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All Hindrances to Revival are Due to Sin

What a privilege to hear godly men agonize over the best way to serve the Lord, to seek his will, and to be obedient to his teachings. Jonathan was part of great revivals in China. He was a multi-talented man who chose to serve the Lord as a missionary to a remote tribe in China.

Hurricane Jesus

Could the Katrina Hurricane be a warning or punishment sent by God? Lots of people are asking that question right now. Some claim vociferously that a hurricane is simply an act of nature and it is going way too far to claim it could be an act of punishment by God. David brings the Scripture to bear on this subject. I think you’ll find the article informative, interesting, and thought-provoking.

The Ennoblement of a Secular Vocation

David explains to those not in full-time Christian service that their vocation is also to be dedicated to God. Each day they are to do the best they can at it as if they are serving the Lord Jesus. They are the ones on whom other ministries rely. They provide the funds to make other ministries possible. David’s point is that everything we do is to be done as unto the Lord Jesus, whether we are in full-time Christian service or a secular vocation.

The Church Controversy: Women in Ministry

This article is good news to women called to ministry. Lorri offers biblical evidence to show that women are not less than men in the Christendom of our Lord Jesus. She painstakingly goes through the difficult scriptures that appear to relegate women to silent support roles and shows they are the result of mistranslation and misinterpretation.

The Passion

In her gentle way, Mary Ann observes many features about Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” that are contrary to evangelical Christianity and the Bible, but right in line with Catholicism. Mary Ann is a former nun who knows Catholic doctrine and is in an excellent position to recognize it and warn us about false doctrines perpetuated by the movie.

The Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu

Not surprising, the well-researched story of the resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu has been much criticized. I leave to you what you can learn and take from this story that many swear to be true. You may also find the last part of the story particularly important, as it shows God’s lessons intended from this miracle. It shows a pastor who devoted himself to service to the Lord, yet would have lost his salvation over his refusal to forgive his wife — exactly as stated in Matthew 6 and 18. This story has been updated by the author, who interviewed and video-taped his conversations with many of the participants. You’ll find the updated portion at the end of the original story. You’ll be blessed!

Sermon – Jesus is Lord

This sermon is quite long. It required 40 minutes to preach but I had one opportunity to present this information to the audience. It could surely be broken into two or three parts and preached in greater detail. The sermon notes are given but in sufficient detail so anyone using them can easily fill in the detail with his own personality.

The sermon covers many facets of the elements necessary to salvation, most importantly that Jesus is the Lord of all true believers. From there is goes to the believer’s role as servant, that he must be obedient, that obedience itself is related to salvation, that with commitment to Jesus as Lord to obey him comes the gift of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.