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Is God’s Love Unconditional?

The false doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security has spawned several other false doctrines that are necessary to support its thesis. If one is unconditionally saved, and cannot lose one’s salvation, then there must be an unconditional love of God toward such a person, no matter whether he lives wickedly or even whether he leaves the faith. More and more pulpits preach an unconditional love of God. We ask, “Is that true? What does the Bible say?” As you will see, this is another false doctrine that leads many astray, perhaps to condemnation by God.

When Are Christians Forgiven?

This article was written to investigate a false doctrine — that upon conversion all a person’s sins are forgiven forever, both past sins and those that will be committed in the future. That doctrine is necessary to the false doctrine of unconditional eternal security, often called once-saved, always saved. It should be no surprise that there is no support for this false doctrine in Scripture, but much support for the understanding that Christians are to confess their sins whenever they sin and upon sincere repentance their past sins will be forgiven.

The Gospel According to Charles Stanley

Dan’s article shows how unbiblical many of the teachings of revered Bible teacher Charles Stanley are. A man who is on television around the world, on numerous radio programs, and has authored books and tapes which can be found everywhere, he is also a man who is spreading heresy throughout the world and is virtually unchallenged in his theology. Charles Stanley is one of the foremost advocates of the false doctrine Unconditional Eternal Security. Quotes in this article show how extreme his position really is. It is an eye opener. Share it with friends.