the Christians who had seen it. He noted the movie didn’t show why Jesus suffered and died as he did. He drew the analogy of how the sacrificial animals were sacrificed — gently and with little to no pain — and compared that to what was shown in the movie. He asks the question “Who caused Jesus to suffer as he did?” Was it God or was it God-haters? See the many other insights Ed has with respect to this movie.

What is the Big Deal?

Rayola’s analysis points out major differences between the movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” and the apparent message intended by God through Scripture. She shows this could be dangerous to one’s spiritual health, that it takes a person of a discerning spirit to be able to tell whether something is from God. The points to the fruit of the movie and asks what it shows.

Grieving Over Da Vinci

Mary Ann advises that anyone who doesn’t have a compelling reason to read the Da Vinci Code not do so. She says there are many things the “Christian” who is not well-grounded will have trouble with. She warns only the mature Christian who has a need to know should bother to see this movie or read the book.