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When Are Christians Forgiven?

This article was written to investigate a false doctrine — that upon conversion all a person’s sins are forgiven forever, both past sins and those that will be committed in the future. That doctrine is necessary to the false doctrine of unconditional eternal security, often called once-saved, always saved. It should be no surprise that there is no support for this false doctrine in Scripture, but much support for the understanding that Christians are to confess their sins whenever they sin and upon sincere repentance their past sins will be forgiven.

Foreknowledge: Jacob and Esau

In Romans 9, Paul discusses Essau and Jacob in a passage many have taken to endorse the predestination doctrine advanced by Calvinists. By using Scripture to explain Scripture, it is demonstrated that it is not predestination but God’s foreknowledge which permits him to know in advance whether a given person will be saved or damned.

The Brink of Madness – A Familiar Place

In a very thoughtful article, Victor Hanson reviews for us the past that led us into World War II, a time of apathy and complacency. He shows we are now in a place that seems even worse — a time in which morality, ethics and right judgments seem lacking. People seem unable to distinguish between the “rightness” of vicious, indiscriminate killers and those who try to protect themselves from those killers. A very important article that is highly recommended.

A Silly Gospel

Who are the hate mongers? Are they preachers who preach against sin, demand repentance and call for righteousness? Or are they the preachers who deceive their parishioners by emphasizing how much God loves them without ever revealing God’s righteousness and holiness that cause him to hate the person who sins. David explains well who hates the people in the pew.

How Muslims Think

Muslims were polled throughout the world in countries predominantly Muslim and others with Muslim minorities. Their views were sought on a variety of subjects. The results are not heartening, but are surely something each of us should be aware of.

The Islamization of Europe

Americans seem to know little of what is happening in Europe. Perhaps partially because of proximity, Muslims have been pouring into the countries of western Europe. What is happening in those countries with larger and larger Muslim populations? The answer isn’t good, but gives insight into what can happen in America if our politically correct doctrines are not abandoned.

The Emerging Church: Another Road to Rome

Mr. Oakland does us a favor by defining the Emerging/Emergent Church. You may not yet have heard about it, but it seems to be infiltrating the old faithful bastions of the Lord’s church and transforming them into mystical, liberal churches. Roger focuses on what is happening within such churches that is drawing them ever closer to Rome.

The Doctrine of Predestination

Does the doctrine of predestination naturally follow from the fact that God is sovereign? The author shows that because God is sovereign he can accomplish his purposes the way he wishes and ordains. He is not bound to the doctrines established by Calvinists. With overwhelming evidence from Scripture, the author establishes that our God desires that all should come to repentance and be saved. He has not limited salvation to those predestined to be saved as the false Calvinist doctrine of predestination would have us believe.

War Against Israel

War against Israel seems irreversible unless strong action is taken to reverse it. According to Jim, the destruction of Israel is a holy obsession with the Muslim leadership of Iran, something that must precede the coming of the final Iman. This article is written from a Christian perspective with Jim’s prophetic understanding of Scripture included.